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When it comes to creating a mobile, a lot many things come in your mind and bug you, but something which really leaves you in blanks, is the aspect that what all features and functionalities are required to make the app grow successful?

This is one of the biggest fears, and it could not lessen further without integrating the much-required essentials within the mobile app.

With this post, the ideas and the measures which can help you create the successful social media app, are discussed herewith…just read further…

  • Different generations have different approaches to social media apps, many app creators live with a misconception that social media is the aspect which is only enjoyed by the young generation, but that is the wrong and the unnecessary factor…social media is not just for one specific generation, but it is for all, however you need to be more particular when it comes to addressing the different generations.
  • Your app design must follow the approach of sharing not distracting, which clearly means that app design needs to be intuitive and exciting enough to trigger the interest of the users, and not the reason to distract users from rest of the app’s functionalities.
  • A social media app is not at all about the plain-jane version of mobile app technology, but it is all about including every part of the features in the app, in a way that it would not just entice the users’ interest but would help your brand to craft an identity.

These very aspects can only be possible when you decide to proceed ahead with an app, which is the masterpiece from a leading app development company in UK, a company like Fifium…

Fifium has the best team, which serves the best development strategies for an app concept, which helps your brand to grow its popularity through the app technology.

Hence, if you are looking for the ways to enhance your social media app concept, then don’t pick any random company which comes your way, but go ahead with a trusted brand in the market, and select Fifium as your app development partner.

Why You have to Follow UI Trends and Redesign Your App?

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You never get another opportunity to establish the first connection. This is the one reason why UI configuration is so important for any product or service. This is the thing that potential customers see when they open mobile application for the first time. It's a face of your business, your UI.

Google has estimated that 26% of all introduced applications are open just once. There are various reasons behind that, however, the most critical one is a terrible UI. To make an extremely attractive UI, you have to choose the most recent UI patterns. Otherwise, your app is outdated, which can just irritate your customers.

Reasons to keep up with UI trends

UI trends are intended not only to satisfy users' requirements but give them with the high level of usability. So, if you follow these trends carefully you'll get happier users.

Affects frame of mind

There are a lot of researches about colors that show how they influence individuals' frame of mind. Some make us energetic and some the other way around formal. At the point when customers see a charming picture, they can even feel happy without paying attention to it. This is our job, we need our clients to feel happy or feel peace and enthusiastic when they open our application. If you want, that the users engage with your app for a long time then you have to make your app visually attractive.

Build Trust

If your mobile application looks extremely professional and cleaned, clients will count on you more. Customers trust you, if you take care of your app appearance as well as your product and services. That is the manner by which you'll get greater trustworthiness.

Design Processes

One of the greatest standards in a design development process is to make the interface perfect and organized. In such a case, there is anything but difficult to utilize. Why? Since such design decreases the need to process data physically. More information is prepared consequently which reduces the time and customers stress.

Some major trends of UI design


Huge features, attractive text styles. All Information squares are organized entirely on the framework, the animation changes easily. There is a chance that you apply this UI design, the app will look exceptionally appealing even without other substance, similar to pictures or video. The Typography would be simply the content. In 2018 the mix of Typography and animation will turn out to be significantly more famous.


WebGL is a JavaScript library for rendering 3D designs. Its application promises you a fast page loading. Additionally, it enables you to utilize strange types of cooperation with customers on your app.


Great video is basically an awesome thought for your app, but now you can utilize it like never before. Videos work far better than animations to gain customers attention. We can state for beyond any doubt that video content will end up much more well known than the photography. It is also easy to share and download the videos. Thus, it is an excellent idea compared to other UI patterns to draw in customers to your app as well as to your brand and business also.

Let's consider why your mobile app may require redesign.

Various functions on the single page

On the off chance that your presentation page or a screen in your application is loaded with various elements, functions, and different components this is the reason behind why you are frequently losing your potential customers. In the case you don't understand, ask your customerss. Request that they rate your product and tell what they like and don't like about it. Your customers give you the most accurate reviews about your product.

To stay in the competition

There are millions of apps in the Google play store and Apple app store. Consistently new, wonderful products show up, which implies that you need to work extremely hard to remain in the competition. In the case that you investigate probably the most well known and normally utilized applications which exist for quite a while, you'll see the strategy that every one of them stays aware of the trends, their designs and functionality changes occasionally offering customers new, more advantageous methods for association with these apps.

Your Business has changed

If your app which used to sell products for hunting now sell only fishing gear it is time to redesign it. Sometimes, product owners add new traits to their application which is good actually, but they forget to change the design and all the changes go unrecognized. A fresh, updated design can show how you care about customers.

