Most Common Myths About Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing
When it comes to mobile app testing, there are so many myths and you know what is the most shocking thing, many companies believe in those myths. Testing helps to find bugs and provides reliable feedback, beta testers and professional testers help to find the bugs and they also provide the necessary information to improve the app performance before launch.

Let's understand some myths in detail and find out more.

Looks are more important than features

The first impression is the last impression, that's why visual testing and user acceptance testing are important but you should not just focus your test on the visual and design aspects of your application. Features need to be completely tested as well, especially the workflow that is important for overall user experience. The look of the UI doesn't matter if you don't deliver the important features with the smooth user experience.

It's ok to run your tests on the single device

There are lots of reasons to run your tests on a variety of devices. If you only test your app on the single device then you probably miss the major bugs that only be surfaced on the other devices. To ensure the success of the app you have to test your application on the multiple devices on the real-time scenarios. It is also important to test on both Android and iOS platforms and on the different OS versions to ensure the greatest coverage.

Having an in-house testing infrastructure and managing devices are easy

Maintaining an in-house infrastructure is complicated and managing a fleet of the device is not easy. You may end up spending so much time and money to create something that does not fulfill your requirements. Device management takes a lot of time and money because it needs to be constantly updated with the latest versions of OS and applications. If you are thinking about Android or iOS emulators or simulators, they also need to be maintained and upgraded. The cloud solution is the best option for both iOS and Android because cloud vendor is responsible for updating the devices to the latest OS and providing the highly secure solution.

Exploratory testing is all you need

Exploratory testing is an important component of the overall testing strategy because it identifies the important bugs quickly. To implement the exploratory testing effectively, testers need to be familiar with the application, behavior of the target user, and the variety of test methods. Sometimes, relying completely on the exploratory testing exposes you to the risk that a key feature may not be tested. That's why exploratory testing should always be matched with the set of pre-defined documented tests that ensure the most important application feature sets and workflows are functioning as expected.

Code coverage is the ultimate measures of quality

Code coverage is important to track and ensure that the key features of your applications and the most common workflows have tests associated with them. The combination of automated tests, exploratory testing, and beta testing provide better and faster results than just focusing on code coverage. The percentage of code coverage will not matter if a key feature is missed.

Performance and functionality tests are the same

This is the most ridiculous myth about mobile app testing. According to this myth, you don’t need to test performance if you have checked your functionality. You have to understand that getting the app run and getting the app run successfully are two different things. If your app fails to perform and the user has to wait more than 5 seconds, then your app is history. Test both performance and functionality completely to ensure the success of your app.

Post-production mobile application testing

Many developers believe in testing their mobile app post-production. According to them, it gives real insight. However, in the real world, there are problems like poor network conditions, measure the root cause of the problem, and reproduce the same scenario. If the testing is performed in the peak hours, then usability might be affected and if it is not performed in peak hours, you may not get the real problem.

Testing is time-consuming and gives low ROI

Many people believe that testing can be time-consuming and may give the low ROI but mobile app testing is surely less costly than the cost of having a failed application. If you maintain regular testing system during the application development, you can reduce the time taken for mobile application testing but also the cost associated with it.

Testing always comes after development

Forget about the old way where development goes first and then testing. Nowadays, companies incorporate testing during the development, QA team quickly finds out and informs the development team and get these bugs fixed. Even if 10% of the code changes in the app, the whole development, and the testing cycle will be extended.

Mobile traffic is nothing to do with the back-end system

You cannot do much about mobile networks but you have to test your app's performance during high traffic and even moderate traffic. If your app is not tested against traffic then it can bring down your system.

The mobile app testing is important, if you want a successful mobile app, don’t fall prey to the myths of mobile application testing. Get your app tested since early development. It is very important for you to ensure that your app functions smoothly, performs quickly, and works under all conditions.

Mobile apps are built for various purposes, they can be the internal app for the organization or commercial app for business growth. The testing team has the responsibility to ensure that application works perfectly according to the plan. At Fifium, we are building the best mobile application. We test the mobile application in different real-time situations, multiple devices, and on the different versions operating system. As the leading app development company, we understand the importance of mobile application that's why we test mobile apps completely in every possible situation. So, if you are looking for the app development in UK, then contact us now.

