How can I create an app based on an idea?

When you got a great idea for a new innovative app, but don’t know where to start - contact Fifium, we’ll listen to all your ideas and dreams and transform that into an amazing app. You’ll get front seats to everything concerning building your new app, and we’ll do all the hard work it takes to complete a successful app.

Which languages does Fifium support?

We’re primarily communicating with all our clients in danish and english, but as goes for our apps, they can be translated into any language you want.

Which software do Fifium write code in?

Our engineers are always up to date with the newest technologies, they take great pride in advancing with the most recent trends as they thrive to remain an important part of the app industry and it’s indisputable growth.

What’s Fifiums average time frame for building an app?

If it was just that simple. Every project we initiate has its own specific time frame, but the average app will take 2-3 month to complete.

What’s Fifiums average price for building an app?

If it was just that simple. Every project we initiate has its own specific price based on its complexity. We always thrive to produce apps way below the average market price, as anyone with a great idea, should be able to make that dream come true. The average app will cost 100.000-300.000 DKK.

What does Fifium have to offer other than creating apps?

Building an app is simply the first step down the road of creating a successful app. If you’re up for it, we wanna follow you all the way to success and beyond. We excel in product launching, marketing strategies, websites, database analysis, further development and more. Check out all of our services in “Our Services” [link to services].

Why is costumers so important to Fifium?

At Fifium we’ve always stated that our customers are the heart of our organization, but being honest, they might also be the brain. We’re simply the muscle, whom produce our clients great ideas. In other words, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our customers, as any other great business has it. And we simply decided to embrace that situation and make it our first and most important principle.

Can I get a job at Fifium?

At Fifium we are always looking to expand our team of talented driven people, so if you feel like you have what it takes to become part of the Fifium family, we’d love to hear from you.