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21 Jun 2018
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I love utilizing Google just like you all for many reasons. Google has become an integral part of our lives and talking about me specifically then, it has helped me sailing seamlessly in the tumultuous situations and has been my savior and made me a winner in many circumstances which could land me into hot water. 

On the other hand at the technology front too, Google has set a new benchmark for the technological advancements to be procured by the developers and the user both for the further comfort and the convenience.

This legacy has been carried forward with the Google I/O and this year 2018, has witnessed some of the most exclusive technology announcements.

You would be surprised to know that the Google has discussed a series of mesmerizing tech announcements at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

If you missed capturing the Google I/O 2018, Fifium has brought the latest announcements for you through this post, please read ahead…

Key features of Google I/O

Indeed there had been a glut of tech information from Google I/O 2018, but all announcements surrounded around the Android, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, artificial intelligence, and much more.

To start with I would like to talk about the center of the Google I/O conference that was none other than Google Assistant…

Google Assistant- A smart assistant now

Giving an introduction to Google Assistant is a futile decision to be made, but the reason am discussing Google Assistant herewith in this blog post as the very first announcement from I/O, is because it has gone smarter and now sounds more like a HUMAN.

Yes, you heard it right…With the changes happened to Google Assistant, now you can make phone call appointments, reservations and it can also handle the Q&A with the Google Duplex.

Do you know what is Google Duplex???

Well, Google Duplex will help you make real-time calls, with more human-like voice and is hard to be recognized, since it has got the human’s verbal expressions "Mm-hmm" and "uhhh".

 Isn't it exciting to know????

Yes it is but don’t stop her, there is much more to help you out. So just continue reading…. J

Google Compass in Google maps

Google has improved the compass in Google maps, and help the users to access the direction, by simply pointing the phone at the street and a Street View AR to let the pop up appear to help the user to access the direction.

Gmail Helps You Compose Efficiently Now

We are accustomed to Gmail in a much better way and it has been a source of our business and personal communication for a longer time.

Google has decided to make Gmail more efficient by integrating the smart compose feature which would let the users create and finish sentences in emails. This smart compose is integrated with the Machine Learning to help you predict the words and save your time.

Robust Android Development

Although Android P has already made its waves in the technology market, but with the Google I/O it has created the further stir in the market, with the dashboard, Kotlin enhancement, adaptive battery, enhanced security features, slice-cuts, notification and much more.

Google News Is Upgraded

Now Google news has got a new design and the set of new features, which will make the accessing feature filled with much convenience and comfort for the users than ever before.

Google SHUSH

The users can now access the do not disturb mode with Shush, where the user requires to turn the phone on its screen face to keep it silence, except for emergency calls and the starred contacts.

Access Google Lens

As of now the Google lens only work on the Android devices via Google photos only, but now it can easily be availed on an Android phone with a default camera and if reports to be believed then Google Lens is supposed to work on all, once Google will launch a special software t make it happen.

Improved Google Photos

I/O has brought a relevant change in the Google Photos as well, and now user can add the more realistic-looking color in B&W pictures, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Further, the advancements will let the Smart Actions tool to determine the person in the image and share it further with the concerned person.

A New Way For Volume Slider & Screen Rotation

Google has transformed the user experience with a new button to adjust the volume on the Smartphone, which would allow the users to control the volume with a button available on the right side of the screen and a bell icon can turn the ringer on and off. Also, the screen orientation can be optimized manually with a small pop-up icon, letting the users rotate the screen.

Although this is not the exhaustive list of the announcements made at the Google I/O, but some of the most relevant ones, which would transform the face of technology and the way users access this information.

At Fifium, we really look forward to these marvelous changes and really hope that these technological advancements would change the fate of development of apps in many ways and the access of technology through the means of apps would be more convenient.

I would like to bid adieu to you all and keep watching this space for more tech-infused information only with your trusted app development partner Fifium.

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