4 Effective Points For Attractive Blockchain Designs

Blockchain Designs
Blockchain is often referred to as the next big thing in the market of mobile app development. Though, designing is very challenging and completely different with blockchain. The blockchain is beginning to enter the mainstream of mobile app development, but for users, these applications can be quite difficult to understand. Designers must focus on prioritizing design decision to provide user-centric design. Here are some points app developers should consider in their design iteration. Let's take a look.

Data Exposure

Replacing systems and 'established processes' with the black box can be disturbing for users. Besides, when it is about moving large assets, it can be more disconcerting. Some users want to see and comprehend how blockchain technology is working on their data and replacing the processes.

The data exposure is essential because it gives users a complete understanding of the application. Your application should give users complete insight into how blockchain is working to improve processes such as data visibility, provenance and audit trails.

1. Use interactive timelines to show the transformation of entities throughout the process.

2. Integrate summarized blockchain information.

3. Use interactive dashboard and visualization to enable users to see a concise and comprehensive view of the entire process.

Integrate Consistency

To prompt the perception of trustworthiness among users visual consistency is essential for the design. To ensure it, you must practice strong typographic hierarchy, utilize grid-based layouts and apply color with them. You should consider that efficiency is the key for every application design. The user experience of your application should be visually consistent. Common design patterns can reduce the amount of learning required by the user to adopt new apps. The consistent design provides ease to users and prompts the adoption of new technology, which is very important for blockchain.

The points you must consider

1. Utilize visual code to separate different entities and statuses throughout the application.

2. Ensure reusable interaction model to implement core actions.

Constant Feed Back

You must take constant feedback about your app design because it enables you to understand how your app is working. Your design should reduce the anxiety among users and help them understand what is happening. Design feedbacks will help you comprehend the inconsistencies of design.

In app design, time is a very crucial factor of blockchain applications and it is possible many times, a simple loader is not enough. You must account the time a function and activity takes to inform users. It also applies to each metrics in the application that how many categories are visible to users, and more.

Active Guidance

In many of blockchain applications, zero states are common, so you must ensure expected next steps in app. The navigation of the application should be clear and persistent. Hence, users can easily get back to the previous state and know what their next step is. You must consider distinct views of UI based on the role because control over the visibility is crucial for business.

The blockchain apps have the capability to be very powerful, developers must design the apps precisely. Till now, blockchain is largely development driven. If blockchain is to become mainstream, the mobile app designers should understand blockchain design principles. The design is the main process of mobile app development and when it is about blockchain, the design should be more precise and comprehensive. Designers should focus on problem-solving and making delightful user experience. The team of developers at reckoned mobile app development company ensures to utilize these points in their app design process. You must comprehend these points and run your development process as per industry demands. It is essential to balance the tension between blockchain and user-centered design.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Affecting Web Designing

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the buzzword around the world. It is running like a storm and transforming almost each and every industry. All the forums and articles are mentioning it. However, the use of artificial intelligence in web designing is a great point of interest. It is true that AI has been applied within various industries and it has enhanced several functions.

Today, many companies have developed AI integrated designing tools to create attractive websites. The handful of web designing platforms with AI are Wix, Bookmark, Adobe Sensai, Firedrop, The Grid. All these platforms are working on the principles of Artificial Design Intelligence. You might be thinking what is artificial design intelligence. Well! the question is obvious. Let's know what is ADI.

What is Artificial Design Intelligence?

The term Artificial Design Intelligence is unfamiliar and chaotic, when I heard about it a sudden interest ran through me. Basically, ADI is the mechanism that identifies and implements web design trends with the help of machine learning. Simply, it is a technology that can create websites on its own. It enables automatic design functionality to users, where users have to state their requirements only.

With the help of Artificial design intelligence, developers can make programs that can understand design principles by observing the working of existing web pages. It can be done by combining the universal average of web designs. It is true that this will decrease the need of design templates. The biggest advantage of ADI is that it enables the creation of attractive websites completely independent of human expertise. With the help of AI, website builder platforms can be integrated with virtual design assistant. It can help users when they need help and advice for styling and SEO.

What AI is Offering in Web Design?

