Tips for Building an Outstanding App Landing Page

The very concept of a mobile app is something which ignites the feeling of comfort and the convenience in users’ mind and undeniably apps are the best resource for the monetary benefits and help to create a huge business.

The reason I feel bound to write about this is due to the fact that many business owners stop themselves to take an initiative to get an app for their business needs, since a thought always scare them ‘what does it cost to make an app’, but believe me the app development cost is not an expense but an investment for your business needs.

The very concept of a mobile app is something which ignites the feeling of comfort and the convenience in users’ mind and undeniably apps are the best resource for the monetary benefits and help to create a huge business.

The reason I feel bound to write about this is due to the fact that many business owners stop themselves to take an initiative to get an app for their business needs, since a thought always scare them ‘what does it cost to make an app’, but believe me the app development cost is not an expense but an investment for your business needs.

Now let’s hop back to my topic again the term mobile app has gone little sour these due to the existing competition in the app development field, which is increasing exponentially every passing moment.

Hey, no need to worry…because there a=is a solution which can help your app immune to the competition virus, and that strategy is by getting an app landing page for your mobile app.

App landing page might sound the easiest aspect to you, but as a matter of fact, it is not, and the reason is simple since a mobile app landing page helps your mobile app to beat the competition blues and triggers the factor which leads your targeted audience to download your app.

So now when we know that the app landing page maximizes the optimization to a larger level, thus we need to consider some essential steps to while creating the app landing page.

So here we are to help you out in creating that outstanding app landing page with this post…just read ahead….

#1- Background Image

We all heard it and are very well versed that there is nothing as such second chance to create an impression which would last long and forever. The background image is the very first thing which grabs your users’ attention and helps your users to connect with your brand subsequently.

Thus you need to create a substantial background image to help you mesmerize your audience, so make sure that your image must contain: high resolution, the contrast to make the buttons visible and one last thing that your background image must relate to the actual business of your mobile app.

#2- Headline of Page

The headline of your app landing page is the influencer for your users, to influence them to come and stay stick to your app landing page and scroll further.

Keep the headline short and meaningful, which clears even the iota of doubt, which may hinder the potential users to access your app. It must create a WOW effect on your users and they mist cherish further to use it.

# 3 – Call-To-Action Buttons

When a user accesses your mobile app, the call-to-action buttons must be the crucial element of your page, which must encourage a user to click the button. Thus make sure that the call-to-action buttons on your app landing page must be: succinct, bright and expressive enough to make the user click on the buttons.

# 4 – Video Teaser

Within the app landing page make sure that you include the app video easers, so the audience can take a look at what exactly your mobile app is all about and what is there in its baggage to offer to your users.

The app video easers must not be more than 9-10 sec or there can be exceptional video durations as well, but make sure that app videos come up with the engaging background music, which would keep the users stay glued to your mobile app.

#5 – Responsive Design

The responsive design of your app landing page is crucially important, so the users can access at any place, on their convent device mode. So just ensure that your app landing page looks aesthetically pleasing on any device resolution.

These tips if followed well, can help your app landing page to grab the attention of the users and consequently create more downloads on your mobile app…just compliment your app landing page with the right features and the functionalities in your mobile app, which is only possible when you pick a right mobile app development company like Fifium for your app concept and help your app concept to transform into a successful reality.

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Can App Features Increase the App Downloads???

The moment you decide to make an app for your business, the ultimate stress you buy for yourself is the number of app downloads, which you expect to happen with your mobile app…

Yes, you heard me very much right, the app downloads are the first and the last thing which keeps banging in your head during the app development process since you know that without the significant number of app downloads on your mobile app, you can never win the battle of app survival.


C’mon you need to know that app downloads is the primary analytic which clearly shows that whether your mobile app has various functionalities as a part of it or if your mobile app development has a professional hand behind it, but if it does not have the considerable app downloads then your app is nothing but a failure, and every effort invested on your app would go complete waste.

I know the very mention of ‘fail’ word drives you bonkers, but you could go completely insane if your app does not fare well on the respective app stores and would be not downloaded by the targeted audience.

