5 Methods for Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

4 Dec 2017
app engagement

Your app may see thousands of new installs every day, but the matter to be concerned is how many of these installs convert into active, engaged, and profitable customers. It is easy to assume that user acquisition is the central metric for determining the mobile app success, but without the active users, high download rate means nothing. There has been a recent uptick in users downloading the apps, only to remove the same app shortly, thereafter.

Therefore, getting a high-end mobile app developed for a business is not enough, you need to consider mobile app engagement and user retention, as these are the important metrics that can be measured to know, how successful your application is.

App engagement and user retention are two counterparts, which are equally important for the success of your app. Hence, high app engagement and user retention are a perfect recipe for app’s success, and you can also take help of digital marketing agency, in order to attain success. With this blog, we will help you to identify 5 methods for increasing app engagement and user retention, but before discussing the methods, let us revise once, about app engagement and user retention.

App Engagement

App engagement refers to a set of metrics that track how many users are actually interacting with your app, or it describes how active users are on the app. Therefore, app engagement is the level of interaction between a brand and consumer via a mobile device.

User Retention

User retention is how well a company keeps its paying user over a specified period of time. User retention is an important factor in your product’s success because it tells you, what aspect of your product is your customer engaged with, and what makes them leave your product for another.

The App Engagement And User Retention Problem

Generally, it is challenging to achieve sufficient mobile app engagement and user retention rates. As users have a lot of options, the app developers have to survive this highly competitive market to be the user’s choice. Therefore, we will help you to keep your app users happy and engaged with these 5 methods for increasing app engagement and user retention. So, let us take a look at the following five methods.

• Make The First Experience For The Users Count

All of us know that the first impression always matters, as the first impression is often the last impression. How many of you visit the shop again, which did not appeal to you at the very first time. I m sure that, none of us visit that shop again. This applies to the mobile apps also, if you are not able to grab the attention of the users at the very first sight, then your app would end in ruin and despair. App store is your first contact-point with the user. Design your app in such a way that it highlights the benefits, and convince the users to download and use your app.

• Personalization

Mobile personalization is surely one of the most important aspects of a compelling application. It helps in delivering a more unique and relevant experience to the users, if you will provide more aligned experience to your users’ requirements, they will be more likely to continue to use your application. People are absolutely obsessed with themselves, and catering to this natural narcissism goes a long way to winning folks over. Therefore, all app users demand personalization, they expect their app to be customized according to their location, preferences, and in-app behavior. This makes it certain that personalization is a prime component of mobile app development.

You can do this by discovering who your customers are, segmenting them by their needs and behavior, determining what message you want to send to specific user groups, and much more.

• Push Notifications

Push notification is an effective and constructive method of increasing mobile app engagement and getting users back to the application. The truth is that many mobile apps are seeking to engage their users, but only a few of them achieve success. With push notifications, it’s about providing the most value to your app audience. If your app users are getting more value from your app then they are going to be more engaged. Thus, push notifications serve very specific and important functions, it helps to remind users that they have downloaded your app, it also helps to encourage usage through targeting messages, based on behavioral data and preferences, it also helps to engage users by providing them a compelling reason to return, but only the relevant notifications work.

• App Rewards

If you want to drive engagement and retention, offering app rewards will surely work and your app can go a long way. Mobile-specific rewards, coupons, special promotions, and other offers will help to drive engagement and increase retention rates aggressively. For example, apps that use in-app purchasing as a monetization model will benefit from time-sensitive discounts, whereas freemium apps can incentivize users, by providing usage-based rewards. There are a lot more ways in which you can offer app rewards, and engage your customers.

• Product Iteration

Apps are iterative, whether they are minimum viable products or mature, polished, and fully functional. Regularly updating the app experience with new features and personalized content, can surely help you to keep the users interested and tuned with your app. It is important to monitor analytics, track users’ behavior and listen to feedbacks, to establish what features of the app drive usage and work upon it accordingly. This information is essential to product road-mapping and it also helps to determine what updates are the most compelling and valuable to the users.

These are the best 5 methods for increasing app engagement and user retention, so follow these methods and achieve your business goals, also contact the digital marketing agency for best results. To embrace your business with best app solutions, hire FIFIUM a mobile app development company in Denmark. At FIFIUM, we develop app solutions that people love. We provide app solutions as per the business requirements, as well as we create beautiful experiences for our clients. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime, and our team will assist you in your journey of getting the best app solution for your business.

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