There is no dearth of ease that AI can offer to Web design. Here are some points based on current AIs that are working in designing a website.

Help in doing tedious tasks and skipping on making a website from scratch.

Enable analysis of content and user preference to personalize websites.

Help web designers in projects.

Allow average people to manage their own website with any hindrance.

How Useful is AI In terms of Creativity?

Many people ask that can AI bring its own 'form' of creativity to the table? Actually, creativity in web pages can show AI's real strength. Experts asserted that AI can track engagement of users with the websites, and can recognize and execute design opportunities that human can't notice. Bookmark website builder works in two phase. The first of them is " tracking and adjusting sections of website on the basis of highest user engagement" second is " the capability for website owners to track visitors to contents on the website".

Benefits of AI in Web Design

User Experience

The most important concept of web designing is user experience and has the immense capability to improve user engagement. With the help of AI, you can make customer concentric websites. The most popular example of AI integration in websites can be seen in Amazon. With the help of AI, the website shows a list of potential products that customers might need. This process is seamless and engaging.

Personalized Content

With the help of AI in your website, you can show your audience certain content tailored for them. With the help of AI and machine learning, several websites suggest their user new videos, and other relevant content on the basis of their past behavior, such as YouTube.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is one of the most popular design trends. Instead of desktop, most of the users are utilizing mobile and website often need optimization for mobile devices. With the advent of voice recognition, users are more inclined toward voice searches. You can implement voice search optimization on your website with the help of AI. Besides, with the help of AI voice bots, users on your website can find whatever they need. This trend is very exciting and shows the immense potential of emerging technology.

Now you would have understood that how AI is changing web designing. Experts at Fifium have mentioned that, with the help of AI in web design, people with little understanding of code can also get a fair website. Undoubtedly, AI has the ability to brought major changes that will surely benefit your business. You must get in touch with an innovative web development company to utilize this technology for your business.

Integration Of Chatbot Into The Mobile Applications

Integration of chatbot
The mobile app technology is gearing up for the future, you can see some emerging trends for app development that can be utilized to increase the overall user experience and engagement. The idea behind adopting those trends is to increase the profit of the business.

Recently, another technology making its way into the mobile applications is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Businesses are utilizing this technology to build the insights that can help in taking the necessary action. When AI combines with Chatbots, they give an excellent mobile app solution.

Now, many people have questions like what is the chatbot? How chatbot is beneficial for the app industry? So, let's start with the basic introduction.

What is Chatbot?

The chatbot is the computer software or an application of Artificial Intelligence which conducts the conversation through auditory or textual methods.

What are the uses of Chatbot?

Chatbot can be used in different ways, that's why it is difficult to define exactly what they are. In fact, every single business or industry can use the chatbot technology. Let's take a look at the possibilities chatbot uses:

  • Takeaway restaurants allow their customers to order from chatbot, either in the store or at home.
  • Sit down restaurants allow customers to order food from their table using a chatbot.
  • Marketing campaigns that ask questions from customers utilize the chatbot.
  • Chatbot helps customers to make e-commerce purchases.
  • Chatbot can be used as customer care support.

These are just few examples of chatbots utilization, the possibilities are infinite.

To understand the nature of chatbot conversations, you have to understand the types of chatbots. Mainly there are three types:

  • Scripted chatbots only follow the predefined paths
  • Intelligent chatbots are built with AI technology, they allow users to input the query in the form of voice or text and then they provide the answer accordingly.
  • Application chatbots interact through a graphical user interface.

Now, let's discuss how to integrate chatbots into the mobile applications.

There are three ways companies can integrate chatbots into mobile apps:

  • Chatbot as an app
  • Chatbot in a tab
  • Chatbot as UI

Chatbot as an app

You just simply integrate the chatbot within a mobile app and distribute it to the app stores. Your main objective with this approach is to provide an always-on channel for your users to perform customer self-service.

Benefits of this approach

  • No data is shared with social networks and third-party companies.
  • Low cost to develop compared to a mobile app with similar features.
  • Removes the complexity of building and supporting the complex UI screens.

Chatbots in a tab

Incorporate the chatbot in already existing apps that have a good user base is the more effective way.

