How to Predict the Return on Investment on Your App???

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Some Apps Earn MILLIONS and Some Don't Even Come Close To Thousands

I know this statement is sufficient to bring that feeling in you, which is hard to be described with words.

It brings the all the gloomy feelings from the world, which only hints largely at the despair and unsuccessful attempt at app platform, which carved out nothing but peanuts for your business.

The app platform is not just a combination of codes, design and other marketing tactics for the app owner, rather it is also a translation of the expectations and the business revenue goals, which get destroyed if there is no right output hailing from the mobile app platform.

Albeit, every possible measure is taken to ensure that the app yields the best monetary benefits, but eventually, it all comes down to ZERO when in reality the app fails to.

There you realize that something is wrong somewhere…but do you know with the right analysis mode, you can nail it thoroughly and make the prediction for the monetary benefits from your app platfrom???

Really, is it possible???

Yes, it is possible, there is a series of factors which can be noted to predict the right ROI to be made on your app and if you are getting confused then why not to take a look at this post to help you understand the basic concept behind it???

Let’s begin the journey of prediction, here we go…

Prediction Factor #1

Quality Speaks For Itself

 Do you know as a mobile app developer something which really matters to you is the quality of the app product and if you fail to maintain it then rejection is the final destination for your app?

An app which performs well, looks well and has a trail of effective features in its kitty, is nothing but a quality-laden product.

Such apps are the first of their types, which help the owners to understand that how this app would mint money after the official launch.

If the app monetization is your aim to achieve then don’t forget to centralize your focus from the inception of the app product towards the app quality only, which would finally lead to a successful app which would be the source of money-making for its specified services.

Prediction Factor #2

The Chosen Platform

I know that you know your business better than anybody else, but there is no harm, in studying further about your users’ behavior.

The popular app platforms are; Android, iOS, and Windows, and no prize for guessing but here Android and iOS app development win the race.

But do you know the selection of the app platform on the basis of demography is the key to success???

Yes, you heard me all correct.

If your targeted audience is all the way from the USA or UK then getting an app developed for the iOS is not at all the bad idea, but if your audience reach is to south-east Asia or Middle –Eastern countries, then getting an app on the Android as well, would bring the money for your app.

Prediction Factor #3

The Type of Apps Developed?

It is not a hidden fact anymore, that certain types of apps garner more revenue than others, for instance, gaming apps always get the attention of the users.

But this does not limit your opportunities to earn impressive revenue from other app types too.

The only thing you need to follow is becoming the expert in your users’ expectations.

Just make sure that your mobile app lets the users take a look at the core value of the app and bring them to your loyal customers’ list, which consequently turns the benefits from the app to bring more revenue.

Also, your app must be able to make the users believe the tremendous benefits they would attain from its portal and this can largely be possible with the fermium version, through which users can comprehend the worth of the app with free version, and then they would care to spend a dollar or pound on the app.

 Prediction Factor #4

App Pricing Method

 The worst and the trickiest part of the app launch is when you are being asked by your app developers to price the app.

Don't think it is an easy step, but it opens a door of challenges for the app owners when they have to make the final call and decide the app cost.

The cost which you put for your app actually is the key to success.

In this method, I would like to bring the twist of fate, by adding that use the experimentation method.

Launch your app at the introductory price lets $0.99 or something very reduced cost with a limited period offer.

Alternatively, you can also, launch your app with the freemium model, wherein you would make the basic features free of cost, but the premium version at some cost decided by you.

This will help you track the number of app downloads and the revenue chart which will explain the progress.

On the other hand, offering the app for free and earning the income by showing ads, but this approach eventually needs the careful instructions because at times the ads seem so much forceful, that they become the reason for the app abandonment.

Prediction Factor #5

Selection of Right App Development Company

Yes the role of right top application development company in UK cannot be overlooked. Now you must be wondering WHY???

Then let me explain it to you…

An efficient top mobile application development agency in UK has all the required expertise and the technical exposure in the world to help your mobile app concept, to transform into a sizzling vision, because such companies know, when and where the alteration has to be carried further to make the app concept fit into the requirement basket.

But the major question arises that where to find such company???

Well, such a capable company is very much existing as Fifium, which has a larger brood of technical experts to give a voice to your app development needs.

Get in touch with Fifium and help your app concept to become monetary nuzzle for your business.

How to Stop the Loathe Oozing From Login Experience

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When was the last time, when you did enter your every required login detail to access the app???