So, the strategy to save yourself from this negative situation is nothing but getting the right dose of strategies to be poured on your app, so it can be saved further from the horror of losing the number of downloads.

So what is the strategy to deal with this situation???

The answer is that you must integrate a number of features in your app, to help it getting downloaded by the targeted set of audience.


Are you sure that with certain strategies, I would be able to craft a positive outline and my app would receive commendable downloads???

Yes, it is very much possible when you decide to proceed with certain features…and the features are…

Why don’t you just read ahead???? J

Giving A Personalized Touch

Your app has a specific color theme and it might be liked or might not be liked by a few, although it is not a very big and main reason behind the fewer ap downloads, but just visualize a situation where in the users can change the app color, app fonts, app theme as per their convenience.

It is equivalent to leaving your own imprints on the mobile app and it would help the users to get a much-personalized experience for themselves and seriously it would give them a reason to stay engaged and use your mobile app more frequently.

In-App Referral Codes

The in-app referral codes which let the users access the services at the reduced cost is nothing but a blessed opportunity for the users and it encourages the users to use your app since they get the instant monetary benefits.

Lemme cite an example…with the Uber mobile app, you get the referral code which truly uplifts the spirit of the users to use the mobile app further. Thus make sure that you may have the in-app referral codes integrated into your app.

Accessible Features

Recently I came across make an app, which spoke of thousand things, but sooner I tried to access a simple feature, it re-directed me to store to make the payment…

Seriously I was stunned with frustration and within a jiffy of a minute; I uninstalled the mobile app…in the same way you need to make sure that your mobile app is free when you first start with your app.

I know monetization is the first priority, but you don’t need to rush to get the money out of the app from the very first go, rather you must let the users access the basic features so they can get addicted to your app, and then ask them to pay for the premium version where they can access the remaining features.

This would help your app to gain the attention and also the recognition amongst the targeted audience.

Thus it is proven that a mobile app can be sold like a hot cake, if it has the right set of features as a part of it, also you must ensure that your mobile app must possess and offer a seamless experience, and this can only happen when you decide to make an app from a leading app development company like Fifium.

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How to Stop The Mobile App Uninstalls?

The dreadful dream which comes out true for any app owner, states ‘your app is uninstalled’ and it is not going to be used by any user since they simply DON’T LIKE YOUR APP…

How cruel these words are, but do you know it can be a fact too, and believe me it is the most painful thing you could see and experience happening with your mobile app.

So what can be done about this????

Just simply get your app installed on the users’ phone…

As if it is that easier to be done???


Then hey what has to be done???

You are raising my temperature, and yet giving no subtle answer…what is that???

RELAX HUMAN…take a deep breath and close your eyes…


NEXT…simply open your eyes and, and and and…

Read my post…that’s it…. J

Believe me, this will solve your problems to the larger extent, so don’t skip any point from those points and here we start…

Notification Exploitation

Yes, it is a very common problem you make a part of your mobile app, and your users don’t enjoy it at all, believe me. Till some extent when you give the notification dose to your users, then it is fine, but crossing the boundaries where your user’s mobile beeps due to your app’s notifications only, then it creates the real-time problem and you get yourself into the real issue.

Keep the dose of your notifications limited with an option to switch on/off your notification system.

SO the number problem is solved…

Now let’s go to the next level

Registration Soap Opera

Have you ever seen or been told about any long soap operas which usually Asian countries run on our idiot box, or it might be in other continents too (no offence)…well the crux of my point is that these soap operas sound interesting initially, but sooner they turn into a pain and then into a migraine, and users generally jump off from the torture of daily soaps and as a consequence many things happen and which in total lead to the flunk of the serial.

OUCH…it hurts !!!!

It may hurt you more when something like this happens to your mobile app…

Yes, it can happen with your app as well, when you put a soap opera length registration process within the app.

You need to ensure that app registration process is succinct, require a limited number of steps and make users access the app instantly …almost in the jiffy of a second.