Benefits of this approach

  • You can introduce a chatbot to existing customers.
  • Users have both traditional UI and conversational UI.
  • You can use the authentication mechanism and security options that are already present in the application.

Chatbot as a conversational UI

With this approach you are not dependent on different apps or different channels, you just need to replace the traditional UI with conversational UI.

Benefits of this approach

  • Better engagement of low engagement areas of your mobile app.
  • All the benefits of chatbot as an app and chatbot in a tab.

Chatbots are definitely adding quality to your mobile app, especially with the support of Artificial Intelligence. So, if you want to boost user engagement with your mobile app, you have to consider the chatbot integration.

Mobile applications are the necessity of businesses and having the Android app is an important part of your business. If your audience is UK based, then you have to consult with the android app development agency in UK. The best app development companies takes care all your app development needs.

What Are The Latest Features Of The NativeScript 5.0?

NativeScript 5.0
Recently, NativeScript has released its latest version 5.0, which includes the number of changes, such as improved support of Vue.js, better developer experience, and many more.

Let's start with basic information to make it simple for everyone.

What is NativeScript?

NativeScript is the open source framework for the application development for both iOS and Android platforms. You can always directly access all the native platform APIs on both iOS and Android from JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular.

How does NativeScript work?

The NativeScript technology is built upon several major parts such as Runtimes, Core Modules, CLI, and Plugins. Let's see the brief description of each term.


The runtimes allows you to call APIs in the Android and iOS frameworks by using JavaScript code.

Core Modules

The core modules provide the ideas to access the underlying native platforms.


It is a command line interface that allows you to build and run apps by using NativeSecript.


The NativeScript plugins are building blocks that encapsulate some functionality and help developers build app faster.

Why do you need NativeScript?

The NativeScript framework allows you to use a cross-platform APIs to write the code of your application or if you need you can directly access all platform-specific native APIs by using JavaScript only.

The second major benefit you get is zero-day support for new native platforms because the NativeScript framework exposes unmodified native APIs and UI components. You can use the latest native APIs and UI components when Apple or Google updates their platforms.

These are the basic questions about NativeScript. Now, let's discuss the features of the latest version 5.0.

Improvements in this version are more relevant to tooling and developer experience. Features in this version are listed below:

  • Hot Module Replacement
  • Interactive "tns preview" command
  • Complete "Safe Area" support in iOS
  • Supports different app IDs for iOS and Android
  • Improved Vue.js support for NativeScript UI components
  • Creates a plugin directly from the CLI
  • LiveSync and debug improvements

Let's take look at the details

Hot Module Replacement

Hot Module Replacement (HMR) exchange, add or remove modules while an application is running, without full reload. This can speed up the development process in few ways:

  • Retains the application state which is lost during a full reload.
  • Saves valuable development time by only updating what's changed.
  • Modifications made to CSS/JS in the secure code helps you to get the instant browser update.

Interactive "tns preview" command

As we know that NativeScript playground provides an amazing experience with its preview app feature, that's why NativeScript developers decided to bring the same experience with CLI. Here are the steps to utilize CLI:

  • Runs the "tns preview" command
  • Scans the provided QR code using the NativeScript playground app.
  • Previews your app on your device

Using the "tns preview" allows Android users to preview apps on iOS.

Complete "Safe Area" support for iOS

The iOS "Safe Area" is a term that Apple introduced in iOS 11, it is the area of the screen that is free to use and it is not obstructed by hardware and software part of the system.

NativeScript 5.0 provides a default handling mechanism for the iOS "Safe Area." Let's see the internal workflow of this mechanism:

  • Measure pass: All components are measured in the safe area portion of the screen.
  • Layout pass: All components are laid out in the full screen, but inserted into the safe area boundaries.

Different app IDs for iOS and Android

Before 5.0, both iOS and Android apps had the same "applicationID." This could be the issue if you were migrating the old applications that have different identifiers. Now you have the privilege to set the different "appIDs" on both platforms.

Creates plugins directly from CLI

NativeScript plugin seed is built to be used as a starting point by developers. Before 5.0, developers had to clone the NativeScript plugin seed and runs some commands to start building a new plugin. Now, NativeScript introduced a new command "tns plugin create" which guide the developers to create the plugin.