I am sure it never happened, and even if it happened once by mistake, but then it never happened again.

The reason is simple there is a pool of mobile apps in the app market which only leave the users with ample of choices to pick another if one app really tries your patience during the login process.

We all loathe from the core of our hearts when we are asked to enter a saga of our life just to access an app, since it not just irks us but goes opposite of the basic platform of the app, it is based on and that is CONVENIENCE.

And I don’t have to mention, but this inconvenience largely lands the app into rejection basket in the fraction of minutes from the moment it is downloaded.

Is your app also facing the rejection bullet due to BAD login experience???

If yes, then I recommend you to read ahead this post today to understand the ways to transform your app into an appealing piece.

Keep The Least Possible Number Of Steps

Yes, the excessive number of login details really irks your users and believe me even if it is from the security perspective, but it does not really matter to them and instead of feeling happy about it, it only sparks the anger in their mind.

Do not ask for too many personal details; age, marital status or even the address. As long as your app does not have the genre which demands these details, avoid asking.

Link It With Social Media

Allow the users to log in through the social media as well, so it would bring out the accessibility of the app with the convenient mode of social media channels.

Auto Save Option

Once the user has uploaded the details like name and only the other relevant information, then your app must have the auto-save or auto-fill option, which would help the users to save their time of filling the details again and again.

With these small but beneficial tips you can save your app to face the wrath of users’ frustration, but make sure your mobile app design  in UK and developed by a leading top mobile app development company in UK, just like Fifium, so it can cross the level of excellence and reach the pinnacle in no time.

You can contact Fifium at:

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How to Give A Dose of Creativity to Your E commerce App???

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The mere mention of the online shopping somehow clicks a button somewhere in our mind, which directly hints at the engaging and exciting shopping experience.

We all have been to the situation, where we access an e-commerce app, thinking the best output to receive, but in a fraction of a minute, the app encourages the lethargy within us, and instead of going ahead, we simply quit the show in search of something better.

70 % apps get uninstalled due to the poor users' engagement

This stats is not surreal but is based on the real-time information and it clearly signifies the relevance of user interaction with the app, which must not be woven loosely, else the app receives the rejection in abundance.

I know this very aspect is known and practiced largely by the leading app development companies in UK, yet a large number of eCommerce mobile apps portals, receive the flak of strong users’ hatred, which dumps down the dream of a successful business venture somewhere deep down.

It is painful, but curable as well 

No one wants to get the app venture to flunk in the app market, but the clustered ambiance of the pre-existing mobile apps in the app market, make the situation turn claustrophobic for your app to survive, without the special measures to help it sail through.

In this post, I have tried my level best to pick some of the features and the aspects, which can help you boost the user engagement to a new level.

Before I will proceed to flaunt my experience given through the tips, I would like to bring your attention towards the most overlooked factor by the app developers, and that is studying your competitors.

Your app competitors are your BEST teachers, and they help you understand not just what to be done, but also what MUST NOT be done.

Do not underestimate the power of competition analyze, since it opens a new door of opportunities, which can help you cover the befitting aspects for a successful app venture.

Look closely, what are they doing? How are they trying to engage their users?  Which products are gaining more attention?What is deviating the users from the final purchase? What irks the users?

Once you have got the answers for these questions, I would like to say that invest your intellect herewith and let your users get a filtered version free from any glitch which could hamper their seamless journey of user experience.

Now it is the right time to disclose the number of tips to you

  • Place The Original Featured Photos

An e-commerce app is a platform, through which users shut their eyes and take a walk-through with your app because they trust and rely on you.

Users very well comprehend, if there is a mention of a product on the app portal, then they shall receive the product in the same quality.

Hence, don’t fiddle with the users’ expectations and just to post a presentable outlook of the product, don’t fall for the Photoshop brushes.

Upload the exact image with the right size specifications as your original product is. If you are using the products from the third-party vendor, then run a QC audit, and make sure the images match the quality of the product.

This strategy will help your users to stay loyal to you, due to the trust bride you have built with product features.

Note- if there is anything which must be mentioned to your users, don’t hesitate to do so, it might not get the expected crowd for a said product, but it will lay the foundation of trust with your users.

  • Post Real Reviews

With the e-commerce platform, the most expected situation is, when the users are attracted towards any product, but they turn little uncertain of the purchase, and this tricky situation leads to abandoning the purchase at the moment.

What to do???

