App Development for Online Food Delivery

21 Mar 2018
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Apps have penetrated into various domains of businesses, and Food Restaurants are one of the popular businesses which use Apps for Online Delivery. Development of Food Ordering Apps is the greatest thing to discover for the restaurants, as they have an advantage of getting larger user-base. For example, if you have just 10 to 20 visitors in your restaurant, but there are 100 orders per day. Isn’t it very profitable? Yes indeed! So do you want an app for your restaurant??? Then let’s discuss few things which you should know before developing an app.

Who is Your Targeted Audience?

The users of the food ordering app are mainly students and employee; they usually don’t get time to cook or go to a restaurant and waste their time, so an app is a solution to these problems, now food is just one click away. Another thing to remember is they are lazy and hungry; making an app that is too complex will irritate the user. Food ordering apps should display main buttons and have a modern design with smooth functionalities.

What all Features you can Add to Make it User-friendly?

ATTRACTIVE MENU PAGE: It should contain attractive pictures of dishes with the title and exclusive offers for customers.

Different icons should be displayed for breakfast, lunch, snack-time, and dinner. It should mention different cuisines and the special dishes available. These buttons should be a quick access to the type of dishes which the customers want.

FOOD CUSTOMIZATION: This feature is very important as the customers will have their own preferences, dislikes, and likes. It’s a chance for customers to make their own food with their favorite ingredients.

It’s very useful for those users who are allergic to any particular ingredient and it’s your duty to take care of all these small factors which can make your app more exclusive to the customers.

QUICK ORDER: There should be a quick ordering list for those who are super busy and extremely hungry.

HEALTHY MENU PAGE: Healthy menus should be on a higher priority for the customers who are diet conscious and it should be recommended by good dieticians.

VEGGIE MENU: This section is a quick access for the vegetarian customers

Additional Services 

These additional services will simplify the app to use and become more demandable among the other competitors:

  • Live Order Tracking. Live order keeps customer connected to their suppliers and gives them the ability to monitor their order.
  •  Push notifications, Pop-Ups and Event Calendar: This feature will help the customers to get updated with the latest offers and events.
  • Multiple Payment gateways: In this feature the customers can pay through multiple mediums. Net-banking, COD, Credit card or other payment gateways
  • Feedback: It’s very important for the customer as well as for the business too; Customers’ feedbacks will help you in analyzing, which section you can work upon or what are their expectations. Customers will also feel how efficiently your service team works.
  • Offers for Regular Clients: Give coupons or discounts or special birthday offers for regular clients this will help in gaining loyalty factor from the customers. If you will take care of your regular customers, the app will be on top for a longer period of time.
  • Extra Tip: you can send a quiz after one hour of delivery regarding feedbacks. This will make the customers feel the importance of their feedbacks.

How to Develop A Food Ordering App?

1. Analyze the market requirements for this field; this will help you to move in a defined direction.

2. Choose the platform in which you are going to develop your app – Android or iOS or a Multiplatform. Choose wisely according to the targeted audience.

3. Now measure the potential cost and risks. Development cost will depend upon how different, attractive and user-friendly your functionalities and features are. I will recommend hiring an application agency that can cater the best app solution at affordable price.

4. Simple attractive pictures and titles will attract customers more, so make sure the images are clear and not to be cluttered. The texts or description should be minimal.

5. Testing is very important before submitting it to the app store. So testing and rectifying the bugs or errors should be taken very seriously.

6. Use MVP technique MVP stands for the minimum viable product. This will help you to get the feedback from the initial users and get an idea of what the users expect.

7. Test again and again until you get satisfied with the feedbacks.

8. Read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting it to the stores for approval; Android and iOS have different rules and regulations which you must follow for avoiding any hindrances.

9. Get the approval done and make it live.

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