Can App Features Increase the App Downloads???

16 May 2018
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The moment you decide to make an app for your business, the ultimate stress you buy for yourself is the number of app downloads, which you expect to happen with your mobile app…

Yes, you heard me very much right, the app downloads are the first and the last thing which keeps banging in your head during the app development process since you know that without the significant number of app downloads on your mobile app, you can never win the battle of app survival.


C'mon you need to know that app downloads is the primary analytic which clearly shows that whether your mobile app has various functionalities as a part of it or if your mobile app development has a professional hand behind it, but if it does not have the considerable app downloads then your app is nothing but a failure, and every effort invested on your app would go complete waste.

I know the very mention of ‘fail’ word drives you bonkers, but you could go completely insane if your app does not fare well on the respective app stores and would be not downloaded by the targeted audience.

So, the strategy to save yourself from this negative situation is nothing but getting the right dose of strategies to be poured on your app, so it can be saved further from the horror of losing the number of downloads.

So what is the strategy to deal with this situation???

The answer is that you must integrate a number of features in your app, to help it getting downloaded by the targeted set of audience.


Are you sure that with certain strategies, I would be able to craft a positive outline and my app would receive commendable downloads???

Yes, it is very much possible when you decide to proceed with certain features…and the features are…

Why don’t you just read ahead???? J

Giving A Personalized Touch

Your app has a specific color theme and it might be liked or might not be liked by a few, although it is not a very big and main reason behind the fewer ap downloads, but just visualize a situation where in the users can change the app color, app fonts, app theme as per their convenience.

It is equivalent to leaving your own imprints on the mobile app and it would help the users to get a much-personalized experience for themselves and seriously it would give them a reason to stay engaged and use your mobile app more frequently.

In-App Referral Codes

The in-app referral codes which let the users access the services at the reduced cost is nothing but a blessed opportunity for the users and it encourages the users to use your app since they get the instant monetary benefits.

Lemme cite an example…with the Uber mobile app, you get the referral code which truly uplifts the spirit of the users to use the mobile app further. Thus make sure that you may have the in-app referral codes integrated into your app.

Accessible Features

Recently I came across make an app, which spoke of thousand things, but sooner I tried to access a simple feature, it re-directed me to store to make the payment…

Seriously I was stunned with frustration and within a jiffy of a minute; I uninstalled the mobile app…in the same way you need to make sure that your mobile app is free when you first start with your app.

I know monetization is the first priority, but you don’t need to rush to get the money out of the app from the very first go, rather you must let the users access the basic features so they can get addicted to your app, and then ask them to pay for the premium version where they can access the remaining features.

This would help your app to gain the attention and also the recognition amongst the targeted audience.

Thus it is proven that a mobile app can be sold like a hot cake, if it has the right set of features as a part of it, also you must ensure that your mobile app must possess and offer a seamless experience, and this can only happen when you decide to make an app from a leading app development company like Fifium.

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