How Blockchain is Affecting Mobile App Development?

24 Oct 2018
The Internet has changed the way of communication swiftly and there are millions of internet users all across the world. Every day billions of messages are being sent on messengers along with more than 100 billion emails. However, these platforms are prone to hack and data threats.

The centralized structure is the main cause for the subjugation of these primitive technologies in the internet world. From years, experts were working to find the solution to this problem. In these endeavours, blockchain technology came out as a remarkable triumph.

Usually, we relate blockchain technology with cryptocurrency as it’s powered by Litecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, this technology itself is quite extraordinary. Have you ever thought, how can you trust the information coming from the several sources? Like, Is the person on dating app genuine?

The internet world is brimming with uncertainties. To be sure about the information, you need a system with consolidated security where data are stored and verified by various witnesses so that no one can cheat. This type of systems known as blockchain.

This technology has the potential to incorporate complex encrypted data blocks in a secure network. There are numbers of attributes that make it precise for mobile apps. If you want a more secure mobile app then a mobile app development company can help you. But now it’s time to know about the affects blockchain mobile app development.

The blockchain has transformed the manner of mobile app development at a greater scale. As it offers unparallel means of communication, developers are looking forward in a new direction with blockchain technology. The mobile apps with blockchain are being adored by various businesses because of the unmatched security features and reliability. Here are some benefits of blockchain technology that can make your mobile app unparallel.

More secure mobile apps
Undoubtedly, blockchain technology provides great transparency. The user can track and see everything contributed to the process because everything records. It inhibits users to make a fake transaction or forge information.

Digital Identity
It’s true, that each participant of Blockchain gets a specific identity. You can register your personal information on the Blockchain network and generate an identity. The Blockchain identity is strong and reliable and one can use it in banks, hospitals & other government organizations for identification. Using it,app developers can create mobile applications featuring digital ID management. This feature cans inbuilt great transparency in the mobile app and the user can trust the information.

Digital Wallets
The advancement of technology and the advent of cryptocurrency are the major cause of the popularity of digital wallet apps. Over time, people have become more inclined toward digital wallets therefore, it is possible in upcoming time, that mobile developers can anticipate an increase in cryptocurrency based digital wallet applications. If you are thinking to have a mobile app featuring digital wallet then Blockchain has an important role to play.

Blockchain can allow safer, faster and reliable communication. System alerts and call alert are the most famous examples of this type of automated communication. The automated communication is generally asynchronous and non-critical and Blockchain technology can modify the area to allow bi-directional and authorized communication and can make an absolute record of transactions. It will greatly improve the safety of communication in mobile apps.

No need of Password
Without entering the password users can access the app, transaction, and information as blockchain validates the users and their information including with device, transaction and more. The centralize feature of blockchain makes it possible as it enables relevant parties to give consent for the authentication of SSL certificates.

Safeguard Information and Multiple Use Access
The encryption is a complex process with blockchain technology and strongly inhibits duping the system in absence of decryption key. Although, it offers multiple user access and need verification of relevant information.

Protection of Data
Developers can add multiple layers of protection in a mobile app to secure the data. As Blockchain assigns a private key to each user. With the help of that key users can view, manage and store the data in one place. Blockchain reduces the chances of hacking and creates robust architecture.

Secured Money Payment
The technology enabled secure and contact less payment. With blockchain, a service provider creates a transaction and all the relevant parties have the record of the transaction.

What Do You need to Know more?
The blockchain enables many people to write entries into a record of data or information, and a group of users can regulate the amendment and upgradation. Basically, the blockchain is a budding list of records that establish links using cryptography. The matter of fact is every record keeps a cryptographic hash of the previous record. If you will imagine blockchain as a ledger, you will comprehend how blockchain development works. It is true, that blockchain is a ledger that works with the help of an extensive computer network. It sends and parses data collectively. If you will make a change to this digital ledger, those changes will transmit to other machines who will be holding the same ledger and, in this way, the value will get adjusted.

There are numbers of businesses who are considering blockchain technology for their apps. The technology keeps the vast potential for mobile applications that need data storage functionalities. Moreover, this technology can assist the app virtually to access and stow a large amount of data in a more secure and reliable way.

This technology can add great value to your mobile app development plan. Using the blockchain enabled app you can build trust with your customers and offer security, transparency, and efficiency. To integrate it into your app, you will need technical experts as it is a very complex technology. Thus, you must speak with a mobile app development company with relevant experience in the area.

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