LiveSync and debug improvements

Developers spend most of the time in writing a code then testing and then debugging. NativeScript 5.0 optimize this cycle through the LiveSync operations that provide the important improvement in the code.

These are the most important Features of the NativeScript 5.0. The NativeScript team also announced the next release of 5.1 on Christmas. The main components of 5.1 are:

  • Angular 7 support
  • More scenarios on flexible root composition with Angular
  • Improvements in Hot Module Replacement

This is only a brief overview of the framework if you want the detailed information go and check the official documentation. There are few app development companies like Fifium, who are utilizing the NativeScript 5.0 framework for the app development. So, if you are looking for the application development company in UK, that utilizes the latest technologies and tools, then you have to consider Fifium.

What Are The Benefits Of iPhone App Development In The Finance Industry?

iPhone App Development
Having a mobile app with user-friendly features and flawless performance can help you to reach a huge audience globally. For example, millions of people are using iPhone across the globe and if your organization brings an engaging iPhone app with all the essential features, you can use it as a powerful tool to reach millions of people at once.

Your iPhone app is the online representative of your organization and has the capability of driving the marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way. iPhone app meets the ever-changing business requirement and also attracts new users.

iPhone apps have made lives even swifter and that's why every industry needs mobile apps to connect with the customers. Finance industry cannot keep itself disassociated from iPhone apps either. Financial matters always require top security features and iPhone is known for its security protocol. That' why iPhone apps are the best option for the organizations who want to build financial apps.

Let's take a look at the advantages of iPhone mobile apps in the Finance sector

Time effective

Using an iPhone mobile app for banking allows users to check their account balance anytime. Financial activities like account opening, money transfer, and scheduling payments are one click away with the mobile app for finance.

Better user experience

Apple App Store has the strict guideline for the accepting the app, that's why iPhone app developers have to keep the standard high to avoid the rejection. The high-quality UI and performance of finance app help organizations to retain the existing users while attracting the new customers.

Improves Branding

The customized iPhone app can increase the online visibility of the organization. Apart from improving the customer service, the iPhone app can assist you to increase the value proposition. When your app gets a place in the users iPhone, the branding efforts get boost.

Enhances security

Online banking operations face various cyber threats on the regular basis. Thankfully, iPhone banking app users remain protected against these threats effectively. iPhone app helps the finance industry to maintain the data privacy and user's identity. The iPhone is highly secured for in-app purchase and the app-based transactions.

Increase stability

The enterprise-grade iPhone app is capable of meeting the ever-changing user's expectations. You can easily integrate the advanced features in the iPhone app to stay relevant and strong among the competitors.

Customer analytics

With the iPhone app, you are able to collect and analyze actionable metrics. This allows you to measure and improve your services and user experience. Metrics help banks to analyze the user's interaction with the app. All matrices can be divided into the three major groups: customer satisfaction, acquisition, and performance.

  • By analyzing the customer satisfaction banks are able to improve the user's experience.
  • Acquisition metrics help banks to track the number of downloads and where they are coming from.
  • Performance metrics help banks to determine why banking app might have abandonment rate.

Enhances customer supports

With the help of the iPhone app, the finance industry also provides the facility to enhance customer support. Besides providing the FAQ questions, you can also provide the chatbot, where customers get answers of their questions without human presence. You can also offer the option of live chatting with customer care executive.

That's not all, iPhone app is very useful to increase the productivity and efficiency of the financial industry. It can also improve communication and collaboration as well. You can consult with a mobile app development agency to know how an iPhone app can boost your banking service to the next level. Fifium is one of the top iPhone app development company in UK, they provide the application development service across the world. If you have any concerns regarding the app development you consult with them.

AI Chatbot Apps: The Improved Way Of Customer Service

AI Chatbot Apps
The utilization of artificial intelligence is very popular in different kinds of devices, all around the globe. Actually, this is a very powerful concept that integrates natural intelligence to machines. There are numbers of examples available around the world that depict the potential of artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, the concept of natural intelligence in machines is ground-breaking and pioneering. However, the use of artificial intelligence in mobile apps is revolutionary.