Yes, this is the situation which needs to be addressed with the right set of strategy, wherein except posting the right specification and the images, you can force your users gently to make the final BUY, through posting the reviews.

The reviews are the underrated aspect by most of the eCommerce app owners since they think that a very less number of users are interested to read and buy.

But here you are WRONG 

The role of reviews in the users’ purchasing decision is unconquerable, and no other feature can beat its relevance.

You would be surprised to know that your users purchasing decisions are highly dominated by the reviews they read…

Hence, you must engage the users further with your e-commerce app portal with the publishing of right and the effective but not the fake reviews.

  • Announce The New-Arrival

Your eCommerce app portal is the replica of the brick and mortar stores, through which the users can take a glance over the women’s/ child/ men’s or any other category your business offers.

But you need to create the deep engagement level with your users, by flaunting the number of new-arrival products.

Create a special space in your app, which would let the users explore the offers/ discounts/ new arrivals / clearance sale, which would help to garner the users’ attention with the right set of strategies.

The level of potential from the e-commerce app is HUGE and MASSIVE; the only thing you need to learn is channelizing those into your business’s favor.

I do really hope these mentioned tips would help you pick an engaging environment for your mobile app, but here you must not forget, getting your app designed and developed by a mobile application development company, which has the proven success record of developing the most successful mobile apps in the world.

Is it too hard for you to search such company???

Ok, I got your problem; to remove the clouds of frustration for selecting the right app development partner, I would like to recommend a proven app company and that is Fifium, if you are wondering that why I have mentioned Fifium over here, then I would suggest you get in touch with their team and then you would get every possible answer behind my recommendation. On the other hand, you can visit them at and understand how this company can benefit your app concept further.

The Important Features for Developing Health and Fitness app

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In today’s generation everyone wants to remain healthy and fit and in order to do so they make resolution and make pledge to maintain a healthy diet and to do workout regularly to cut overweight. But most of the people don’t find proper time to visit gym due to their busy schedule. Even these problems have been solved by the mobile industry as they make your phone a gym center. They have developed various apps which take care of your diet, calories burn, steps walked today so you keep motivated and keep doing exercises regularlyand the app will maintain your record in the app. Thus, to make an app you should keep the following things in mind.

There are 4 types of health and fitness apps:

  • Activity training app: These apps basically help in tracking our physical moments and record them, so afterward users can set their goals and remain healthy. These apps make records of your calories burned in a day, steps taken while cycling, walking, jogging. These all things are recorded due to the help of sensors build in your smartphones they provide accurate data about your physical movements.
  • Apps for exercise and workout: These apps are basically made to play the role of your gym trainer. These apps are very useful for those who don’t have time to go to gym due to busy schedule. They help you by giving all information about different exercises for different purpose and you can select one or more which suits you, it also changes your exercise on daily basis or after some time so that your muscles get more flexible.One can also customize their exercise routine in order to cut the overweight and remain healthy.
  • Diet and nutrition app: These apps play a role of dietician in your life. Taking proper diet regularly is as important as doing exercise regularly so that it gives us energy to do the exercise. Most of the people complain about their improper diet. So, these apps will perform all such activities for you and will help you in following a strict diet plan.
  • Yoga and meditation app: These apps help in demonstrating different types of asana and pranayama, which we can copy and do so in order make yourself healthier. Beside of demonstrating they also contain the benefit of that asana and pranayama.


Now let’s discuss some feature that must be used to make an app of health and fitness:

  • Registration process: User needs to create an account by giving his name, sex, email id, phone number so that the health records can be sent to their mail or phone regularly and keep the users motivated towards their workout and diet.
  • Building a user profile: This requires the users to enter their personal data like weight, height, age, body type, allergic to something or not.
  • Connecting app with wearable devices: Developer should make an app which can be connected to other devices also, so the user can keep a record of daily workout easily and efficiently.
  • Keeping a track record of workout and diet: Developer should make an app which can keep the record of the calories burnt in a day, steps walked, how much weight reduced and how much height is increased. Not only this, the user can also modify their schedule according to their convenience and needs.
  • Facility of Geo location: Geo location is the most useful feature of the smartphone as it keeps track on your direction and in the similar way it keeps track during your exercise. It monitors the routes and direction you are following during jogging, walking.
  • Push notification option: There should be reminder or notification feature in the app so you never miss your workout and training session. It also not let you skip your daily diet but also makes you aware of the new features updated in-app.


