Features Of Android Oreo

26 Oct 2017
android oreo

After more than a year of development and months of testing by the developers, the Android Oreo was released to the public on August 21, 2017. Therefore, Oreo is no longer only a cookie but also a name of Android’s new release. This is Android’s second branded release, after Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Android 8.0 brings a ton of great features such as picture-in-picture, autofill faster boot time and much more.

To know more about this new version, let’s go ahead and take a look at all of the new features and functionality in Android Oreo.


  • Battery life

Android Oreo may finally fix issues with standby battery drain. The battery statistics in the setting saw a considerable makeover in the developer previews of Android Oreo. Battery life is always a big concern, so Google has mainly focused on the battery life in the Android Oreo. The background execution limits being imposed in the Android Oreo will also ensure that apps won’t run wild with the background services. Thus, these boundaries prevent unintentional overuse of battery and memory.


  • Picture-in-picture

Google has introduced the new picture-in-picture functionality, which is one of the most useful and compelling changes. This is a special type of split-screen window that should be particularly useful for watching videos while performing other tasks. It also lets you shrink a video into a small resizable box that you can keep on top of other windows. This feature is great for larger screen phones.


  • Autofill framework

Entering the required details like address, username, and even passwords, again and again, is tiresome. Android O makes it easier by allowing the OS to autofill your information across the apps and the web. The autofill framework permits the app to create and manage their own lists of auto-fill data, and then Android O will populate this data into password fields, when appropriate. This feature simplifies how users set up a new device and synchronize their passwords.


  • New emojis

The Android blob-style emojis earned a soft spot in people’s heart over the years. But, now they have gone to the retirement village to make way for more youthful, rounded smiley faces. Therefore, there are new emojis, and they are not the blobs. There’s apparently a whole new design system for this new emoji, in order to make it faster and easier for Google to create the new ones. You will notice the addition of 70 new emojis including T-Rex, Dracula, and the vomit face. This new emojis are closer in appearance to how they look on other platforms, so hopefully, there will be a less confusion.


  • Smart text selection

One of the new features in Android Oreo is the Smart text selection. This a rocking feature, now the OS knows how to select all the text, for example, when you are trying to copy any address, this feature will help you. The smart text selection also includes the ability to tap on the selected text and, if it’s an address, begin with the directions there or it’s a phone number, dial the number.


  • Notification dots

Notification dot is another new feature that is introduced in the Android Oreo; the dots are the visual indicators on the app icons that will show if you have any waiting notifications. A long tap on a dot would provide the contextual menu actions to be carried out with one single tap only.


  • Security layer

Oreo is the most secure version of Android yet. The Android Oreo securities additions are meaningful and go far beyond what recent OS updates have brought to the table. With the Android Oreo, Google has elevated security, introducing important device hardening such as Project Treble, System Alerts, Device Permissions and Verified Boot. It would keep the background for the device safer and secured from phishing material, hackers and viruses, this makes Android Oreo safe and secure for the users.


  • Google instant apps

This feature enables to get a preview of the app without downloading or installing it from Google Play. The Instant apps is a feature that lets you use an app without needing to fully download it onto your phone, just find it in the play store and click the open app. It also allows you to jump to a specific activity within an app that you have not installed, simply by tapping a URL.


  • Google assistant is more powerful now

Google has been doing a lot of work to expand the functionality of their virtual assistant within and outside of Android. So, with the update to Android Oreo, applications are able to launch Google assistant directly within the app. This would support the usability of applications in the long run.

The Android Oreo is launched with a lot of big changes that are noticeable and helpful for the users as well as for the developers, and the above mentioned are only a few of them. So, if you are planning to get an Android app developed for your business, FIFIUM app development in Denmark can be your best choice. Get in touch with us, and embrace your business with the best mobile app solutions.

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