True! mobile apps are being integrated with AI. The question can arise in your mind that how artificial intelligence can be used in mobile app development. There are several suitable answers for this questions. Though, the Chatbot in mobile apps is the most popular and acclaimed utilization of AI in mobile apps.

What is chatbot?

Chatbot is also known as Chatterbot. It is an AI powered tool, that integrates human-like intelligence in mobile apps in the form of communication. This tool uses in-app chat interface to instigate communication. It stimulates actual conversation with users, answers the questions and performs simple tasks, depending upon the major purpose of the mobile app. In simple words, A chatbot is a tool that mimics human and takes part in conservation via text or vocals.

The primary building blocks of chatbot are intent and answer, where the intent is a bunch of requests and commands for information. The AI elements make chatbot smarter and help in interpreting the request of users, and prompt the natural conversation, like a human being.

Several businesses are asking around that why they should adopt chatbot in their apps. There are several reasons for adopting this tool in mobile apps. Let's know the benefits of chatbot apps in businesses.

Benefits of chatbot apps:

The chatbot provides several benefits to businesses. Some of them are:

* It allows businesses to create automated customer support for similar queries.

* Saves human resources for qualitative and challenging tasks.

* Enhances the branding of business with minimal efforts.

* Accelerates operations

* Better user interaction and more

Why businesses must have chatbot apps?

Today, several businesses have adopted this feature in their mobile apps, and numerous are ready to integrate it. But why these businesses are amused with AI and ready to invest into chatbot apps?

Recently, businesses have realized the potential of chat apps and these chatbots are being viewed as a simple and fastest way to target millions of active users in a convenient and familiar environment of the messaging app.

Here are some points that show the potential of chatbot apps for businesses.

* Chatbot can completely transform the user experience and make mobile apps more engaging. This helps in improving user retention and can create loyalty.

* With the help of non-intrusive customer profiling capabilities, you can source the direct insights from users.

* It opens the door of advanced personalized opportunities.

* It has the potential to open new revenue channels such as service assistance fee in virtual shopping.

* With Chatbot, businesses can allocate resources efficiently and enhance the overall staff efficiency via process automation.

Initially, the tech-savvy consumers and millennial were using chatbot, however, the utilization is increasing. Now any business can use the bot. Today, top mobile app development company in UK is engaged in developing bot enabled apps for several industries including retail, travel, finance, healthcare and more. This bot is empowering these industries in a different manner and enhancing the customer-service approaches. With chatbot apps, businesses are able to provide customer support in a more improved and efficient way.

With the technological advancement, customers expects more ease and efficiency from businesses to acquire services. Chatbot allows businesses to personalize the services and customer support. Experts at Fifium, suggest that chatbot app is an easy solution to satisfy the rising need of consumers. Consumers can directly communicate their needs to businesses via chatbot, and business can grasp the rising needs and can fulfill them. You must secure a chatbot app for your business to understand the rising need of consumers. With chatbot, you can offer services in a more smarter way, such as you can provide consultation on goods, prices and bargains.

What Are The Essential Features For The Mobile e-Wallet App?

e-wallet apps
E-wallet is one of the best features to be added to the smartphone via an app, it allows users to go without cash. With e-wallet or digital wallet, you can pay your bills both online or offline methods.

When companies put an interactive, clever, and convenient wallet app into the customer's hand, then that app meets with the variety of commercial benefits. The mobile e-wallet apps are becoming smarter with the integration of NFC, Bluetooth, Beacon, QR codes, and Blockchain technology.

Let's comprehend these technologies in brief:

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a software that allows two electronic devices (generally, portable devices like smartphones) to establish communication by bringing them within the 4 cm of each other. The e-wallet apps are utilizing the NFC technique to make contact less transactions

Bluetooth is the wireless technology standard for exchanging the data over short distances by using radio waves. E-wallet apps are utilizing the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technique to make transactions.

Beacons are the small devices that provide the exact location within a narrow range. When the shopper enters a store a Beacon connects with e-wallet and helps to make the payment for the products or services.

QR (Quick Responsive) codes are the 2D bar that provides the information through the smartphone. Users only need to scan the unique QR code through the camera of the smartphone to make the transactions.

Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of financial transactions that can be programmed to record the financial transactions. Blockchain provides the most secure payment methods.

