How Blockchain Technology is Transforming Market Economies?

blockchain technology
Since the emergence of the Bitcoin, Blockchain has been existing around the world. In the early days, the attention of people was remained on cryptocurrency, not on this technology. However,the fact is the blockchain is the technology behind it.

Over the time businesses started to find new ways to implement this technology. Many of the businesses today are creating mobile apps and software integrated with blockchain to utilize the technology. Digital identities are being created by this technology, and people are using those identities to access data. This post is about how blockchain is affecting economies. However, before that, you must comprehend what is blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is the growing list of records, where records are linked together with the help of cryptography. In this scenario, records are blocks that contain a hash of previous block, a transaction data and a timestamp.

Over a computer network, various spreadsheet duplicated several times. Blockchain provides a shared and continually reconciled database and prevents the duplication of files. As the blockchain database are not stored in any single location, the records are truly public and verifiable with it. Even hackers cannot corrupt the data because there is no centralization of the information. The data of the blockchain database is accessible to anyone on the internet because it is hosted by millions of computers simultaneously.

Blockchain Structure

The structure of blockchain consists of two gears known as Block and Chain. These two gears are the basis of this technology.
  • Block: The block is a list of transaction logged into a ledger over the given period. Every blockchain has different size, triggering event and period for blocks.
  • Chain: A fingerprint of data called hash links one block to another, it calls chaining of blocks. By changing data of any size into fixed-length, short values and creating the one-way function, it allows the hash to create mathematical trust. In blockchain, Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) is one of the cryptographic functions, that generate the hash.

Key Component of Blockchain

The blockchain has three major components that should be in place for it to function. Those three components are distributed ledger, consensus protocol, and virtual machine.
    • Distributed Ledger: In blockchain, all the mobile apps and computers make a network in more than one location. These are known as full nodes. Each node holds a complete record of the transactions, that means every user has the data updated and shared.
    • Consensus Protocols: The distributed ledger system needs synchronization, that means in the blockchain, all the system needs to reach an agreement on the inclusion of new blocks. Consensus protocol is used to do this. These rules ensure that mobile apps and computers are synchronized in a peer-to-peer network.
    • Virtual Machine: The virtual machine is a final logical component of the application. It works on the instruction embodies into the code.

The robust structure and reliable components are making this technology not just a challenge for app developers but also for app development companies.  Many tech vendors are implementing this technology into various business mobile apps. The use of this technology into mobile apps is impacting businesses in various manners, and this utilization is being resulted into transformation of economies. Here we are discussing the impact of blockchain on economies.


A mobile app integrated with blockchain technology can help these industries in many ways. The blockchain is able to transform how the world secures systems, builds digital identities and moves money. This technology has the ability to affect every industry including medical, transportation, and more. The centralized record system can provide immense ease in the operations of these industries. This technology allows the collection of permanent historical records of every transaction and provides the ability to authenticate and asses any data. This promotes easy and efficient regulation of operation in industries.


Businesses ensure the transaction of money and exchange of goods. With the centralized data, several threats come such as security risk, theft, and data corruption. Blockchain helps in creating mobile apps with decentralization of data and prevent these security threats. It presents greatest opportunities for companies to save wasted resources and identify fraudulent data.

Market Capitalization

People around the world are using cryptocurrencies for investing and buying products. Even countries like UK, Russia, Australia, China, and UK are in the process of making their own digital currencies. Several cryptocurrencies available in the market are prompting the market growth. This technology makes digital transaction safe and prevents security threats. Digital wallets are gaining popularity and there is no need of passwords with blockchain, and without passwords users can access the transactions, mobile apps and more.


The social media and internet are brimming with uncertainties. This technology has the potential to provide a consolidated security by which data can be stored and verified through various witnesses so that no one can cheat. Using it, incorporation of complex encrypted data in a secure network would become easier.

Several industries have already adopted the technology in their applications. The realm of possibilities is endless for it and several businesses are on the verge of absorbing it. There is no dearth of attributes that make it precise for mobile app development.  If you want to secure a mobile app with blockchain. There are numbers of companies that are experts in developing iOS and Android Mobile apps with blockchain technology. With this technology, you can get a decentralized mobile app.

This technology has completely transformed the way of mobile app development, and app developers all across the world are looking forward in new direction with blockchain. A mobile app development company can provide you with a mobile app with decentralized data ledger so that you can access your business data in a more secured and efficient manner.  We at Fifium, provide iOS and Android app development services in UK. Our team of app developers are well-versed in blockchain and utilizing it in various mobile apps. They are engaged in creating mobile apps for money transfer, purchasing, and more and comprehend the need for secured systems. For more information Contact Us.

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