Also, allow your users to access the mobile app with the social media logins as well, again this step will help the accessing more convenient and with least efforts.

Creepy App UI/UX

You are designing an app, not a piece of cloth, which can anyhow be worn by the users, if no other option available, but with a mobile app, if your app UI/UX is confusing, ambiguous and even give the difficulties for the users to understand your app’s functionalities then it means clearly you fail yourself as an app developer.

You need to craft the mobile app UI/UX considering the users’ taste and requirements, it should not be something designed keeping the users in mind from 18th century or 2078, you need to understand it is all about this century and this year only, so users need to get attached to the current app idea.

These are some of the issues which couple up with few others, and create a havoc for your app and make it a sure-shot and super easy target to be uninstalled.

Thus my advice is to get a mobile app developed but from a leading app development company, which understand your app concept and your users and is ready to deliver a result which falls perfectly for your app needs.

Finding it hard to get such app company, then you must get in touch with Fifium, which is the perfect example of these app company eligibility criteria, and experience the best app development process for your mobile app concept.

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Simplest Ways to Name Your App

The process of development of the app is the second stage, but before that, every app has to deal with is finding a right name to go along with it.

An app name might sound the easiest step for some of you since it is just a name…right????

No absolutely wrong, an app name clearly dictates the app’s identity and its genre and within those little but meaningful characters you include the complete essence of the app genre, functionality and the features and the targeted audience as well…

This much in a mobile app name???

Yes, this much and much beyond this as well…

You would be surprised to know that most of the mobile app’s gain attention from their targeted audience, just due to the unique mobile app name… and at the same time, many mobile apps fail to secure valid attention despite having recognition-worth features just because of the mobile app name.

So it concludes that a few letters word, describing your mobile app, needs to be different and cannot be picked as the random choice from your end.

Now the question comes, how to name an app? actually, it sounds more nerve-attacking after reading the worth of the mobile app…but actually it is not as that horrific process, as it might have sounded to you, rather it can be done with the integration of few and the cautious steps you consider while naming your app…

Hmmmm sounds great, but still, it is confusing….

So what to do next???

I think it would be best if you would read my post and unleash the secrets yourself….

It indeed sounds great now….let’s read ahead…

The Name Must Convey Relation With The App

Your app name is something which cannot be near or far from your app’s genre, it must speak the direct relation it shares with your mobile app and describes the app’s functionalities more clearly. For instance, when you notice the most used app by each of us WhatsApp has a simple but very descriptive name, which clearly shows its major functionalities without a fail.

So sit and analyze what describes your app better, an industry, a feature or the functionality…and pick a name accordingly.

App Name Should Not Be A Tongue Twister

A mobile app would have a variety of users, and your ultimate aim is to make your app a household name, but this can only be possible when a common user not just the specific set of users, are able to pronounce without twisting and twirling their tongues inside out.

Your app name needs to be simple without any specific pronunciation guidelines, which would help the users to feel connected to your app.

Check The Name Availability

I suggest not to pick just one name, rather pick few more options…


The reason is very simple when you have picked an app name, there are chances the same name app already exists in the app store or maybe something similar is already present there. You need to be prudent enough not to pick something similar or existing name with a spelling change, since it would only confuse the users, and they would never be able to distinguish your app from the other.

So if you will have few options ready with you, then you can pick the right choice for your app effortlessly…

These are some of the ways which help you to pick a right app name for your mobile app, but there are some other factors involved with your app as well, which you need to consider and should not be missed…

And that is the selection of a right app development company to kick start your mobile app project…only a right app development partner would give you the right suggestions and tips to pave a smooth way for your app’s success route plan, so you must get in touch with a right app development partner for your app concept, something like Fifium, which has gained the recognition as the leading mobile app development partner by catering the app development services to the established brands and the startups around the globe and has many successful mobile apps under its collar to flaunt.

So get in touch with a right and trusted app development partner for the successful process of the development of app fitting your business goals.

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Why App Development Cost Should Not be Your Priority?