Slow processing

Nobody loves waiting. Most users remove an app if it makes them wait. It’s simply easier for them to find another similar product and use it rather of wasting their time on slowly working one. In case your app is used by old or middle-aged people (the category of people who don't accept changes easily) then you should leave it as it is. In case it is used by kids, teenagers, young people, business people or other socially active people, then you must update the UI of your product.

The requirements of people are changing very fast that's why we also have to update our app from time to time. It doesn't mean that you have to update or design your app every day or every month. But, what you really have to do, you have to listen to your audience. Give them all tools to contact you, rate and comment your app and they will tell you when it is time to breathe new experience into your product. If you decided to change the UI of your app, then don't waste a minute to contact Fifum, the best mobile app builder in the UK. We have the professional app design team, they work hard to make your app more unique, user-friendly and attractive. With the help of our creative and innovative mind, you can improve your online business easily as we take care of every aspect of your app.

Follow Success Mantra: Build What Your Users Love

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This is actually a million dollar advice, which can be given to any app owner, who is looking forward to developing a robust app solution fitting the business needs, but always leave a constant fear, that what if my app would not scale higher, or not liked by the users???

Yes, this is what my main concern, that you must build an app which is loved by your users…but how is this possible, does your app developer know about the secret or is it something you must get prepared for, beforehand…

I know the number of speculations is many, and they don’t settle easily, but there are many which need to be slightly put down under the blanket of facts, so there cannot be the confusion arising from any corner.

I know it sounds very different and you must be thinking that any app which is developed is actually on the parameters of success and deem fit for the users’ needs, but here you are wrong, because if that was the situation then no mobile app would have flunked on the road of success, and would have been climbing the success ladder.

So this very theory is sufficient to prove it further to you that a mobile app needs to have that something EXTRA to get it liked by the users further…if you are really willing to know that what those essential factors are, then you must read this post further and get it checked…

Give Special Attention To The App Design

The app design is always crafted around the app’s special needs, but if you fail to address those special needs with the app design then no matter what your app product is. Your app designers need to be guided and must be told that how your app must look like.

What are the expectations of your users, and how the app design can meet it?

With this very strategy, ensure that none of the aspects of your app design such as UI or UX are complex enough, to give pain to the users to access your app.

It must be the easiest and the seamless process to access the app.

Don’t Keep The Monetization As A Prime Goal of Your App

When an app is developed, of course, the main concern behind the app development is monetization, but this very monetization strategy must not play a peek-a-boo from your app’s functionality

If your app is giving loads of ads which interrupt the users’ experience, then it would leave your users frustrated and irked.

Keep the ads as minimal or give the option to users to enjoy the ad-free experience with the updation of a mobile app to the premium version.

In the premium version, in order to create the user base, keep the pricing as minimal as possible and call it the introductory offer, available for a limited time period, this will allow your users to feel inclined towards your app.

Don’t Offer Which Is Already There

The mobile apps available in the market are abundance, and you cannot deny that they are mostly picked by the users on the basis of offering the unique experiences, but imagine if your app is offering or replicating the feature or the functionalities which are already existing in the market, then you don’t expect your mobile app to gain the audience base.

You need to search and analyze that which functionalities can be enhanced further or given a twist to develop stronger user engagement platform.

Picking A Least Efficient App Developer

The selection of the mobile app development agency in UK has the maximum significance and you cannot give it a miss in any given situation.

An efficient mobile application development company in UK has the brood of experienced developers, designers, and marketers who invest their passion and expertise combined together to craft a successful mobile app for your business needs.

Hence don’t fall for the cheap or inefficient developers, but make a choice after enough research.

On the other hand, if you are willing to get a proven recommendation for a leading app development company in UK then you must not go anywhere else, rather you must get in touch with Fifium today.

Fifium is the reason behind many brands to find their niche, must get in touch with their team today and feel the difference.

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ASO Checklist for A Successful App Launch

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When the idea of a mobile app comes into existence, along with many other aspects the success analysis process for the mobile app also has to be addressed, and to make it happen many factors are considered; marketing, promotion, right feature integration, users’ preference and ASO.

The aspects which build the success image of your mobile app always hold the most significance and it cannot be avoided at any given cost.

With this post, we are going to bring your attention towards the checklist, which can create a seamless passage for your mobile app to pave a way for itself.

So let’s read ahead…

  • Give more attention to app name, as it affects the search result for your app and the conversion rate increases, hence make it unique and suiting your app’s genre.
  • Keyword optimization in app description must be utilized very smartly, don’t flood your app description with keywords and don’t use it repeatedly and must sound like a very much part of your app description.
  • App icon needs to be simple, recognizable and eye-pleasing. To make it happen to avoid using text or small details in abundance, utilize the clean color palette and integrate the contrasting colors.
  • Don’t spare the screenshot option, and use all five screenshots, if the very first screenshot is a portrait, so your rest of screenshot should also be in the same orientation.
  • In the app description, use caption texts, which would describe and sell your app. Avoid using the interruption in the sentences. Use bullet points to highlight the benefits of the app.
  • Preview video must be added in order to let the users take a look at the best features and the functionalities offered by the app.
  • Let the users have a section where they can leave a review and this very strategy encourages the users to download your app further.

