Top Trends in Mobile App Development

26 Sep 2017

The technological landscape is changing at a fast pace. With the thriving growth of technology, the Smartphone users as well as the number of apps have also increased. Every mobile app is developed with the unique features according to the requirements of the business and the users. From the morning till the night, people spend a lot time using their smart phones and the apps. The app stores have witnessed an explosive growth in the number of mobile apps in the past few years. Today, there are various apps existing in the market, since these apps fulfill the day-to-day requirements; therefore, more and more people are getting engrossed in them. The increase in users has also increased the expectations from the apps, in order to satiate the user’s desire for more comfort as well as convenience, the new trends are introduced in the app market.

Although there are many tempting mobile apps dominating in the market, but there is always a scope for more, in order to keep the trends vibe alive. The use of smart phones and mobile apps is surely not going to get reduced in any case. Here we have picked the hottest trends, which are booming to flourish in the near future.

  • Internet of things and Mobile-Connected Smart Objects


Most of the enterprises have started embracing IoT and this will continue in the future. IoT allows the objects to be controlled remotely. The IoT technology made it possible to create the opportunities, for direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems, which improves the efficiency and accuracy. As per the report suggests, billions of users will connect to IoT through different devices such as domestic appliances, toys, LED bulbs, medical equipments and sports equipments etc. As IoT technology continues to evolve, the concept of smart homes, smart cities, connected machines would flourish. The IoT objects communicate through a mobile app on the smart devices and convert them into remote controls, which display, analyze, and handle the objects. The IoT systems can be responsible for performing actions, and not just sensing things. IoT offers advanced connectivity of devices and systems. The IoT trend will definitely go bigger and enormously huge with the passage of time, and will offer a new comfort range to the users.

  • Wearable


Wearable technology has already entered into the market and has become one of the most promising mobile app development trends. Nothing is more relaxing that wearing your favorite device or piece of technology in your hand. Wearable technology is good for the users as well as it give an edge to the sellers and the app developers to show their creativity. The wearable tech market is still relatively young and in flux. In the near future, the world will really begin to embrace wearable technology. The best examples of wearable technology can be smart watches, display devices, on-body healthcare sensors and smart jewelries etc. There are various fields which will enjoy the benefit of wearable technology such as sports, fitness, fashion, hobbies and healthcare and the list goes on. The wearable technology is the next generation technology and it is worthy enough to be utilized by the user of every age. The wearable devices are getting more attention of the people these days.

  • Security features

Security features

Most mobile apps focus on the design and they completely skip over the security factor. The lack in security feature makes it easier for malicious attackers, to access your device and steal private and sensitive data. The security should be a key factor. Hackers will continue with the trend of exploiting known security gaps for stealing confidential information. Both iOS and Android are trying hard to use more granular application permissions model and automatic security updates, to meet the user’s requirements.

  • APM

Not all of us know much about this term. This is a mobile app term known as application performance management. It is basically a collection of mobile metrics, to improve the testing and quality assurance. The APM transforms the user experience completely. APM will help the enterprises to augment their conversion rate, and reduce the bounce rate. It helps to understand that the app features are being used successfully or not. When it comes to mobile app technologies, it is quite difficult to wrap it up in a few words. The skilled software developers cannot possibly rely on outdated tools and trends. It requires a lot of research and expertise, to catch up with the upcoming trends in the mobile app development. Most of the businesses have adopted the mobile apps for their product/service, but there are a lot of businesses still confused. If you are also one of them, then you need to understand the fact that the mobile app is the people’s choice and sooner or later you need to adopt it.

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