Can Keyword Optimization Give More Exposure to your App???

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ROI or I should say the successful ROI for your app can only be considered, when after the launch your app receives, not just 100 but 10000s of downloads.

With a meager amount of downloads, the app success can never be encountered, no matter which features or the functionalities you have combined your mobile app with.

The app marketing sometimes falls flat, because users are too much engrossed in the day-to-day jobs that they forget to pick your mobile app, on way being home.

But there is one beautiful and most considerable aspect of the app marketing that is Keyword.

Yes, the keyword optimization is the part of the successful ASO techniques you follow for your mobile app and it opens a window for the potential users to peep into your mobile app with surprise intact on their faces.

But the keyword integration process has to be optimized with certain strategies, which I am going to mention in this blog post further…

  • A clichéd aspect for this process, suggest that keyword research does not start with the app, rather it starts with the brainstorming session of learning more about the users’ needs and how to cover it with the targeted keywords.
  • The broad or the long-tail keywords are not just the options for your mobile app to attain success, because sadly the traffic from them is already been hogged largely by the big players in your business domain. Hence try to pick the keywords which have the worth, the traffic and are easy to be achieved. On achieving these, set your eyes on rest.
  • The content for your keywords is the secret to generate traffic. If your content is weak and has poorly executed the keywords, then it would be flushed out by Google in no time, wasting your efforts and dreams in one go only. Use quality content to complement your keywords.

The juicy set of keywords can help the efforts invest by the leading app development company in UK on your mobile app.

Just make sure the keyword search would land the users on an efficient app…and no prize for guessing but in order to get the best services for your final app, you need to get associated with a company like Fifium, which holds the experience and the exposure to transforming your app into a sizzling vision.

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Influencer Marketing – How an App Builder Takes Benefit from IT

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The arena of marketing is very vast and has much to do with one of the most significant segments of app development and that is app launch.

Any app does not become a major HIT overnight, without the integration of marketing practices and influencer marketing, is one of the most popular forms of marketing.

But many feel that influence marketing is not an ideal option to promote the app.


Are you wondering why am I puzzled??? The reason is simple because Influence marketing is one of the most polished versions of the marketing, which captivates the audience while focusing on the best reasons.

Still, find it not so convincing???

No worries, just read this post further to understand how to charm your audience base with the perspective of influencer marketing.

  • You can achieve the marketing objectives; generate leads and keep the users aware.
  • You get the opportunities to build the relationships with people who are worthy enough to connect your app with a potential user base.
  • With this strategy, you can earn the trust of the audience hassle-free since the publicity for your app comes from the horse’s mouth directly.
  • Last but not the least, your influencers really care about their own audience, then simply yours, hence you must find out the ways to keep the influencers stay engaged with your app.

The effect of the influencer marketing is powerful and it grows into something more MASSIVE, as the users grow further through the social media channels.

But you need to understand that influencer marketing is not a one-time event, rather it is a process, which you must follow along with a leading app development company, like Fifium.

It will help you win the hearts of the users and expect to see the right set of results efficiently.

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Ways to Create an Irresistible Website UX

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A website is mostly considered to be a translation of your services to the users, in a way that it can transform the way it gets accessed by the potential and the targeted audience base.

But at times the web developers get confused with this approach and simply pick the plagiarized version of the existing website with a little improvement, with an aim to win the users’ hearts, but in return, not just users abandon their website, but there comes the bang of Google penalty as well.

So if you are really getting puzzled with the right set of strategies to be integrated into your website development then you must read this post ahead to help you win the race with flying colours.

  • Be user-centric- a user-centric website is the only factor which cripples the competitors. Make sure your website is not just well-researched but also focused only on users’ expectations.
  • Don’t forget the right content- Words have the power, hence imply the clear and concise content strategy and make it sound more like a human than a machine. Don’t praise yourself, the website which only flaunts about what it can offer, can never win the users, rather you must focus on the factors which would simply inform the users that how this website and its services can be useful to the users.
  • Build responsive web design- if your website fails to run on different devices, then it fails as a product a large time. Invest your time in making your website responsive.
  • Color theme- The colour theme of your website works on the users’ psychology, thus, you need to pick it smartly, complimenting the business genre.
  • Easy to access- if the website has a confusing navigation system, then instead of bringing the customers, it would only make them go against your website. Make sure that website can be easily accessed without creating an iota of confusion in the users’ mind.