This checklist for ASO must be used while getting your app developed by a leading mobile app development agency in UK- Fifium, to help it grow exponentially in its respective business domain.

You can contact Fifium at:

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Create High-Selling Pop-Ups for Your App

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We often get puzzled by one simple question that how to attain maximum conversion from the mobile app platform???

Albeit there are ample of choices available for a successful mobile app but out of all, one aspect which can really help your app in abundance is the pop-up.

Yes, the pop-up or push message, you can address it with different names, but it serves the one and only purpose, that is to keep the users stay engaged to your mobile app.

But in the wake of competition, this very strategy needs to be re-worked so the users can find a reason to stay glued to your services through the pop-up messages.

Now you must be wondering, what am I referring to even??? And what exactly it takes to create the high-selling pop-ups???

Not getting a clue???

No need to get panic, because we are very much here to help you with the best strategies to take part in the pop-ups and that secret is going to be scattered in this post, just read ahead…

  • The design of your pop-up matters, if you think by designing something plain or simple would draw your users’ attention, then you must check the genre of your app. If it is a fashion app or a restaurant app, then something plain or simple cannot work, rather it needs to be bright and exciting enough to bring the users’ attention.
  • A headline for your pop-up cannot be given a miss; this works more as a lifeline of your message, which instigates the users positively to read it ahead. So invest some time in creating something interesting and much exciting for your push message.
  • Keep CTA clear and expressive enough…if your users take a while to understand where to contact you next, then you are at the wrong place, you need to carve out an expressive and easy to be identified CTA to allure the users further.

These tips can really change the game of your push messages, and you can transform from a plain set of selling tactics into high-selling techniques.

If you are really wondering how to get this integrated into your app platform, then you just need to get in touch with a leading mobile app development agency in UK- Fifium, which has all the required expertise and the exposure to help you scale high in your business domain.

How SPA Business can Flourish Further with A Mobile App???

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A mobile app helps the business to get recognition in no time, and your spa business is no exception to be added to this list of businesses.

A mobile app solution is simply picked by the different industries and the business domains, to widen the reach of users and make more money.

But many businesses such as Spa still remain intact in their pool of puzzle and think that it is not necessary for them to adopt the digital trend, as they are already doing FINE in their respective business domain.

They might be doing fine now, but as the mobile app trend is engulfing the entire regime of industries, it is not far behind, when your business would not get a customer.

If you are still not convinced, read this article to understand how it can bring benefits to your business…

  • It lets the appointment scheduling much easier and hassle-free, letting the customers book the slot, as per their convenience, at just one tap on their Smartphone.
  • It increases the customers’ loyalty towards your brand, and you get the frequent repeat business.
  • You can create value for your customers by offering your services on their Smartphone, and it gives them the opportunity to stay in touch with you all the time, and discuss any problem if they face.
  • Mobile payments system helps the users to pay without being concerned about carrying enough cash in their pocket, which eventually enhances your revenue generation to the larger extent.
  • Not many Spa owners are adopting the mobile app trend in their business strategy, but if you follow it, then it gives you an edge over your competitors and you win the battle of competition with an ease.

I hope, these points would help you understand that how a mobile app for your SPA can bring an enormous number of benefits, so just go ahead an get in touch with Fifium a leading mobile app development company in UK to help you carve a mesmerizing experience for your end users.

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Can App Failure be Turned into App Success???

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The worst nightmare of every app developer and the app owner is to develop a failed app product and to make this not happening to the app, every aspect in the reach is tried.

But sometimes, few things don’t go as planned, and some unfavorable incidents take place and app which was supposed to carve new dimensions for your business, lose the charm, and flunks badly.

Don’t lose heart, however, this is not the expected outcome, and feeling depressed is an obvious reason, but just to update you, that there are ways which can still make you rectify your blunders, and convert your app into a successful piece.

This post would work as your guide to help you understand every bit of mistake and the ways to overcome it…just read further…

  • Check your app from the perspective of the users’. It is very common that when your app was developed it failed to capture the users’ needs and consequently it flunked. Now from the customer's point of view, check what can be done further with your app to improve its functionality.
  • Study the market once again; your business has vast possibilities and the equal number of a competitive threat. Study the behavior of competitors, and what more can be done in order to gain the recognition in the market.
  • Listen to your users’ feedback or reviews, if there is something which is really bugging them, don’t wait any longer, to remove it from the landscape of your mobile app.
  • Plan the remarketing strategies for your mobile app, and this time make it more personalized then sounding simply marketing pitch.