When my friend decided to proceed with the mobile app platform, she discussed her app concept with many app development companies and none could meet her requirements, which was little shocking, but her selection process kept on moving for a month or two and finally she chose one app development company and it has been almost 16 months, but yet her mobile app is not ready.

I met her last weekend and she sounded distressed and frustrated since the entire planning of initiating an expansion of a successful business was put on hold, due to the unavailability of a mobile app. When she started to discuss her problem, I casually asked her that what exactly her mobile app concept was and on hearing her I found it quite simple…(I could analyze it since I am a coder J), then my ultimate reaction was that then why your mobile couldn’t be completed? Her instant reaction was that it was due to this app company only that my app is stuck is unable to get launched.

I was taken aback for a while and waited for few more minutes in the rapt attention, so she can conclude, but this is all what she said and forced me to ask then why you chose them, to which she said, ‘my first question with their Business Head was, What does it cost to make an app, and he gave me the least app cost, compared to other companies, which instantly made me pick them up.’

OHHH, so this was the story, that’s how she fell into the trap and chose a wrong option for herself…

Did I just mention a TRAP, yes I did, with every possible reason behind it , falling for a least charging app development company is nothing but a trap, which many business owners fall for blindly, since their main and the primary concern with the app development process involves with What does it cost to make an app, which is absolutely wrong aspect and it creates the ruckus further.

Just like my friend, there are many out there who are completely shackled by this bish and often pay the price with different results. With this post, I want to bring your attention towards the number of reasons that why you must not focus on app cost, because….let’s read ahead

Inefficiency At Its Peak

Your mobile app development is a process, which requires the different technologies’ integration and it can be implemented out of fluke or by someone who has 0 experience in handling different technologies, rather you need a company which must dictate the high-level of technical proficiency to handle your app requirements, so picking a naïve app company with no relevant experience just for the sake of less cost is not a prudent decision.

Inexperienced Enough To Handle Tech Challenges

You would be shocked to know that every mobile app development process has its own challenges which have to be met through the expert hands of the app developer, but if your mobile app developer has not much experience then there are very fair chances that your app development process would get stuck in between.

On the other hand for a trained and experienced mobile app developer handing these challenges is not a new thing, and they can manage the tech challenges with their gained exposure throughout the years.

Inability To Bring Innovation

Your app can only survive in the business when it is able to offer something extraordinary to the users, but if your mobile app, fails to create that magic then we know what happens next. To beat this issue, the exposure and the technical experience of your mobile app developer comes handy, wherein they can evolve the app design or the functionality depending upon the users’ demands.

But this aspect is completely neglected when you decide to proceed with a least costing app development company and shuts down every door for further improvement.

I really hope that these tips would help you gain the information, and you would not end up becoming a fool.

If you are really confused and are unable to decide a perfect app company for your app concept, then am here to solve this issue, where you can pick a right app development company, which is none other than Fifium and help your dream project get the wings of reality.

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Video App Marketing is A Must For Your App’s Success

Once the process of app development gets over, the very next thing in your mind clouds your intelligence chords for a while, that how to make the app go successful and demanded by the targeted audience base?

Hmmm, this is indeed a concern, and considering the number of challenges, it must not be taken for granted, since there is enough competition to create the hindrance to your app’s success road, and the ever-growing number of mobile apps, increase the chances of app failure.

To overcome this hurdle, the app marketing comes into existence, which lets the mobile app to get recognized and receive the ample of attention I know not many of you find it surprising, since app marketing is not a new venture for your mobile app’s success and this is what every app development company follows, but there are few secret ingredients which not every app development company follows….

What are they???? How to access them??? Can I integrate them into my app marketing as well??? Do you really know what exactly they are???

HOLD….Take a breath and relax…yes, I know that secret ingredient and and and and….BOOOMM!!!!

Don’t worry, I am gonna share that secret ingredient with you today through this post, so stay tuned and explore the magic further…

Why Your App Needs App Marketing

Well, many app owners, live with a misconception that since their app is offering a number of different functionalities and the features, which are unique enough, so their app does not require a mode of marketing, since the features and the functionalities present in the app, would do the job of creating stir in the market, so an app marketing is a BIIIIG NO.

