6 Rules Mobile App Developer Keep In Mind during App Development

12 Dec 2017
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For an mobile app developer, developing a mobile app is simple, but developing a successful mobile app, can be challenging. A successful app is the outcome of a lot of hard work, efforts, time, money, and most importantly, a disciplined approach. When we talk about discipline, the very first word that strikes our mind is “RULES”. For every successful task, there are certain rules that we need to follow. Similarly, for a successful mobile app, it is essential for the developers to follow some of the rules.

An app is an experience that you offer to your users, and only a good app experience will result in, loyal customer base for your app. Whereas, a bad experience will degrade your app retention and app engagement rate. Thus, the choice is yours, whether you want to serve a good, or a bad experience to your users. In order to place your mobile app on top of the list of highest downloaded mobile apps, you should follow the rules that, we will discuss further in this blog.

For the mobile app developer, who want to cater a good experience to their app users, here are 6 rules that they must keep in mind during mobile app development. Without wasting much time, let us explore the 6 rules that are often overlooked by a majority of mobile app developer.


Never Copy Paste Your Privacy Policy

Numerous apps are dumped into the app stores, and if you want your app to be one of them, then you can copy the privacy policy. Your app is unique, with distinct ideas and features, then why to copy any one's privacy policy. It is very much essential for an mobile app developer, to sit back and draft the app's privacy policy, based on the amount of information the app collects from the users. Imitating the privacy policy of another app, can hinder your app's success.

Every app serves different functions and collects different information; therefore, the privacy policy should also be different. The data collected from the users, can be used in future app updates, create personalized push notification, help in drafting monetization strategy, and many other things. Whenever you collect any data, you need to mention robust information in the privacy policy of your app. This will ensure your app users that, there is no harm in allowing your app to access their sensitive data, and also will let your users trust and use your app.


Don’t Irritate Your Users Asking For Unnecessary Permissions

You need to accept the fact that your users are very much impatient. Asking again and again for unnecessary permissions irritates your users. Permissions are simultaneously, a developer's best friend and worst enemy. Every app, even the app developed by Mobile App Development Company, requires permission, in order to do basic things, but sometimes these permissions are unnecessary. The increasing number of hackers definitely makes that long list of permissions, irritating the users.

If the users want to install any app, the only option with them will be to hit the accept button again and again, and then get an app access over their device, such things make users unhappy. Thus, it is the duty of an mobile app developer that, the users are not placed in a vulnerable situation, by asking too many accesses into their device needlessly.


Listen To Your Users

Do you take into account what your users say? Do you listen to your users? Do you consider their opinions and suggestions? If you want to be on the top of users’ lists, then you have to listen to them with open ears. You need to provide a platform for the users, on which, they can voice out their opinions and feedback regarding the app. The users’ feedback is extremely important for a successful mobile app. You can provide an email address, app store reviews, social media accounts, and many other things, through which the users will be able to drop a feedback.

Listening to the users’ feedback will help you to plan better, because you are already aware of the issues that bother them, and now you can work accordingly and can solve those issues. This also helps you to craft better app updates, and keep up with the users’ expectations. Thus, instead of guessing the reasons behind the low ratings of your app, it is better to know directly from the users.


Prefer Frequent App Testing

Whenever you offer something to someone, you check the thing at least twice that, whether it is worth giving, or not. Similarly, in case of mobile apps, when you offer your app to the users, you need to test it a lot of time. It is important for an app to undergo various testing iteration. App testing should be both internally and with beta testers, before being published in the app store. Even the Mobile App Development Company, tests the app again and again.

An app is tested to get assurance for various things, such as to confirm that it does not drain the Smartphone’s battery life, it is bug-free, and much more. The developers are required to ensure, the app behavior in an offline manner. A mobile app Developer is required to perform various tests, such as UI performance testing, unit testing, app speed test, etc. They should also use the correct combination of devices, and opt for cloud testing if needed.


Request Your Users

The users want a good, uninterrupted, and seamless app experience, which they hardly find. Thus, if you want to cater the best user experience to your users, never ask to review your app, when they are in the middle of something, have patience, and wait till they complete the particular action. Therefore, if you want the review from the users, track them and find out the best moment, when you can request them to review your app. Understand your users, respect their time, request them for ratings and review, and as a result, you will surely get some positive results.


Keep It Secured

What if your app is not secured? Be ready to face rejection. The developers are completely responsible for the app’s security. App security is one of the most important concerns for the users. Thus, developers should work on this issue, and also the mobile app developer can integrate authentication feature, encryption, and even they should add some feature solving the issue of suspicious login. These features will help your app to be the users’ choice.

Development of a successful mobile app takes a lot more than an amazing app idea. Thus, go through the above-mentioned rules, and follow them, to develop the best app for your audience. You can get the assistance of Mobile App Development Company. Hopefully, this blog will help you to cater a fruitful app.

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