6 Jun 2018
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Do you love shopping??? I cannot think of an individual who would suggest a nix reply for this, and regardless of the gender, everybody looks for the retail therapy which works a de-stress exercise for many of us.

As the technology intervention in each of the business and the industry domain, the retail business is also not spared, and you can easily access the services of your choice with just a tap on your Smartphone.

When I look around I get enticed considering how the shopping mobile apps, such and eBay (to name a few) have already captured our mobile app usage behavior, and let us access our preferred services with just one tap.

On the other hand, the technology is on the constant run, which keeps on upgrading for the further betterment, and the introduction of AI has brought much relief and comfort to the users in many different ways.

Most of the app development companies are picking the AI technology in their app development process, and make sure to create a seamless user experience with the integration of latest technology. In this run of latest technology advancement AI has transformed the face of shopping entirely, and now it allows the users to access the shopping services with a technical twist.

With this post, I am going to discuss the number of benefits AI has brought to the retail mobile apps…let’s read ahead…

A Perfect CRM Tool

How do you feel, when you get a notification from your favorite brand during the festive season in your region or country…the answer is ELATED!!!

This feature is very much possible with the assistance of AI, where the products or the services can be re-promoted with the advertisement to a specific set of customers.

AI has the capability to understand your customers and their needs, and in accordance, it shares the interesting prompt with the customers informing them, something like this’ the pink t-shirt is available in stock again, or celebrate this Christmas with your favorite leather accessories’.

Once the customer receives such messages, it directly hits the customers’ psychology and they feel attached to your brand to make the further purchase.

Manage Your Inventory Efficiently

The toughest job every retailer faces is to assess the available inventory in the stock and the required products, and mismanaging either of them leads to bringing your customers one step closer to your competitors.

With the help of AI, it has become much convenient and comfortable for the shop owners to manage their inventory and makes a precise estimation of the future demand by validating the data, which reflects the users’ buying behavior.

Also the ML integration in the mobile apps, the stock can be assesed, managed and prevent from any loss or demand in the future, which as a consequence lead to much better revue growth for your retail business.

Chatbots Support Is 24/7

In the time of need when we look for the support after making a purchase or have some queries often there is no response, which irks us and we cannot relate to the brand anymore.

AI has solved this issue with the integration of chatbots, where the customers recicv=e the online support 24/7 and it helps the retail business to attain the profit and customer loyalty.

Chatbots allow collecting the relevant information of users’ needs, tracking the purchasing history and building a strong brand.

Lets You Win The Competition

The competition bubble is getting bigger and massive and there is not going to be a single full stop on this in near future. If you really want your retail business to get acknowledged and recognized by the customers, then you need to offer them something extra and additional, which is not so much common with your competitors.

AI is the best strategy to pick in this league since being a latest and the advanced technology not many app owners have integrated it into their mobile app, and this is what gives you an edge over your competitors in this situation.

But you must ensure that you are getting a professional app development company to handle the latest technology advancements in your retail mobile app, and Fifium is indeed the best choice for you.

Because Fifum holds the required experience and the expertise to handle your app needs with the integration of latest technology advancements in your mobile app.

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