These few but significant strategies help you improve the website UX but it can be polished further if you decide to get your website developed by the leading web app development company in UK, like Fifium.

If you are wondering why???

Then you must get in touch with Fifium team to feel the difference.

Boost App Conversion with Engaging Techniques

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You have got the app idea, but when it comes to finally launch your eCommerce app, you realize that your app is getting the buyers on its page, but a very few of them are picking the purchase.


It happens largely due to some of the factors which are missing from your app portal, and your app cannot sustain the pressure of the users’ buying decision for long.

The job of your mobile app is to make the users visit your app, stay and pick the required services, without turning their faces or thinking to compare with the competitors.

There are a few essentials, if you would include in your app, can enhance the potential of the app immensely.

The image for your said products or services, hold the significance to capture the users’ attention. Hence you need to be extra cautious and careful in picking the set of images.

  • Make sure image quality and resolution is high and does not get pixeled on being zoomed.
  • Keep the background white, so the image can reflect its features clearly.
  • Try to use the images, which shows your product in use
  • Keep the description as clear as possible.
  • Include pictures from different angles to show around the product.
  • Add relevant keywords in the content to help it get searched.
  • Mention the technical specifications
  • Add the social proof of purchases by showing the snippets of reviews and overall ratings.

Your e-commerce app can only be optimized fully when you decide to integrate the above-mentioned factors in the core business of the mobile app. To achieve this seamlessly get your app developed and designed from a top mobile app design company in UK, just like Fifium.

Fifium has the extensive years of experience and the exposure to handling your app requirements. Get in touch with them today to help your app make a sizzling effect.

Don’t Plan App Update without These Strategies

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Eventually, an app update comes with a harbinger for your app product, which sounds promising and exciting for your app.

But when the app updates finally happen on your app, and you get the freezing response from the users, which does not show any sort of excitement, then you realize something is wrong…

Why does it happen???

Reason is…The app update without the enough planned strategies.

Really integrating the app update without certain strategies, eventually blow a mix of hatred hurled from the users’ end.

Unable to understand what am I referring to?

Hmm, that is the concern, and without figuring out, you can never understand what exactly your app lacks in…

Don’t Skip Scalability

I know since your app is already live, then thinking that it would only spark the excitement more, with the app updates, you likely to give a miss to the scalability and this leads to many bugs and errors to appear on your app portal. Pick the right strategies, which do not skip the app to get checked thoroughly on the scalability scale.

Not Paying Heed To Users’ Opinion

Your users guide you best towards the right selection of the app updates; hence you don’t need to carry out the app update without listening to the users’ voice. If something somewhere is not liked by your app users then you should not turn deaf ears to it, rather find out the best ways to remove that hassle.

Excessive Innovation In Design

The app design is often taken too much seriously by the top mobile app design company in UK and they decide to give additional innovation to the design factor, which crosses the boundary and bounce back from the users’ head.

Don’t let this happen to your app design; keep it simple, innovative and relatable. From any angle don’t take this journey to any other length leading to create the comprehension chaos amongst the users.

An app update without these strategies could only bring a disaster for your app, hence to avoid it completely, take the help from the leading application development company in UK like Fifium, to make app update into a wonderful aspect for your business expansion.

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An App Development Company Increases Your Business Reach with Twitter

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The algorithm of the social media has the worth of turning thousands of heads towards your mobile app, the only aspect you require is to SHOUT AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

Marketers simply feel that just by writing a GREAT APP, an app would get noticed by the users, but what they fail to comprehend that users do not relate to the statements but they believe when there is a proof or at least social-proof for it.

A social proof???

It is the evidence which users collect from the social media channel, considering it to be an authenticated place to hear a word about your mobile app development.

Amongst the various social media channels, something I am going to talk about today is Twitter.

Twitter is famous for receiving its share of popularity through the numerous Tweets from the distinct personalities from the globe, and more than anything, the Tweets, and the Hashtag trends have transformed the simpler sentences into the trending fashion.

This same social platform can bring the enormous and oozing popularity for your mobile app even, only you have to take care of a few aspects, which I am going to mentioned below…please take a look…

  • Utilize Twitter as a platform to communicate directly with your targeted or potential user base.
  • Inform them about app’s achievements, and seek their suggestions to know what else they need from the app.
  • For any new update, keep the users informed.
  • Try different images, banners or the exciting content to create a stir about your app.
  • Be a smart host, and attend your audience with a right set of emotions.
  • Learn when you have to tickle the funny bone and when you have to turn formal.
  • Use competitions or polls to engage users and on the completion thanks the users for their support.

