7 Sep 2017

Once a mobile app concept is finalized, the next big thing comes in your way is the app development process, which certainly has to be chosen with a right mobile app development company, and is significant for the success of your mobile app, but the another fact, which is equally important for your app business health is the app marketing. Many marketers try to wash away this fact with their baseless reasons, such as, that a mobile app is sufficient for its success, but actually it's a grave sin, which needs to be avoided and the app marketing must be integrated from the very initial stage of app development process. On hearing the term app marketing, many bells ring in our mind, thinking it is a very boring and lethargic job, which is the perfect example for the boredom, but eventually app marketing is the most interesting job and can be gained benefits from in a huge deal, but there is a large number of aspects you should consider carefully, so your mobile app marketing can be error-free. Below we have compiled some of the most important mistakes to be avoided in the app marketing, let's unleash the facts further…

  • Marketing Does Not Need Research

It is the most heartbreaking fact I get to hear from the marketers when they chant that I don't need research to perform app marketing since it needs only the understanding but not the research. Hmmm, quite fascinating to hear, but do you know, that without research the understanding cannot be gained, and these both aspects work as hand in glove, missing either of them, means you don't get a proper foothold on that aspect, and you are likely to miss a bigger part in the marketing section. A successful mobile app is the outcome of research and data, with the research you get to know what your users want, and how they prefer to receive the information. It helps you to understand the drawbacks of your existing plan and the ways to overcome that. So by investing in research, you get to know more about your targeted users and how to get an edge over your competitors.

  • Ignoring The Social Media Channels

App marketing can be done in many ways, and the best way to accomplish it through the social media channels. There is a misconception which revolves around the app marketers that only the paid marketing works in the favor of app success, but what they fail to understand that social media channels i.e; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube to name a few, have the huge user base and these channels are accessed on the global platform, so if you are going to promote your mobile app on these portals, undeniably your mobile app would gain the instant success. You can release the app teasers, app screenshots, and app development images, this would create a stir in the market much before the mobile app is released.

  • Ditching Content Marketing

I might sound weird to some of you, but actually, content is the king and will always remain with the app marketing strategy as well. The content you write for your mobile app in the form of blog/article/press-release/ PPT/ Infographic gain the attention of your potential and targeted users, and in no time this written material help your mobile app to taste success. There is no rule that this type of marketing must be initiated after the launch of the mobile app, but you can initiate it with the ongoing process of mobile app development as well, wherein you can write about the app and its functionality through blog and articles, the only thing you need to keep in your mind is that every content must depict that this mobile app is going to be useful for the users, and how it would help them.

  • Discarding The App reviews

The mobile app is just a source through which your users communicate with you and share their concerns and positive remarks about your services. As a marketer if you feel that turning deaf to app reviews would really help you to save in the app development industry, then you are absolutely wrong, since when you give a reply to a negative or a positive comment, you suddenly create a bond with your customers and they feel connected with you and it gives them a personalized effect. Even if your review is negative, you don't need to rush to avoid it, but give the prompt response to your users and solve their issues, this strategy is a deal-breaker technique for app marketing, which helps your users to convert into loyal customers.

Along with the above-mentioned marketing strategies, there is one more and the most important point which is solely responsible for your mobile app's successful future, and that is the section of the right mobile app development company for your business requirements. We understand that amidst the growing chaos of mobile app development companies it is tough task to get a perfect mobile app development company for your app concept, but we have brought down your research to one leading name in the mobile app development field, that is Fifium, which has the every possible element to make your mobile app successful. Fifium is the reason behind the successful business expansion of many established brands and startups across the globe and getting your mobile app specially crafted from the hands of technical experts from Fifium , would be a delightful experience for your business growth. You can learn more about Fifium at http://www.fifium.com/en/ and you can also get in touch with the Fifium team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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