This is where you need to wake up and you need to understand that even if your app offers the out of the box features and the functionalities, but if it does not gain the attention from the targeted audience then it is nothing but a waste, and do you know to gain that attention you need to struggle a lot, since there are already successful mobile apps available in the app market.

With the app marketing, you create a strategy which allows your users to notice your mobile app, through the different reasons of marketing tactics, and one of the most valuable tactics of all is the Video app marketing.

Yes, Video app marketing is that secret ingredient, which not every app marketer follows, but this is the strategy which holds the maximum weightage and helps your app to gain the attention.

Indeed there are many benefits involved with this strategy, such as:

  • It Helps To Gain Users’ Attention

Your users love to see something in action, and a video on your promotional website serves this purpose very well. It allows a number of users to gain attention and stay tuned to your mobile app, because it clearly reflects the live features in the form of a video, and give them a better understanding of your app.

  • It Builds Trust

Your users want some reasons to choose you over your competitors, and this can only happen, when you allow your users to take a look at your mobile app, so they can see and trust the app usability. This task is not achievable with a simple app promotion, but an app which gives the right video within the app, really speaks volume about your app and gives more reasons to the users to trust your app and its functionalities.

  • It Helps In Ranking

For your surprise, your chance of getting ranked first on Google increases with 50 times more approximately, if you have a video on your promotional website of your mobile app. Actually, the video helps your users to stay longer on the website, and this long exposure lets the search engines to build trust and increase the stats report.

These are indeed not the complete list of the benefits coming out from the video app marketing, yet these benefits would help you to integrate this strategy into your app marketing plan.

Yes one more fact you should not skip at any cost, that your marketing plan must compliment with the app’s functionalities and the features, so make sure you have selected a right mobile app development company just like Fifium for your app concept, which has the required exposure and the technical expertise to handle your app requirements.

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How to Increase Your App Downloads

I am well-versed with the process of how to make an app, but I don’t know what are the ways through which I can help my app succeed….my app is going to get LIVE and I seriously have no idea how to increase the number of downloads for my app…

These are some of the most common statements, you get to hear from the first-timers, who have recently taken the app development as their picked marketing tool, or it can even be heard from the people who have their mobile apps developed but they don’t find the accurate way to get more number of app downloads.

In either case, the situation is grave and can lead to some of the most unfavorable circumstances for the health of your app and your business respectively…I don’t mean to scare you, but sooner you wake up and address the situation the better it would be…

But the most scintillating question comes, that how to overcome this issue and how to pick the right number of strategies to help you in increasing the app download rate…????

To find out an answer to this question, I have scribbled my thoughts on this paper, so you can benefit from the number of tips to help your app to secure a successful future with the considerable app downloads…let’s take a look and read ahead…

Targeting The Right Keywords

In order to make your app come in the terms of success, the very first step you need to take care of is the integration of successful ASO techniques, and worth to mention one of the most successful ASO techniques is the keyword strategy.

A right set of keywords integrated into your mobile app are the sign of user engagement and more chances of keeping your targeted audience to visit you and download your app.

Screenshots Are The Best Marketing Tools

When you make every possible effort of including the best features and functionalities in your mobile app, then you must realize that these functionalities can stay lost and your users would never be able to find out more about them, since there is huge competition and this situation would lead to app failure, so in order to save your app from this horrific situation, take the help of your app screenshots.

Pick those screenshots, which define the functionality and the features of your app more clearly and can draw the attention of your targeted audience so they can check and feel attracted to download your app.

Regular ASO Audit

Many app marketers love to indulge in the ASO technique but fail to keep a pace with this technique. You need to understand and accept the fact that ASO isn’t the set and forgotten strategy, rather it needs to be watched again in again to beat the competition bullet.

This largely happens because app technology trends are never constant and keep on changing at a rapid speed, thus if you want your app to rank higher, please keep a check and conduct the audit on your app’s ASO techniques.

