Boost App Conversion with Engaging Techniques

3 Aug 2018
mobile application development company in UK

You have got the app idea, but when it comes to finally launch your eCommerce app, you realize that your app is getting the buyers on its page, but a very few of them are picking the purchase.


It happens largely due to some of the factors which are missing from your app portal, and your app cannot sustain the pressure of the users’ buying decision for long.

The job of your mobile app is to make the users visit your app, stay and pick the required services, without turning their faces or thinking to compare with the competitors.

There are a few essentials, if you would include in your app, can enhance the potential of the app immensely.

The image for your said products or services, hold the significance to capture the users’ attention. Hence you need to be extra cautious and careful in picking the set of images.

  • Make sure image quality and resolution is high and does not get pixeled on being zoomed.
  • Keep the background white, so the image can reflect its features clearly.
  • Try to use the images, which shows your product in use
  • Keep the description as clear as possible.
  • Include pictures from different angles to show around the product.
  • Add relevant keywords in the content to help it get searched.
  • Mention the technical specifications
  • Add the social proof of purchases by showing the snippets of reviews and overall ratings.

Your e-commerce app can only be optimized fully when you decide to integrate the above-mentioned factors in the core business of the mobile app. To achieve this seamlessly get your app developed and designed from a top mobile app design company in UK, just like Fifium.

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