This is the strategy which is followed by the marketers from the leading application development company in UK Fifium, apart from others.

If you too want to get the benefit out of it, then please get in touch with Fifium team today.

Why You Must Have Progressive Web Apps???

Why You Must Have Progressive Web Apps???

Every passing moment is carving a niche for the next app technology to capture it beautifully and help it to be surrounded by the strong note of likes and appreciation from the users coming all the way from the targeted turf.

In this wake, if stats have to be believed then

197 billion mobile apps have been downloaded till the end of 2017

Surprising and fascinating at the same time

And this number reaches to more with the mid-of 2018 with the introduction of new technologies, which are gaining the recognition from the users in abundance.

To carry this legacy further, today we are going to talk about the progressive web apps or the PWA, as called fondly in the tech-world

I know, every platform holds its own worth, but apparently, PWAs have opened a new door of opportunities for the businesses, which consequently has led them to pick this app genre more frequently than ever before.

But what actually these apps hold in their pocket for the users, which entice them to fall for them???

Hmm, do you think that is a technical mystery???

Well, not anymore, since a leading mobile app development agency in UK is all here to help you comprehend the worth of PWAs effortlessly.

Hence pack your tech goggles, and let’s get on a ride with us, to unleash the magical beans of progressive web apps…

What Exactly Progressive Web Apps Are???

Calling the progressive web apps the impeccable fusion of the web and the best of native applications is not at all wrong. With these apps, users do not require any installation and these apps proved the fastest performance which helps in generating the best possible app conversation rate.

  • Allows The Full-Fledged Native App Experience

Do I need to tell the worth of native apps???

Well, native apps are the pool of benefits for the app users and offer the huge list of befits such as:

  • Maximum design options
  • Optimization of hardware and operating system
  • Impeccable App Performance
  • More control over the device’s size, resolution and orientation and much more.

This same number of benefits can be easily accessed by the PWAs as well, without being puzzled about the non-supportive devices.

  • Low Data Consumption

The data hogging ability of different app platforms is nothing new to be discussed here, and being a mobile app developer you can fathom this much better than anyone else.

Unfortunately, the data consumption has always been a concern to be noticed and work-upon from many developers, while proceeding with the app development journey.

You would be surprised to know that PWAs prefer to hog the least data compared to other traditional app development platforms.

This indeed is a blessing for the areas, where the data excess is limited or is expensive even.

In fact, PWAs don’t require any significant storage on the device either. This frees up space for the user and contributes to better performance on their smartphones.

  • It Does Not Need Updates

What did you just mention???

Yes, you heard me correct, unlike the other apps, progressive web apps, are not favoring the app updates, which picks a larger chunk from your data.

These apps only take the updates, when there is an ‘on-use’ of a mobile app, and restricts the update process in the background or before the launch of the app even.

  • It Is Least Expensive

Believe me, this is the most impressive part of the progressive web applications; it gets developed at a much lower cost compared to other apps.

If you are a budding startup than availing the mobile apps for the Android and iOS is a hefty amount journey, but the PWAs can be developed at a lesser cost with no compromise in the functionalities.

  • These Apps Love SEO

The ASO or the SEO dosage is given to your mobile app, help it to take a premium organic ranking tour, and this very approach is complimented further with the PWA.


Let me brief…

These apps load faster and the app performance gives a boost in the app ranking.

These applications can be easily indexed while offering a seamless user experience.

  • Access Apps Offline

Worried about the low data bandwidth or no connection while accessing the mobile app???

This issue is well-sorted and addressed by the progressive web apps, where users can access these apps on the offline mode as well.

So no more worries of accessing the required information in the event of lost or no connection, because you can always access them with this new app technology.

These are the some of the benefits oozing out from this new and engaging technology, but there is much more to be explored with this technology

The future stack of the PWAs is not just bright but illuminating with the number of opportunities and considering this worth every denoted brand and the series are embracing this technology at the higher speed.

Forbes enhanced 10% visit rate, whereas Alibaba improved the conversion rate by 76% 

This stat is just coming from the popular business portals, but there are much more to be experienced with PWAs and number of industries would reap the benefits from these mobile apps.

If you have not got a PWA for your business yet, then I am sorry to say, but you are missing largely on the business revenue generation.

Then what to do???

It is simple, get in touch with Fifium- an app development company to address your app requirements from the team of experienced app developers, designers, and the marketers, who would not leave a stone unturned to make it worthy and unique for your business needs through the app solution.