App Tutorials Are The PERIOD

It is a common perception, where you want to indulge into an app tutorial for your app, but if you want to increase the number of app downloads then this practice needs to be modified to fit the demand.

For the first time app users, the app tutorials actually work, but when you introduce a new feature or make an app have an update then an app tutorial is something clumsy and unwanted, and it must be replaced with the ‘Tooltips’ which simply pop out and highlight the new features effortlessly.

App’s Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is indeed a must for your mobile app, but you need to integrate them with a personalized touch to escape the dislikes form your users.

Just visualize when you send a personalized message to the users to complete a task, it generates more interests and triggers the app engagement process.

No prize for guessing, but these essentials become successful when you decide to pick a leading mobile app development company to develop your mobile app efficiently, so it can complement the users’ demands.

If you are finding it a tumultuous journey to pick such efficient app developers, then you must get in touch with Fifium, which has crafted some of the most successful mobile app solutions across the globe.

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Effective Tips for the Successful Website Development

Different technologies and the ever-growing need of the users have led to a different platform where adaptation of a technology to make your business compete with the tech-infused strategy to beat the odds of competition is increasing in every passing minute.

In the wake of the technology integration, one of the most preferred and liked technology is the website. A website actually turns out to be a communication panel between you and your targeted audience, who wants to interact with you through the website.

Calling a website your trusted business partner, would not be wrong, but there are certain aspects which if ignored, can cost you the failure of your entire business strategy and can doom your business in no time.

But what are the strategies am I referring to? And how do they really impact on the successful business model?

Hmmm…to get the answers to your queries, we have come up with this blog today…so just read ahead…

The Significance of A Right Web Solution

A website is nothing but the reflection of the business of your services, in the packed digital platform, which allows your business to get reflected and represented with few taps on the computer screen all across the globe. if a customer sitting oceans distance away, wants to access your business and its offered services, then can get an instant reach with the help of a website.

But sadly this beautiful story has a horrific part as well which suggests, that if you are not going to take care of certain aspects while developing a website for your business then it would turn into a nightmare than a harbinger for your business needs.

The market is full of different types of web development companies, but you need to pick a right web development agency which follows the rules and as a consequence offer a sizzling web solution for your business goals.
Thus without wasting any further moment, let’s find out the tips to create a successful website for your business needs…

Tip #1

Understand Your Targeted Audience Demand

On the selection of the right website platform, domain name, hosting server, the next big thing comes in your ways is that determining the actual purpose behind your website…you need to sit back and ask yourself that how this digital platform would help my audience? How easier and conveniently they can access my services? And how do you want it to help in boosting the revenue goals for your business? Once you get the answers to these questions, you must select the right category for your website.

One of the most important parts here is that either of the above-mentioned questions can only get the accurate answer when you have the justified market research on the needs of your targeted user base, failing to do so, it only leads to the waste of time, money and efforts in the form of your website.

Tip # 2

Select The Efficient Website Platform

I know it is a bit technical, but believe me, a little research done here would really pay you off well for the success of your website. You need to understand that there are various web platforms available in the market, some are free, whereas others are chargeable.

Being a non-technical or the first-timer, it seems nothing less than a Pandora box, which contains the different technology platforms, such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Laravel, and Codeigniter.
The major difference between the free and the paid version suggests that paid platform has more functionalities and the scope to try further, but the free platform gives you a limited scope to edit.

Tip #3

Keep The Website Design Minimalistic

It’s a human nature that we generally avoid the content mentioned on the homepage f the website, and gets more attracted towards the images, keywords and the headings.

With the website design, you need to work on your audience psychology, and you must let the words mentioned in your website speak for the nature of your website.

It does not need to be GOOGLED information or the content, but something clean, to-the-point text. The color theme must compliment the genre of your business and the subheadings and the body text must be readable.

You would be surprised to know that more you will keep the homepage velar, the more you allow your users to comprehend the call-to-action and remember your website.

Tip #4

Website Promotion

Calling promotion an added expense to your budget is absolutely wrong because it is only through the right marketing strategies you would allow your website to get noticed and attracted by the users.

