Amazing Ways To Maintain The SEO Ranking After Website Redesign

Website Redesign
Website re-designing is important to spruce up the website. If website design is incapable of bringing value to the customers and looks outdated, then it can hinder the revenue generation. The website redesigning can solve this problem. Businesses need clean and attractive websites to increase customer engagement, and website redesigning can help businesses achieve these goals. However, website redesigning can be a cause of declined website ranking.

Declined SEO ranking and organic search are the biggest nightmare for website owners.  The task of reconstructing a website without distorting the balance of your website presence is strenuous .

There are chances to lose customers, website information and search result ranking, and the occurrence of such event can disrupt your business for long term.

The risk of losing SEO ranking after redesigning is evident, that's why experts have devised some ways to mitigate the potential damage for your business. Here are some points that you must ensure while redesigning your website. These points not just help in retain SEO ranking but also improve the organic traffic of the website.

Keep Track of Everything on Your Website

Before you rush into the website redesigning, keep complete track of data and information available on your website and related to your website. It can spare you from a lot of problems. You must utilize SEO monitoring tools, and monitor key SEO metrics. You must observe keyword ranking, total numbers of backlinks, organic traffic, domain authority, spam score, Alexa global rank, speed, Citation flow/trust flow and more. Moreover, monitor Google Analytics to identify in which area your website is thriving and where it needs help. You can make identified aspects base of your redesigning and do significant adjustments in your website.

Determine and verify Inbound And Outbound Links

Before redesigning your website, you must determine and analyze inbound and outbound links. These links are essential because search engines recognize the multiple and relevant links as a sign that the page content is useful.  You must verify that each link is working properly because pages need to redirect with '301 redirects'. Lose of these inbound links can damage your SEO ranking.

Identify Popular Pages and Make a List of pages that need redirecting

Recognition of popular pages is important for your website, as you can work with the developer to retain the SEO value of the website and redirect these pages properly with 301 redirects. With 301 redirect SEO value of page gets transferred to the redirected page that's why its essential to make a complete list of redirected URLs.  So, before redesigning the website, begin listing the URLs that require to be redirected.

Implement 301 Redirects

Usually, developers try to keep the same URL structure, however, it's not possible every time. Mistakes in this process can cause major damage to website SEO ranking. To eliminate this loss, you must implement 301 redirects to ensure that users land on the correct place.

Create a New Sitemap

Often, people don't create a new sitemap for the website because they believe that 301 redirect is enough for Google indexing. This is wrong practice, you must ensure to update your current sitemap because search engines can easily find your URL with the current sitemap. Monitor metadata, website structure and URL of your new website and compare it with previous one to ensure that URLs are properly indexed and ranked.

Ensure 404 Pages

The 404 page not found message is an important part of the website redesign. You must utilize it because sometimes page links don't work and page gets lost in the shuffle. The 404 page helps users and search engines find the information they are looking for and place within your website. You can put a search engine box on the page to make 404 users and search engine friendly.

Soft 404 Error

If your page is not available and doesn't have a direct replacement, then it is considered as soft 404 error. This error can adversely affect your website's organic search ranking. To eliminate this problem, you can write a code that tells browser and search engine that page doesn't exist. You can also show a custom 404 error and link it to the index page.

The mentioned points can help you retain the SEO ranking of your website. Besides, you must check the bounce rate after uploading the new site to check the response of visitors. If your bounce rate is higher than the bounce rate of the previous website, it means visitors are not liking your website. The well-experienced best web design companies London can help you get an attractive and engaging website design. Web developers at Fifium suggest that website redesign should be clean and user-friendly, so visitors will not face any difficulty to find the content. It also helps in increasing the organic traffic on the website. In addition you must ensure to practice the given points to retain the ranking of your website.