Don’t waste any further moment and ask a quote from the Fifium team today and help your business to scale the new heights of success and users’ admiration in no time with the right and the most scalable mobile app solution designed and developed only for your business needs.

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Benefits of Opting for an On-Demand Laundry Application

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The comfort and the pleasure of get-together, party, recent trip or daily official life turns into a nagging experience, the moment you take a sneak-peak at your laundry bag, and find a pile of clothes staring at yo.

Because, some of the clothes require special attention since they are delicate, and some other need the separate-wash because there is a doubt of mixing colors….

UFFF…this much to handle by one person, after the log of tedious working hours at work or personal space, is actually too much to ask for, but since laundry has to be done on a regular basis, thus such examples can never melt the responsibilities further, and must be carried out at the first very attempt.

I know even if you had a brood of guests last week or you travelled out of your place, reason can be any, but the pile of clothes remains same in the bucket, and it turns out to be a pothole filled with frustration, which only irks you further after looking at that added work-responsibility on regular basis apart from your demanding life schedule.

We all claim that technology has made our lives better and perfect than before and whether we want to pick a cab, food, or even the attires, there are on-demand mobile apps available which reduce the risk of getting harmed by the daily needs.

I know there are services for the dry cleaning and laundry, wherein you need to go and drop the clothes to attain the services, but that does not serve the purpose.

Since traveling itself would consume the same level of time, which could be spent in the laundry at home.

But is there a technology which could answer the laundry woes as well, AT USERS’ CONVENIENCE???

Yes, there is…

And that On-demand laundry app J

REALLY, are there on-demand laundry apps available in the market???

Yes, these apps are much available in the market, but sadly not in many numbers, since the European market is still tackling the invasion in app market with laundry services.

But if you have the laundry business then you must not stop at getting the on-demand laundry mobile app for your business needs.

Still confused???

Well, let’s take the voyage together to unfold the reasons needed to get an on-demand laundry app for your laundry business…let’s read further…

  • It Saves Your TIME

I think the time is the most valuable benefits to be discussed herewith. We all deal with the jam-packed schedule of daily life activities, and the competition wagon is continually growing and getting stronger with time, in such condition we are expected to invest 25 hours out of 24 hours (a serious pun intended) to bring out something unique and better for your job-role or business.

In such chaotic situation, where we all have turned into the desk-eaters, do you really think it is a feasible option to do laundry every day???

Of course not, even expecting to drop and pick the laundry from the offline shop is a time-consuming matter.

Thus an on-demand laundry app comes here as a savior and helps you get your laundry done by making few taps on your Smartphone.

Isn't it magnificent enough to get your laundry picked and dropped by a leading laundry service provider, and you don’t even need to take the pain of doing laundry.

  • It Is Convenient

As I mentioned above, an app interface requires a mere intervention of Human touch, wherein by tapping several buttons on a Smartphone, you turn the unpleasant daily chore of laundry into a quality-time to be cherished further with your loved ones.

Let your favorite shirt get replaced with a blissful dinner outing with your friends.

The convenience is at its best in the on-demand laundry mobile app, where the full app cycle allows the app-users to book and pay for their clothes you forgot to do your laundry for next week.

The on-demand laundry app comes with the numerous benefits oozing out of its portal to benefit the users further.

  • Scale Your Startup Venture

There are many laundry startups which have the potential to bloom further, but the monetary constraints curb this growth.

With an on-demand laundry app, you easily win over this issue and can give wings to your existing business to reach a wider audience, while boosting the revenue growth.

The on-demand Laundry App is indeed an excellent way to widen your audience reach, where at low investment you can increase your revenue, since with a conventional laundry business, you require number of staff to kick-start the business, which can be reduced to limited and the required number of staff only.

How To Make An On-Demand Laundry App

The development of the on-demand laundry apps needs two app portals; a customer app and the laundry app. The features and the functionalities of these apps would differ from each other but in combination, these app functionalities offer a seamless user experience.

Customer Portal

  • Sign-up screen; to feed the details like- full name, address, and phone number
  • Types of laundry services ( which can vary depending on your forte)
  • Schedule pickup and drop
  • Cost calculator
  • Payment window
  • Order tracking
  • Push notifications
  • View order history
  • Feedback section

Vendor Portal

  • For ‘ Ongoing’ and ‘Completed’ orders
  • Add different promo offers; offer validity, discount type and value and offer’s description
  • offered services list
  • set the price for each service
  • Map and calendar views

In the vendor portal, further features can be added as per the need of the hour and by adding the subsequent features you get the added advantage of gaining the users’ attention at a larger landscape.