By following these steps, you can carve out the better chances for your mobile app to succeed in its respective domain, but if you truly want this situation never to occur with your mobile app, then you must get in touch with a leading mobile app development company in UK like Fifium, which has all the required expertise and the exposure to handle your app requirements and make a successful app product.

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Can Too Many Apps for Same Task Lead to Redundancy???

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One of the most common fears every app owner deals with is the losing the app to the competitors, due to many reasons, and this fear is not any random, but it has a strong ground to support it.

One of the most common causes is the redundancy factored by the existence of the same concept.

Yes, this is the most fearful aspect, which every app owner deals with because no user is LOYAL to any app, the moment they get something special and unique from another, the switch is inevitable.

Ever thought of this happening to your app???

I know the mere mention of this spikes your tension, but eventually, this is the fact, and sooner you are ready to deal with this would help you design a better and much sustainable app.

In this post, some of those facts, which can help your app to survive in the jungle of applications, just read ahead.

  • Your app concept can be similar, but the features need to be different
  • Understand what your competitors are offering
  • Don’t fall near to what already exists in the market
  • Check what troubles further your audience and get indulge into a brainstorming session
  • Build the functionalities, which offer the unique and different solutions than other apps in the marker
  • Hire the best app development in UK

These are some of the strategies, which you must follow in order to escape the redundancy factor in your mobile app, and help you to grow your business exponentially.

Once you get in touch with a leading top mobile application development in UK, with Fifium to help you attain the success and the glory for your business domain effortlessly since Fifium team holds the best technical exposure and the experience to handle your app requirements.

Just get in touch with them today, and feel the difference…

Can Keyword Optimization Give More Exposure to your App???

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ROI or I should say the successful ROI for your app can only be considered, when after the launch your app receives, not just 100 but 10000s of downloads.

With a meager amount of downloads, the app success can never be encountered, no matter which features or the functionalities you have combined your mobile app with.

The app marketing sometimes falls flat, because users are too much engrossed in the day-to-day jobs that they forget to pick your mobile app, on way being home.

But there is one beautiful and most considerable aspect of the app marketing that is Keyword.

Yes, the keyword optimization is the part of the successful ASO techniques you follow for your mobile app and it opens a window for the potential users to peep into your mobile app with surprise intact on their faces.

But the keyword integration process has to be optimized with certain strategies, which I am going to mention in this blog post further…

  • A clichéd aspect for this process, suggest that keyword research does not start with the app, rather it starts with the brainstorming session of learning more about the users’ needs and how to cover it with the targeted keywords.
  • The broad or the long-tail keywords are not just the options for your mobile app to attain success, because sadly the traffic from them is already been hogged largely by the big players in your business domain. Hence try to pick the keywords which have the worth, the traffic and are easy to be achieved. On achieving these, set your eyes on rest.
  • The content for your keywords is the secret to generate traffic. If your content is weak and has poorly executed the keywords, then it would be flushed out by Google in no time, wasting your efforts and dreams in one go only. Use quality content to complement your keywords.

The juicy set of keywords can help the efforts invest by the leading app development company in UK on your mobile app.

Just make sure the keyword search would land the users on an efficient app…and no prize for guessing but in order to get the best services for your final app, you need to get associated with a company like Fifium, which holds the experience and the exposure to transforming your app into a sizzling vision.

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Influencer Marketing – How an App Builder Takes Benefit from IT

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The arena of marketing is very vast and has much to do with one of the most significant segments of app development and that is app launch.

Any app does not become a major HIT overnight, without the integration of marketing practices and influencer marketing, is one of the most popular forms of marketing.

But many feel that influence marketing is not an ideal option to promote the app.


Are you wondering why am I puzzled??? The reason is simple because Influence marketing is one of the most polished versions of the marketing, which captivates the audience while focusing on the best reasons.

Still, find it not so convincing???

No worries, just read this post further to understand how to charm your audience base with the perspective of influencer marketing.

  • You can achieve the marketing objectives; generate leads and keep the users aware.
  • You get the opportunities to build the relationships with people who are worthy enough to connect your app with a potential user base.
  • With this strategy, you can earn the trust of the audience hassle-free since the publicity for your app comes from the horse’s mouth directly.
  • Last but not the least, your influencers really care about their own audience, then simply yours, hence you must find out the ways to keep the influencers stay engaged with your app.

The effect of the influencer marketing is powerful and it grows into something more MASSIVE, as the users grow further through the social media channels.

But you need to understand that influencer marketing is not a one-time event, rather it is a process, which you must follow along with a leading app development company, like Fifium.

It will help you win the hearts of the users and expect to see the right set of results efficiently.

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