Now discuss features that are pivotal for admin panel

  • Creating Dashboard: Dashboard contains the data of all users and admin can also check that data for the welfare of users.
  • Loyalty programs and rewards: You should give rewards to the users who are loyal to their daily routine diet and workout schedule. It also helps in marketing.
  • Records of the payments: Admin records the payments made by users towards the gym trainers for doing live sessions.

So these health and fitness apps are very useful for those who can’t go to the gym. So, you have to be very careful during developing an app and adding features to it and this is also a very daunting and tedious task for the programmer to make such an app so that all the features are effective when users use the app and it should be attractive so, customers don’t get bored from it.

To get an app developed on health and fitness you can reach to FIFIUM, the best app development company in Denmark.

You can contact Fifium at:

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Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with ENTRi, Europe’s new training initiative for civilian crisis management, started by the European Union, and 12 partners.

The goal of the cooperation was to further develop ENTRi’s In Control E-learning Web App, that has the purpose of guiding, preparing and training civil experts in crisis management globally. The Web App has gotten a new look and an optimized user experience, that delivers a more intuitive and playful experience for the user. We’ve made the E-learning system an integrated part of the new website, which we also have given a full makeover, with the purpose of a more modern and responsive look.

We’ve really enjoyed the cooperation, and are proud that ENTRi picked us to take their digital identity to the standards where they deserve to be. We’re thankful to get the opportunity to support a European project, that contribute with stability and peace in the world. We’re looking forward to future cooperation.

You can explore the website by pressing the button below.

KURSER.DK – Denmark’s online portal for courses is a platform where the users can create and find courses. This is both for private and companys, who’s looking for courses to develop themselves or their employees.

The platform is built, so it’s easy to create, but also to find courses you’re interested in. Furthermore, there’s an advanced algorithm behind how the courses are shown, and also an upgraded admin panel where the client can run the platform from. It has been a longer process, since there’s a lot of stuff that has to work together, both the stuff you see when you’re visiting the site, but also the coding behind it.

After a lot of development and testing, we can finally proudly present a functional, user-friendly, and last but not least, beautiful website.

You can explore the website by tapping the button below.

Eventbooth – An evening to remember

Eventbooth supplies photo booths for weddings, parties, birthdays and many other events; A fresh input for an eventful evening, where guests' memories are made to last forever.

We have developed their website where you can book photo booths for any occasion. We have been focusing on designing a stylish website, where the booking system makes it easy to book a photo booth in just a moment.

We have enjoyed the cooperation with Kristian and the rest of the Eventbooth team, which truly supplies a unique and brilliant product for all ages. If you’re looking for a fun and ice-breaking element for your big night, we would recommend to book a photo booth at at any time.

You can explore the website by tapping the button below.

Jesper SC – Mastercoach & motivator

We have cooperated with Jesper regarding redesign of his website with the purpose of giving him a better digital presence. Together we have given his website a more modern and professional look, that lives up to his energy and way of coaching.

After redesigning his page, Jesper has been on TV3’s program “Luksusfælden” as a coach, where he has coached people to become stronger, and more independent, through coaching and boxing.

We really enjoyed working with Jesper, and would recommend him as a job-, career- and leadership coach, any time! We’re frequently working with Jesper to keep his websites standards and secure the digital presence he deserves.

You can explore his website by pressing the button below.

CBS – Growthpartner with Copenhagen Business School

We cooperates with CBS regarding app development, lectures and as a mentor for students.

We have, as one of the few start-ups, gotten the unique opportunity to become a growth partner with Copenhagen Business School, one of the most recognized universities in Denmark and in Scandinavia.

We hold lectures, and external education a few times a year.

We help the students who’s interested in becoming independent and shows interest in the entrepreneurial area.

We can with great pleasure recommend CBS students. They’re goal oriented, has a great work ethic and high ambitions.

If you’re interested in joining one of our lectures, then contact us on

Contractor app – Connects contractor with customer

This app has been developed in collaboration with Patrick Lobe, and we’ve been part of the project's journey from the start, a journey that has only just begun.

We have been responsible for the strategic part of planning, wireframes, design and development. The app is now out in the hands of contractors and customers. The app aims for better communication between the contractor and the customer. The platform is developed with a scheduling system, chat function, task management such as assignment approval and rating, as well as profile integration and integration with 3rd party.

We have enjoyed being part of the development from the start of the project and are looking forward to experiencing the app's further course. We highly recommend downloading this app if you are a contractor or customer.

You can download the app by clicking below