How In-App Advertisement Boosts App Monetization

10 Nov 2017
App Monetization

It is no secret that the digital marketing industry is on the rise. By now we all are aware of the fact that how in app monetization has represented the next huge land grab in mobile application marketing. As more and more free to download apps have entered the market, the brand side needs new revenue generation models, and in this situation, in-app advertising delivers a solid solution for the app developers to make a respectable income from their apps. In-app advertising is a medium that has grown, since the marketers have taken advantage of the upswing in mobile app usage, over the past few years.

It is currently the fastest growing form of mobile advertising in the market. Every app is created considering the monetary benefits, be it a free app or a paid version, and in-app ads act as a catalyst to the mobile app monetization strategies. The in-app advertising offers a better opportunity to the marketers, to target the right audience at the right time. Thus, in-app advertising is really the future of the mobile advertising category, as it is a more transparent, measurable medium for the ad publishers.

There is a lot more to discover about in-app advertising, and in this blog, we will discuss how in-app advertising boosts app monetization. Let us first take a look at what is in app-advertising.

What is in-app advertising?

When we use an app, we get engrossed in its features and functionalities, and we miss to notice certain ads, which interrupts in-between the app. This is actually in-app advertising, in which the ads are shown when the users are using the app. In-app advertising can pay differently for click-through, impressions, and format of the ads. It is indeed, one of the most efficient and effective ways to monetize your app. It achieves a higher degree of efficiency, since the users actively engage with the respective app at the moment of advertising insertion.


In-app advertising provides endless benefits to the businesses. Here are some of the most appealing benefits. So, without much delay, let us have a look at them.

  • Hit the targeted audience

Businesses target a particular group of audience to enjoy more benefits, and it can be difficult for them to do so, in an effective way, but now it is possible with in-app advertising. With the help of in-app advertising, you can place the adverts in front of your targeted audience, and the viewers of your ad can choose to download your app, if they are interested in what your app offers. Thus, when you advertise in relevant apps, you have a targeted audience, making your mobile application marketing more effective and adding some money to your account.

  • Add to your earnings

In-app advertising can be one of the most effective methods to boost up the revenue model. The thing that needs your consideration is, whether you are targeting the users with the correct content and mobile app strategy or not, as the users are looking for various other services. Thus, you need to be very careful about finding out what else your users are looking for, and then serve them accordingly.

  • It provides more actionable data

In-app advertising offers more valuable information that can help you increase the amount of money your app earns. It allows you to see how your app is performing, and get information on how many people are viewing your ads, how many people are clicking, and so on. This will help you to use the real data to gain genuine insight.

  • Reach a wider audience

The online ads can target much larger audience than any other advertising strategy. It allows you to put adverts in front of millions of users worldwide, which will help you to earn more ads clicks, and promote your app further.

Types of ads

So, you have decided to opt for in-app advertising. Now, one of the most important things that you need to focus is that, the types of ads to run in your app.

  • Banner ads

The banner ads are the most common and effective form of advertising. The app page is laid out as normal, but a small section of the screen is taken up by the ad, and the users click on it, if they are interested.

  • Rich media ads

These types of ads usually contain videos or images and attract a large number of users. These ads often use some of the device features like the rotation, camera, etc.

  • Interstitials

These are the ads that occupy the full screen, as they completely overlap the actual content. They are popular in in-app advertising, as they allow the advertisers to use full screen, but at times these ads irritates the users, as they provide a short interruption.

  • Expandable ads

These apps start off small initially, and when they are clicked, they occupy the full screen. These ads are less disruptive, but still, offer the opportunity to show full-screen ads.

In order to boost up the app revenue, you need to make sure that you refine your mobile app development or app monetization strategy to your business goals. Even the mobile experts are following the rising trends of in-app advertising for some time, creating a wealth of information highlighting the enormous benefits of in-app advertising. Although, in-app advertising is an effective tool, an overdose of anything is dangerous, so don’t over-burden your app with advertisements, maintain a balance and enjoy the great results.

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