A Mobile App Developer Checklist For Updating An App

1 Dec 2017
Mobile App Developer

With the flying time, the concept of updating software has completely changed. Before, the answer to a post-release software update was, releasing another version of the software into the market, but in today’s tech-savvy world, a mobile app developer can make all the required changes to software simply by creating an updated file.

Mobile apps have also been an active part of this evolution. Earlier, to introduce new features in the mobile apps, the mobile app developer were required to release a completely new software package, making the older one obsolete. But, now it is possible for the mobile app developer to release an update to the app that is already installed on the devices. The users can experience new features and functionalities, by just updating their apps from the app stores.

There are numerous reasons why the apps require an update, but the essential three reasons are:

  • If the developer has found a bug in the app and managed to fix it.
  •  If the mobile app developer wanted to add any new feature to the app.
  • If the new mobile OS version has been introduced

The mobile app developer usually update the apps with bugs, as soon as they identify the bugs. Even frequent updates are introduced, in the 2nd case also, when the developers wish to add new features, to keep pace with the evolving technology. In the 3rd case usually, very fewer apps are updated, as most of the development companies do not have a dedicated team of developers.

Even the mobile OS’s have an annual update cycle. Every year a newer version of OS is released in the market, by the companies, such as the Android Oreo. The new OS version brings in new features and functionalities. Thus, this actually means that the app, which is released recently, will be outdated in a very less time. To meet the market demands, as well as to keep pace with the OS changes, the mobile app  developer are required to update their apps regularly.

If you are thinking of updating your app in the near future, this blog will surely help you to get a complete idea about this topic; we have summarized a checklist with useful tips for updating an app. Without further delay, let’s get started.

• Reviews

Reviews are the most important thing for a developer that helps to update the app, in an effective and efficient way. Checking the reviews that the users have posted on the app stores can help to gain feedback on what the users actually think of the app. These reviews provide valuable insights, into what users like and don’t like about the app. The reviews and the feedbacks are real gold for the developers.

• OS Version

The OS version is another important point that requires the developer’s consideration. The developers are required to keep a check on the current OS version, as well as to keep an eye on what to expect from the next OS update to the mobile ecosystem that you are developing for. Therefore, the OS version for which the existing app was developed, the current version prevailing in the market, as well the upcoming update of the OS, is required to be notified.

• App Description

Once the code for the update is ready, the developers are required to make sure that all the updates are listed in the “update notes” section of the app description. This is the most important part, as the readers read this part before deciding whether it’s worth updating the app or not. This is also a way for the developers to communicate with the users. Thus, the developers can use this opportunity to create sensible yet comical comments that will give the business or app a new feel.

• Explain The Change

If the app involves a considerable change, then you need to explain it well to the users. You can add the screenshots of the new features that will display, more effectively about your app update, and also it will help the developers, to attract the users towards the app.

• Market Your App

The developers are required to plan the marketing strategies related to the update. Launching an app update without marketing, can ultimately result in its failure. Thus, you need to generate excitement about your app update to encourage new, as well as the old potential users, to download and use it.

• Track Feedback After Update

The last thing is that after launching the app update, you need to make sure that you appropriately track the feedback, as well the download and usage number of the app update. Understanding how the app is accepted by the users, is very important, as it will surely help you to plan any further change to the features, for the upcoming updates.

This checklist definitely will be an effective tool for the brands and the app developer. Following these tips will, will help you to create an effective update that will be accepted by the users at large. You can also get FIFIUM’s assistance for your app. At FIFIUM, we provide best app solutions as per the needs and demands of the business, and also we create beautiful experiences for our clients. Feel free to reach us anytime and we will be there to help you and provide guidance, for your new app as well as for your app update.

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