Features And Benefits Of Fleet Management App

Fleet Management App
Effective fleet management requires more than just knowing where all of your vehicles are at a time. You have to manage drivers, integrate customer billing, control your fuel budget, schedule maintenance, and many other tasks.

If you have your own fleet of motor vehicles or professional equipment then you may be familiar with situations like poor performance, low income, and driver’s turnover. There are multiple reasons for these problems but most of the problems can be solved through the fleet management app.

Now, mostly people have lots of questions like how fleet management apps is helpful? Is it worth to create a fleet tracking app? What features do you need to solve problems?

So, stay with us you will find out the answers to all your questions.

Let’s break the two myths about fleet management apps

Myth 1- Only large companies need fleet management apps because they have a huge fleet, lots of employees, and overall organizational complexity.

You know small companies also have the same problem as large ones and sometimes it is more painful for small companies. For example, if one vehicle is out of work for any reason then it is not the big issue for company having a fleet of 500 vehicles but it is the major concern for the company with a fleet of 10 vehicles. Fleet management app helps you to immediately reschedule your vehicles trip according to the situation.

Myth 2- Building the fleet management app is too costly and small businesses cannot afford.

It is not necessary to create the application with every single feature from the very beginning. Start with the MVP features and then gradually expand them if needed. Even partial automation of processes can bring a huge relief.

Let’s discuss the MVP features for your fleet management app.

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

One of the most important features to be considered is real-time GPS vehicle tracking while developing the fleet management app. With this feature, it is easier to track the exact location and condition of the vehicle.

The real-time GPS tracking feature can provide the following facilities:

  • Easy to trace the stolen vehicle or equipment.
  • Immediate information about damage or inappropriate usage.
  • Collect the data about road and weather condition to detect risky drivers.

Fuel consumption monitoring

Ignorance of fuel consumption and usage reporting can be a big problem for your business. So, the fuel consumption monitoring is the must-have feature in your fleet management app.

It is a very common problem that drivers deviate the route because of their personal purposes. It leads to unnecessary wastage of fuel and extra vehicle mileage. With the help of a GPS tracking system, you can get information about fuel consumption. It reduces mistakes, cheating, and carelessness.

Optimize the routing to reduce the operating cost

It is important to identify the profitable routes, it helps you to save both money and fuel. Avoid long distance, one-way, multi-day trips because empty miles cut your profits, you still have to pay driver’s salary and spend money on fuel. Optimizing routing is the key to reduce the operation cost. Carefully think over the routes and try to combine orders so that your vehicle does not come empty to the office.

Enhance the real-time dispatching to eliminate overlaps

Dispatching is the most important activity of any transport business and the main challenge is the lot of information like schedules, routes, availability of the vehicle, the status of orders delivery, and many other things. It is difficult to manage all these things without an effective system.

So, solve this problem you have to equip every vehicle with GPS tracker to be aware of its location and automate the process of scheduling and order management.

Analyze your work to identify weak spots

To improve the growth rate of your business you have to analyze your work on the real-time. Fleet management app provides you the real-time analytics and statistics on such indicators as fuel usage, mileage tracking, and drivers KPI (Key Performance Indicator). As a manager or company owner, it is very important to access the information of staff from anywhere and anytime.

Be reminded of timely maintenance to reduce problems

To eliminate unpleasant situations when your vehicle is out of work because of damage or expired insurance, you should always track their status and conditions. With the fleet management system, you can always keep an eye on the maintenance of your fleet. Alerts and reminders always remind you to plan inspections, repairs, and insurance prolongation.

Reduce paperwork and synchronize data across the distributed offices

The fleet management app combines the functions of CMS, CRM, accounting software, and other systems all-in-one. With the integration of such functions, all departments are able to use a single mobile application without duplicating of information in several systems.

Automation of some process means you need less human resources and fleet management apps to eliminate the chances mistakes.

Fleet management apps help you in this case to get the drivers scoreboard and KPI report. Take care of your people by rewarding their success and automating tedious routines.

The fleet management app helps you to solve the challenges like real-time GPS vehicle tracking, routing, fuel consumption monitoring and many more. With the fleet management app, you can achieve the new heights of success and make your unique identity in the competitive market. However, the most important thing is your task becomes easier and stress free.

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