I do truly hope that the mentioned points would have eradicated that iota of doubt as well from your mind and now you must be wondering for the mobile app development platform to get kick-started.

But you are not able to find that one of the best app development companies to handle your app requirements, and it is worrying you further…


You don’t need to take this stress further since I am here to recommend a name which is behind the success of many brands and the startups across the globe and that name is none other than Fifium.

Yes, you heard it absolutely correct, Fifium holds the brood of best mobile app developers, app designers, and the app marketers, who invest every second of their time, to craft something innovative and unique for your business.

Thus don’t wait any longer, and get in touch with the Fifium team today to help your app vision to get accomplished with an élan.

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Comply GDPR with App Development

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Ever heard of GDPR???

Maybe a new technology???

Maybe something none of my use???

Hey Hold….then and there…

This is not what GDPR is all about

GDPR is a new term which would be holding the security measures for the development process in a much-straightened way…


I never thought GDPR would be like this….

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be simply put as a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Personal information is very crucial and a big safety concern for all of us isn’t it?

Thus, to safeguard the individual's data, the General Data Protection Regulation was formulated in the European Union.

Moreover, it regulates the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA region. Basically, GDPR aims to give control to the citizens and the residents over their personal information and to make the regulatory processes for international business simplified by unifying the regulation within the EU.

Also, most of the app developers nowadays keep this in mind and accordingly design an app. Hence, while hiring an app developer make sure that they comply with the GDPR.

Apart from the customers, the GDPR is also important for the businesses such as yours.

The major reasons why GDPR is important for your business are:

Every Business owner regardless of the type of business deals with personal data of millions of people every day. With the general data protection regulation (GDPR), the users have the right to demand & then get a copy of all of their data within one month, free of charge, and the reasons as to why the business was collecting and storing the data (the legal basis/justification), a brief description of the data and the details of the time period for which the information was stored.

Thus, obviously for the company, this is a time and financial cost in dealing with the data access demands and this gets even more intricate when a data protection dispute arises. Also, there are certain general data protection regulation (GDPR) requirements on the businesses to release, correct & destroy the data stored and all of which comes at a time and financial cost. Data breach is a potential reputation-damaging factor. Aswell-established business, the last thing you would want is a bad reputation that comes due to a data breach. Thus, protecting and managing the data is an essential thing for your company.

Also, with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes the increased risk of expensive litigation to the business. Now, the individuals who suffer due to the data privacy breach by a company have several rights to sue the company for non-material damage in addition to the material damage.

Hence, after knowing this, you must have understood that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) cannot be ignored. Compliance is not an option. It would be helpful to remember that your customer’s personal data does not belong to you and should be given utmost care and protection.

Now let’s look at the various factors while considering the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Many of these might already be in right places and would need just a little improvement to strengthen them further. Make sure you consider all these factors and have a clear answer to all the questions:

Now look at the various factors:

  • Internal engagement

    Should make a survey whether all the employees in your company are aware of the GDPR and are dedicated to making the appropriate changes to ensure a trouble-free compliance.
  • Personal data

    What kind of personal information do you collect and store as a business? Where do you get this information from? How is this data being shared internally and with the third parties? Make a detailed plot about the source of this information and the way you ask for permission to use that data.
  • Recording of data-

    The way you record the data and how do you update it when required? Do you have the ability to erase data of all the records completely if asked to? Make sure you clear out all the old data which is of no use anymore as it would make management of new data simple.
  • Data security/breaches

    You should evaluate how secure is the personal information which you have collected and stored within your business. Who can access this data? Also, how fast can you identify any data breach and report it? You should assess and identify all the potential risk elements in your data processes and security. There lies a big reputational risk to your business in the case of a data breach.
  • Consent

    It is the most essential factor while considering GDPR as it is the consent because of which only you as a business can collect and store the user's personal information. Thus, while asking for the consent you should give them a clear idea about how you intend to use their information. Also, you cannot infer consent through inactivity or pre-ticked boxes and should make it very easy for your users to withdraw their consent at any point of time.
  • Individuals rights

    Does your company provide all the rights the individual have? How will you erase or provide data in a simple manner?These are the rights of users to demand their data or deny the further procurement of info of the app and the legal right in the situation like the data loss or breach. Thus, in times like this how well you process the user individual rights which may even include erasing data of them completely.
  • Access requests

    The customers have the right to access their information stored by you and you cannot charge them for this service. But you can deny this request if it is excessive by informing the user within one month and all this must be documented and processed.

