Benefits of Opting for an On-Demand Laundry Application

17 Jul 2018
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The comfort and the pleasure of get-together, party, recent trip or daily official life turns into a nagging experience, the moment you take a sneak-peak at your laundry bag, and find a pile of clothes staring at yo.

Because, some of the clothes require special attention since they are delicate, and some other need the separate-wash because there is a doubt of mixing colors….

UFFF…this much to handle by one person, after the log of tedious working hours at work or personal space, is actually too much to ask for, but since laundry has to be done on a regular basis, thus such examples can never melt the responsibilities further, and must be carried out at the first very attempt.

I know even if you had a brood of guests last week or you travelled out of your place, reason can be any, but the pile of clothes remains same in the bucket, and it turns out to be a pothole filled with frustration, which only irks you further after looking at that added work-responsibility on regular basis apart from your demanding life schedule.

We all claim that technology has made our lives better and perfect than before and whether we want to pick a cab, food, or even the attires, there are on-demand mobile apps available which reduce the risk of getting harmed by the daily needs.

I know there are services for the dry cleaning and laundry, wherein you need to go and drop the clothes to attain the services, but that does not serve the purpose.

Since traveling itself would consume the same level of time, which could be spent in the laundry at home.

But is there a technology which could answer the laundry woes as well, AT USERS’ CONVENIENCE???

Yes, there is…

And that On-demand laundry app J

REALLY, are there on-demand laundry apps available in the market???

Yes, these apps are much available in the market, but sadly not in many numbers, since the European market is still tackling the invasion in app market with laundry services.

But if you have the laundry business then you must not stop at getting the on-demand laundry mobile app for your business needs.

Still confused???

Well, let’s take the voyage together to unfold the reasons needed to get an on-demand laundry app for your laundry business…let’s read further…

  • It Saves Your TIME

I think the time is the most valuable benefits to be discussed herewith. We all deal with the jam-packed schedule of daily life activities, and the competition wagon is continually growing and getting stronger with time, in such condition we are expected to invest 25 hours out of 24 hours (a serious pun intended) to bring out something unique and better for your job-role or business.

In such chaotic situation, where we all have turned into the desk-eaters, do you really think it is a feasible option to do laundry every day???

Of course not, even expecting to drop and pick the laundry from the offline shop is a time-consuming matter.

Thus an on-demand laundry app comes here as a savior and helps you get your laundry done by making few taps on your Smartphone.

Isn't it magnificent enough to get your laundry picked and dropped by a leading laundry service provider, and you don’t even need to take the pain of doing laundry.

  • It Is Convenient

As I mentioned above, an app interface requires a mere intervention of Human touch, wherein by tapping several buttons on a Smartphone, you turn the unpleasant daily chore of laundry into a quality-time to be cherished further with your loved ones.

Let your favorite shirt get replaced with a blissful dinner outing with your friends.

The convenience is at its best in the on-demand laundry mobile app, where the full app cycle allows the app-users to book and pay for their clothes you forgot to do your laundry for next week.

The on-demand laundry app comes with the numerous benefits oozing out of its portal to benefit the users further.

  • Scale Your Startup Venture

There are many laundry startups which have the potential to bloom further, but the monetary constraints curb this growth.

With an on-demand laundry app, you easily win over this issue and can give wings to your existing business to reach a wider audience, while boosting the revenue growth.

The on-demand Laundry App is indeed an excellent way to widen your audience reach, where at low investment you can increase your revenue, since with a conventional laundry business, you require number of staff to kick-start the business, which can be reduced to limited and the required number of staff only.

How To Make An On-Demand Laundry App

The development of the on-demand laundry apps needs two app portals; a customer app and the laundry app. The features and the functionalities of these apps would differ from each other but in combination, these app functionalities offer a seamless user experience.

Customer Portal

  • Sign-up screen; to feed the details like- full name, address, and phone number
  • Types of laundry services ( which can vary depending on your forte)
  • Schedule pickup and drop
  • Cost calculator
  • Payment window
  • Order tracking
  • Push notifications
  • View order history
  • Feedback section

Vendor Portal

  • For ‘ Ongoing’ and ‘Completed’ orders
  • Add different promo offers; offer validity, discount type and value and offer’s description
  • offered services list
  • set the price for each service
  • Map and calendar views

In the vendor portal, further features can be added as per the need of the hour and by adding the subsequent features you get the added advantage of gaining the users’ attention at a larger landscape.

I do truly hope that the mentioned points would have eradicated that iota of doubt as well from your mind and now you must be wondering for the mobile app development platform to get kick-started.

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