Albeit there are many ways through which you can draw the attention for your targeted audience to your website, and some of the most popular ways to promote your web page are through SEO strategies.

Within SEO there are different sub-segments, like White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO & Grey Hat SEO, out of which the most picked and liked SEO strategies is the white hat SEO, wherein your website can be promoted through the organic platform to gain recognition.

Some of the most befitting essentials which are the part of the successful SEO strategy, includes, the keywords planner, which helps your website to get crawled by Google and rank your website on the result page. Also, the inclusion of Meta titles also works efficiently for the web page promotion.

Although there are few tips which you must consider while marketing your website, like:

  • Do not over-use the keywords
  • Use H1 tag for the title
  • Get SMO as a leading tool for website promotion
  • Indulge in aggressive content marketing with the relevant set of keywords
  • Keep innovating the website design and content to draw attention

These are the essential tips for the development of the successful website, but apart from that what most and equally is important is the selection of a right web app development agency for your website requirements, which has the required exposure and the technical expertise to handle your website requirements.

If you find it tough to pick such efficient web agency then you must get in touch with Fifium team, which has every possible technical expertise and exposure to make it worth for a successful website for your business needs.

You can contact Fifium at:

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Winning The App Marketing Myths

App development is not a one-time affair which is designed and developed and bid goodbye, but if you want your mobile app to get noticed and accepted by the targeted audience, then you need to fall for the vigorous set of strategies which are coming directly from the app marketing pillar.

App marketing is the way you market your app globally so it can be reached and accessed by a targeted audience set efficiently. Indeed the app marketing differs for one business domain to another and depending upon the other various factors, but just like every strategy has the myths circulated widely in the market, the same happens with the app marketing as well.

The app development process reaches a new height of success when the pertinent app marketing strategies are integrated into it, in order to make it go hugely popular, but there are certain hinderances also in this success way, which are blinded by the app marketing myths and ultimately these myths, curb the full blooming process of app success.

I know there are many app marketing strategies, but equally there are myths also existing in the market, which accompany the right app marketing strategies to get destroyed completely.

With this post, I would love to bring your attention towards those spine-chilling app marketing myths, which needs to be eradicated fully, in order to experience the pure app’s success…let’s explore further…

Social Media Is Only For Youngsters

The most disturbing myth I got to hear, that social media is an age-specific portal, wherein only a specific group of youngsters love to spend time, so one needs to promote only the apps which fit the bill of the age bar.

But it is absolutely wrong and is not at all a fact, because social media s not designed for any specific age, but it is for all age groups, so regardless of your app domain, you can market your app on the social media with some relevant content marketing strategies, to help it get noticed.

Analytics Are Not Mandatory

When you plan to market your app, then you need to understand, that which feature or the functionality is fitting best your mobile app and what more can be done in order to make it further successful.

But how to grab such information, by door-to-door survey, online survey…oops, these are the old-age grandma’s methods and you cannot rely on these to get the best result…then what…

The answer is that you need to have the app analytics tools, which help you understand what exactly your users want from your app, what are the changes should be brought in the app and most importantly how to beat the competition bug.

So you need to adapt the analytics tools and must integrate them into your mobile app marketing process, to serve the demands of your users effortlessly.

Blogs???Who Needs blog

Recently I got to meet somebody, who aspires to make huge in his respective business domain with a mobile app, but doesn’t feel comfortable around the blogging for his app, since as per him his app deals not in the study or written material.

How cruel does it sound, but this is the fact and many business owners completely avoid the content marketing, which is one of the inevitable parts of the successful app marketing plan.

Listen, readers….in order to get your app noticed, don’t leave any area of the market, because some of your targeted audience is the readers too, and they would love to read more about your app.

Moreover, the balanced and the perfect content marketing strategy in the form of Blog, Article, Press release and any other written but relevant material would help your app to get ranked when coupled with SEO strategies….