Now, let's discuss key features of the e-wallet mobile applications.

User registration

This is the major section of an app, the users have to use the mobile number or email id to register. Utilizing the KYC (Know Your Customer) technique for secure transactions makes your app authentic and trustworthy.

Authorize bank accounts

The users can fill the bank account details from which they want to make the transactions. This information is highly confidential so secure this information with the best security protocols.

Add balance

Users have to provide a certain amount of balance in their account according to the number of transactions to be made.

Check balance status

Once all the transactions are done, the user can view account balance and can check all incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Transfer money

The users can transfer the amount of money to another user by entering the account details or by scanning the QR codes.

Pay bills

Users can pay the bills through their registered bank accounts because it is easy to track all the cash flows in a convenient way.

See offers

Under this section, users can check the offers while making the transactions.

Transaction history

All the transactions made by users must be recorded so that users can check the transactions history anytime.


This is the great features of the e-wallet mobile app. Adding this feature will raise the cost of your app, but it also raises the visibility and popularity of an app. With the help of GPS, users can locate the nearby user and make the transaction just by tapping on the username.

Data synchronization

The data synchronization plays an important role in the mobile e-wallet security by synchronizing the mobile number with the registered bank.

Push notification

Push notification helps in keeping the users attentive and engaged. Users get the information about the different rewards, deals, and alerts whenever the transaction happens.

Mobile e-wallets are no longer just trends, they have become the need of the time. To get the benefits of this rapidly evolving market, you have to ensure the flawless implementation of features.

If you are just stepping into this market then go with the Android platform because Android covers 85% of the smartphone market. To design the e-wallet app for the UK region, you have to find the android app development in UK. Your app builder partner helps you to achieve the new heights of the success.

How To Utilize The App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization
Over 2 million apps in the major app stores,getting your app discovered is the biggest issues mobile app publishers facing. It is important for the mobile app companies to know how to optimize the app store.

So, what is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing the mobile app to rank higher in the app stores search result. The higher your app ranks in the store search results means it is more visible to potential customers. The increased visibility means more traffic to your app in the app store.

Why App Store optimization is important?

There are thousands of apps in each app category struggling to rank above one another. If you are not using App Store Optimization then you are lagging behind on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

Spend your time to improve your App Store Optimization, it will impact your app ranking and overall success.

What are the mechanisms of App Store Optimization?

Let’s break down the various components that affect your App Store Optimization.

Title – Place keywords in the title to gain a higher rank in the app store search results. Adding the keywords in title will increase the discover ability of your app by 10.3%, according to the research.

Keywords – Utilizing the right keyword improve your search rankings, it helps you to know which keywords are relevant and most used by your audience.

The total number of downloads – The number of downloads is very important for App Store Optimization.

Ratings and Reviews – You don’t have complete control over ratings and reviews but there are ways to encourage happy users to rate and review.

What are the organic downloads?

Organic downloads are the ones you get without paying for them, those downloads happen when the user searches for your brand or some word related to your app name, that is the organic way.

Nowadays apps are available for almost everything, people always looking for the apps to solve their problems or have fun, whether it is to communicate or to solve health problems.

Users constantly search for generic words like meal delivery, taxi, flashlight app, and many more. Search is the most powerful sources of downloads whether for large apps with millions of downloads or for the new apps looking for their first downloads. The strategies of the app store optimization process that add lots of values and it is one of the best approaches with the best return on investment.

Types of App Store Optimization tools

App Keyword Optimization Tools

It helps you to optimize your app keywords to increase your app search traffic. It also tracks the performance of the keyword in the page views and in app downloads.

App product page optimization Tools

The main goal is to optimize the product page, which in turns improve download conversion rate. It provides you the suggestion to improve your app name, screenshots, localization, pricing, and so on.

Review and Sentiment Analysis Tools

It helps to optimize the reviews and ratings of your app and with the help of sentimental analysis, you can refine your product development structure to earn better ratings.

A/B Testing Tools

It helps you to test two or more apps and determine which one gives you the better download conversion rate.

Search Ads optimization tools

It helps you to optimize your advertising campaign. It provides you the competitors data that helps you to run your ad campaign more effectively.