Thus, remembering and complying with these factors will help your business in the long run and also make sure to notify this to the app developer to avoid any future issues. Hence contact FIFIUM, the best app developer in Denmark to provide you with the best app development service in accordance with the GDPR.

You can contact Fifium at:

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Explore the Keynote Summary from Google I/O 2018

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I love utilizing Google just like you all for many reasons. Google has become an integral part of our lives and talking about me specifically then, it has helped me sailing seamlessly in the tumultuous situations and has been my savior and made me a winner in many circumstances which could land me into hot water. 

On the other hand at the technology front too, Google has set a new benchmark for the technological advancements to be procured by the developers and the user both for the further comfort and the convenience.

This legacy has been carried forward with the Google I/O and this year 2018, has witnessed some of the most exclusive technology announcements.

You would be surprised to know that the Google has discussed a series of mesmerizing tech announcements at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

If you missed capturing the Google I/O 2018, Fifium has brought the latest announcements for you through this post, please read ahead…

Key features of Google I/O

Indeed there had been a glut of tech information from Google I/O 2018, but all announcements surrounded around the Android, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, artificial intelligence, and much more.

To start with I would like to talk about the center of the Google I/O conference that was none other than Google Assistant…

Google Assistant- A smart assistant now

Giving an introduction to Google Assistant is a futile decision to be made, but the reason am discussing Google Assistant herewith in this blog post as the very first announcement from I/O, is because it has gone smarter and now sounds more like a HUMAN.

Yes, you heard it right…With the changes happened to Google Assistant, now you can make phone call appointments, reservations and it can also handle the Q&A with the Google Duplex.

Do you know what is Google Duplex???

Well, Google Duplex will help you make real-time calls, with more human-like voice and is hard to be recognized, since it has got the human’s verbal expressions "Mm-hmm" and "uhhh".

 Isn't it exciting to know????

Yes it is but don’t stop her, there is much more to help you out. So just continue reading…. J

Google Compass in Google maps

Google has improved the compass in Google maps, and help the users to access the direction, by simply pointing the phone at the street and a Street View AR to let the pop up appear to help the user to access the direction.

Gmail Helps You Compose Efficiently Now

We are accustomed to Gmail in a much better way and it has been a source of our business and personal communication for a longer time.

Google has decided to make Gmail more efficient by integrating the smart compose feature which would let the users create and finish sentences in emails. This smart compose is integrated with the Machine Learning to help you predict the words and save your time.

Robust Android Development

Although Android P has already made its waves in the technology market, but with the Google I/O it has created the further stir in the market, with the dashboard, Kotlin enhancement, adaptive battery, enhanced security features, slice-cuts, notification and much more.

Google News Is Upgraded

Now Google news has got a new design and the set of new features, which will make the accessing feature filled with much convenience and comfort for the users than ever before.

Google SHUSH

The users can now access the do not disturb mode with Shush, where the user requires to turn the phone on its screen face to keep it silence, except for emergency calls and the starred contacts.

Access Google Lens

As of now the Google lens only work on the Android devices via Google photos only, but now it can easily be availed on an Android phone with a default camera and if reports to be believed then Google Lens is supposed to work on all, once Google will launch a special software t make it happen.

Improved Google Photos

I/O has brought a relevant change in the Google Photos as well, and now user can add the more realistic-looking color in B&W pictures, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Further, the advancements will let the Smart Actions tool to determine the person in the image and share it further with the concerned person.

A New Way For Volume Slider & Screen Rotation

Google has transformed the user experience with a new button to adjust the volume on the Smartphone, which would allow the users to control the volume with a button available on the right side of the screen and a bell icon can turn the ringer on and off. Also, the screen orientation can be optimized manually with a small pop-up icon, letting the users rotate the screen.

Although this is not the exhaustive list of the announcements made at the Google I/O, but some of the most relevant ones, which would transform the face of technology and the way users access this information.

At Fifium, we really look forward to these marvelous changes and really hope that these technological advancements would change the fate of development of apps in many ways and the access of technology through the means of apps would be more convenient.

I would like to bid adieu to you all and keep watching this space for more tech-infused information only with your trusted app development partner Fifium.

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