Big Data And Its Impact On The Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Big Data
Let me ask you question, “what makes the mobile app great?” or “what is the basic requirement of technologies to automate the process?”

The answer is “Data or information.” Data is the basic necessity of technologies to automate the process. Do you ever wonder how your mobile browser app shows the suggestions according to your requirement? Your mobile browser app analyzes your search patterns, most visited sites, etc. It helps your browser app to show the suggestions according to your requirement.

In fact, AI also analyzes the data to make better decisions, AI is nothing without data. So, the term that describes the large volume of data both structured or unstructured is called Big Data

In simple words, Big Data is larger, more complex sets, especially from new data sources. These data sets are so voluminous that traditional data processing software cannot manage them.

Big data can be described by three Vs:


With Big Data you can access the high volumes of low density, unstructured data. This can be the data of unknown volumes like Facebook data feed, click streams on the webpage or mobile app, sensor-enabled equipment, etc.


Velocity defined as the rate at which data is received and acted on. Generally, the highest velocity of data streams directly into memory. Some smart products operate in real time and require real-time evaluation and action.


Variety refers to many types of data that are available. With the rise of Big Data, data comes in unstructured or semi-structured data types like text, audio, and video require additional processing to support metadata.

Why Big Data is important?

The importance of Big Data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have but what you do with it. You can take data from any source and analyze it to find the solution for cost reduction, time reduction, new product development, and smart decision making. When you combine the data with high-powered analytics, then you can achieve the business-related task like:

  • The root cause of failure, issues, and defects in real time.
  • Generate coupons at the point of sale based on the customer’s buying habits.
  • Recalculate the entire risk portfolios in minutes
  • Detect fraudulent behavior before it affects your business

Big Data with its analytical potential provides the most powerful and concise insights that application developers and marketers could use effectively to make successful applications. When it comes to the marketing of mobile apps, data analytics play an important role. Big Data has a huge impact on mobile app marketing in many fascinating ways.

International Boundaries

If you are developing an app for the international audience then you have to look at the details like how users of different countries relate with and respond to a mobile solution. These types of app require a lot of information about the user’s behavior and usability pattern for the specific region. Big Data helps you to filter the information according to the different location. It also helps you to plan the marketing strategies according to the different locations.

Analyze user’s opinion

Market preferences and consumer choices keep changing with time, you can see that everything is changing in its value proposition, automobiles, gadgets, features, and trait of utility with the changing needs of users. When we are talking in terms of technology things are changing rapidly, that’s why it is important for the businesses to analyze the trends with help of consumers review. Research on customer rating, reviews, recommendation, level of engagement and pattern of usage.

This complicated task is impossible to achieve without Big Data. It helps you to collect the data and filter according to the different locations that makes your job easy and you can provide the personalized customer experience.

In-app purchasing option

In-app purchase is the most effective way to monetize your app and drive sales on it. If you want to implement the in-app purchase option effectively then you have to research on the data to know which purchase format suits your app well. You can get help from the similar apps that operate on the same model.

Determine market crowding

To make sure that the application you are planning to build is unique and comprehensively acceptable by your targeted audience, you need to determine crowding evaluating similar apps. This gives you all the information you required to deal with the existing competition like how many such apps exist, what features they have, how they are attracting users, and many more.

This will act as a great source of information for you to effectively roll-out an app with unique features of its own.

Local target marketing

The app that needs to regularly communicate with a large user base in a region, it becomes important to go with target area marketing using the local database. This helps to carry the local SEO activities and stimulates the local company sales. It helps you to offer the different updates or notify about the exciting deals or just keep your users engage with weekly promotions.

Improve brand accessibility

Today, most of the users get the information about sales through mobile apps notification because mobile apps are the first mode of communication for the brands to interface and connect with their audiences. The more frequently and authentically you do it, then the chances are higher that your brand achieve better value and reputation.

These mobile app marketing strategies tell you the importance of the Big Data. Accessing and implementing it right in your marketing strategies help you to achieve the desired result. So, next time you are planning your app or even upgrading it to the next version, make it big with Big Data.

You know all the data and the technologies are important for the app but the most important factor is your application development partner. If the app development partner you choose does not have enough experience or skill set to utilize this information and technologies then your app is not going to make the difference. So, choose the app development company carefully, take your time and analyze every aspect of the company like their experience, expertise, skill set, reviews, etc. If you are looking for the app development company in UK, then contact Fifium. We have years of experience in the field of application development and we have a reputation for building the best mobile app in the given time period. Contact us now.