Cloud Technology: Mobile App Development At Low Cost

Cloud Technology
Various organizations have decided to move their database to cloud, even some of them are creating cloud-based mobile applications. The demand for cloud-based applications is expected to rise exponentially. It stands for a reason.

Cloud computing offers plenty of useful resources and structure needed to create, maintain and deploy applications. Businesses want their mobile apps based on cloud-computing for various reasons. The cost reduction is the basic cause for the adoption of cloud-based app development. You might be thinking how cloud can reduce the mobile app development cost. Well! Cloud can reduce the cost of app development in various manners. This article will introduce you to cloud computing and how it reduces the cost of app development.

Cloud Computing

Cloud engineering enables the use and delivery of computing services over the internet. Basically, it is computing based on the internet. It means users can access the application from anywhere. In a nutshell, the cloud is an open connection to applications, data storage, computing resources, and other processing. Mostly, it is utilized to store and access data from a private or remote space on the internet.

How does cloud computing work?

The cloud computing works on the idea that the main computing takes place on a remote machine, that is not being used currently. During this process, the remote server (cloud) stores and processes collected data. It results in the easy working of devices, while accessing the cloud.

These servers host data, software, and platform and free up the memory and computing power of devices like computers and mobiles. With the help of credential provided by cloud computing providers, users can access the services of the cloud in a more secured manner.

As the workload of the user’s device is hosted on a distinct machine, users can access the cloud from anywhere. Besides, the cloud is available to anyone with internet connection. Several companies own cloud infrastructure to hold user data. The small number of computers can also be a cloud.

There are two types of cloud, public and private. In addition, these clouds can be both self-hosted and third-party hosted.

Benefits of Cloud service


If you want to grow your business cloud-based mobile apps are ideal solutions. With cloud-based infrastructure, you can scale up and down the capacity of the cloud in case any changes required. With this ability, businesses can easily put a circle around their competitors.

Recovery solution

Businesses all around the world investing in the disaster recovery. However, some smaller businesses cannot afford expensive disaster recovery. Cloud is helping such organizations. These small organizations are implementing cloud-based backup. This not just reduces the risk of data loss but also provides the third-party expertise engagement.

Automatic updates

The best thing about clouds that they are off-premise and vendors take care of them. These cloud vendors roll out regular software updates such as security updates. So, you are not required to maintaining your server system yourself.


Cloud computing provides greater security of data. Your data gets stored in the cloud and you can access it anywhere. It has a broad set of policies, controls, technologies, applications to protect data. Basically, cloud computing security is a sub-domain of network security and computer security and information security. It secures data with different parameters including identity management, privacy, personnel security, physical security, cloud vulnerability, and penetration testing.

Time-efficient development

The mobile apps should run smoothly on different mobiles. Today there are several types of mobile apps available with different hardware and software specification. With this, mobile app development has become more challenging and competitive. Cloud offers compatibility with dissimilar devices and ensures seamless user experience. It reduces the time of development and makes the app development process more efficient.

How cloud service impacts mobile app development cost?

The best feature of cloud computing is that it is cost-saving. Management of data is a crucial process in the app development process. The cost of app development mainly exacerbates in the management of data. Basically, in ‘on-premise’ data management requires hardware, support, software, downtime, design builds, employees and system upgrades. With these, data managing cost can be more affordable.

With cloud computing, you don’t need to spend a big amount on app development. Let’s know more.

Servers- With cloud computing, you don’t require to have on-premise server, so there will be no expending associated with the server.

Employees- With mobile apps integrated with cloud services, you don’t need to employ extra staff to manage it because the company that provides cloud computing manages it.

Computers- there is no need for infrastructure to manage and store data, as everything will be stored on the cloud.

Cost of downtown and maintenance- As the cloud vendor will maintain, upgrade and track the programs, you can minimize downtime. Less downtime prompts the productivity and augments revenues along with cost-saving. You can pay attention to other aspects of your business because cloud computing simplifies the workflow.

Cloud computing tremendously impacting several industries and helping them saving time and money. This is serving solution to various problems of industries. Today, the solutions offered by reliable cloud vendors are an integral part of recovery, backup and business steadiness strategy. If you will migrate to the cloud computing, you will get access to the huge pool of latest IT resources, and you don’t need to worry about technical know-how or up-front investment.

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