These are the app marketing myths, which create a hollow bubble of failure around your app, and if not busted on time, can bring down your app further…so my advice states that pick a right mobile app development partner like Fifium for your mobile app concept and help your mobile app to succeed with the flying colors in the app market, with the right app marketing strategies.

Hope this writing would help you to get rid of app marketing myths, will help you develop a successful mobile app

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App Development for Online Food Delivery

Apps have penetrated into various domains of businesses, and Food Restaurants are one of the popular businesses which use Apps for Online Delivery. Development of Food Ordering Apps is the greatest thing to discover for the restaurants, as they have an advantage of getting larger user-base. For example, if you have just 10 to 20 visitors in your restaurant, but there are 100 orders per day. Isn’t it very profitable? Yes indeed! So do you want an app for your restaurant??? Then let’s discuss few things which you should know before developing an app.

Who is Your Targeted Audience?

The users of the food ordering app are mainly students and employee; they usually don’t get time to cook or go to a restaurant and waste their time, so an app is a solution to these problems, now food is just one click away.
Another thing to remember is they are lazy and hungry; making an app that is too complex will irritate the user. Food ordering apps should display main buttons and have a modern design with smooth functionalities.

What all Features you can Add to Make it User-friendly?

ATTRACTIVE MENU PAGE: It should contain attractive pictures of dishes with the title and exclusive offers for customers.

Different icons should be displayed for breakfast, lunch, snack-time, and dinner. It should mention different cuisines and the special dishes available. These buttons should be a quick access to the type of dishes which the customers want.

FOOD CUSTOMIZATION: This feature is very important as the customers will have their own preferences, dislikes, and likes. It’s a chance for customers to make their own food with their favorite ingredients.

It’s very useful for those users who are allergic to any particular ingredient and it’s your duty to take care of all these small factors which can make your app more exclusive to the customers.

QUICK ORDER: There should be a quick ordering list for those who are super busy and extremely hungry.

HEALTHY MENU PAGE: Healthy menus should be on a higher priority for the customers who are diet conscious and it should be recommended by good dieticians.

VEGGIE MENU: This section is a quick access for the vegetarian customers

Additional Services 

These additional services will simplify the app to use and become more demandable among the other competitors:

  • Live Order Tracking. Live order keeps customer connected to their suppliers and gives them the ability to monitor their order.
  •  Push notifications, Pop-Ups and Event Calendar: This feature will help the customers to get updated with the latest offers and events.
  • Multiple Payment gateways: In this feature the customers can pay through multiple mediums. Net-banking, COD, Credit card or other payment gateways
  • Feedback: It’s very important for the customer as well as for the business too; Customers’ feedbacks will help you in analyzing, which section you can work upon or what are their expectations. Customers will also feel how efficiently your service team works.
  • Offers for Regular Clients: Give coupons or discounts or special birthday offers for regular clients this will help in gaining loyalty factor from the customers. If you will take care of your regular customers, the app will be on top for a longer period of time.
  • Extra Tip: you can send a quiz after one hour of delivery regarding feedbacks. This will make the customers feel the importance of their feedbacks.

How to Develop A Food Ordering App?

1. Analyze the market requirements for this field; this will help you to move in a defined direction.

2. Choose the platform in which you are going to develop your app – Android or iOS or a Multiplatform. Choose wisely according to the targeted audience.

3. Now measure the potential cost and risks. Development cost will depend upon how different, attractive and user-friendly your functionalities and features are. I will recommend hiring an application agency that can cater the best app solution at affordable price.

4. Simple attractive pictures and titles will attract customers more, so make sure the images are clear and not to be cluttered. The texts or description should be minimal.

5. Testing is very important before submitting it to the app store. So testing and rectifying the bugs or errors should be taken very seriously.

6. Use MVP technique MVP stands for the minimum viable product. This will help you to get the feedback from the initial users and get an idea of what the users expect.

7. Test again and again until you get satisfied with the feedbacks.

8. Read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting it to the stores for approval; Android and iOS have different rules and regulations which you must follow for avoiding any hindrances.

9. Get the approval done and make it live.

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