App Store Optimization takes time

Keep in mind that app store optimization takes time. It is the process that needs to be monitored and constantly modified over a period of time. Your best set of keywords are not the set that you use at the time of deployment. Generally, developers pick the keywords and write the description at the last second during an app’s submission process and in most of the cases, there is little or no research on the keyword searches before the app submission.

Now, app developers need to constantly track their own rankings and the rankings of their competitors over time. Lots of apps are published every day, and constantly streaming new ratings, reviews and downloads can influence your search rankings.

The App Store Optimization is important for the app ranking but the development of the customer-centric app is very important. Customer-centric is not just offering the great customer service, it means offering the great customer experience. It is the strategy that is based on putting your customer first. Do you know that on an average almost 2 new apps are released every minute but the user only ends up using around 10-15 apps per month?

Some additional tips for App Store Optimization

• The way you present your app page on the app store have an impact on the conversation rate value. So, present your app in the best possible for generating downloads.

• Thumbnails, images, and screenshots are used to promote your app in the app store and they directly impact the click-through rates.

• A/B test each of your app store fields for continually improving the key metrics associated with the fields.

You know the top performing apps in the app store are those that are constantly updated. Apps that get updated more frequently tend to drives more positive and frequent reviews.

Updating your app at regular intervals bring the positive side of your product to your audience and help you to improve the customer experience. Both Google and Apple consider the regularity of app updates as a part of their ranking algorithms.

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Common Security Threats In Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications Security Threats
The mobile app market has grown tremendously as organizations bring in innovative products and services for the users. However, hackers are targeting the applications with the sophisticated attacks. Therefore, the security of mobile apps has become a major concern for all stakeholders.

It is important to know the current trends in app security and how well you can align them with the needs of your organization. Most common security threats in mobile applications are:

Threats in app store security

The type of platform chosen for the mobile application development does impact security because 90% of apps on the market have some kind of vulnerability.

In the case of iOS devices, Apple takes app security seriously and allows user's to access the level of apps used.

Cross-device threats

App stores are not the only place where secure information should be provided and not only mobile devices. Many stores allow users to download apps from desktop and later add them to mobile devices. This is how cross-device threats occur.

IoT devices

The aim of IoT devices is to collect the user's information and make the smart automation decisions. In the case of Android devices, IoT devices allow many other operating systems to make connections that make the security of the devices at risk and difficult to control.

Usage of single devices

Enterprise level applications contain confidential information, which has to be secured in all the possible ways. Most of the employees use a single device for all purposes, the confidential information can get mixed with personal information, thus risking security.

Mobile Malware

Mobile phones are susceptible to spyware, Trojans, and viruses. These can steal confidential information.

Unauthorized access

Unauthorized users can access email accounts, applications, social media networks, and lots of confidential information.

Let's discuss the best practice to protect your applications.

Secure app code

Encryption is the best method to protect the app code, stick to modern, well-designed algorithms that are including API encryption.

  • Use secure code tests to check for vulnerabilities.
  • The app code should be transferable between the operating system and the device.
  • Run-time memory, file size, performance, data usage, etc. should be noted while adding security.

Include authorization, identification, and authentication

APIs authorization and authentication add security to the login page of the app, make sure that the app's APIs provide access only to the necessary parts of the app. To reduce vulnerability.

  • Use standard protocols to secure connections, these protocols get the credentials data and then allow to use apps features.
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is perfect for encrypted data exchange.
  • OpenID Connect allows using the same credential within multiple domains.

Apps should be secured from the backend

Servers should have security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and protect confidential data. APIs that access the servers should be verified before passing from client to the database and the app server.

  • Containerization is the method to securely store documents and information.
  • Penetration testing should be done by consulting with a network security specialist to ensure the data protection.

Implement the mobile security policy

Some apps release user information without permission. With mobile encryption policy data is protected on the file-by-file basis.

Test app security

This is the most important step in the mobile app development process. Make sure that security is tested along with usability and functionality tests.

API security strategy

Ensure the proper security of your API by authorization, authentication, and identification.

Modern users are concerned about the security of apps they use, app owners have to create apps that fulfill all expectations regarding safety. All the mentioned approaches and techniques enable successful application development, making it difficult for hackers to get access to the confidential data.

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