How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Education Industry?

29 Oct 2018
Mobile apps for educational
The education system has been experiencing big changes all over the globe since the last decade. The arrival of online learning and digital education is marked by greater significance. Undoubtedly, this change has a great impact on the learning ability of students. Now, students are able to comprehend topics with great ease. Even parents are using these systems to increase the IQ level of their young ones.

Have you ever thought what brought this change into existence? Well, the key player of this change is mobile app. The revolutionary mobile apps help learners in the learning process. These days, every mobile app development agency is engaged in developing mobile apps for almost everything. Users can transfer money, listen to music, chat, video call and more with the help of mobile apps and the educational sector isn’t left untouched from it.

Studies have become simpler and quicker with mobile apps. M-education is the synonym for mobile education, and according to recent researches, it has become the best way of open education. Let’s see the impact of mobile apps on the education industry. Here are some factors that shows how useful are mobile apps in education.

1. Enhances Interaction
With the use of education app, the interactivity in children increases and engagement between parents and children gets better. While children are using the app, parents can involve with them. This increases the tendency of interaction in children.

2. Learning from Faraway
With the help of mobile apps, students can watch the lecture from anywhere. The mobile apps have made remote studies possible. Mobile apps are capable to provide a live lecture to students. Moreover, students who want to take some advice from teachers can use the app.

3. Parent-Teacher communication
With the help of a mobile app, parent and teacher can establish a consolidated communication. Using this feature, teachers can answer the queries of parents about the progress of their child. It increases the transparency in the education industry.

4. Exchange of Ideas
Some educational mobile apps are fused with the chat option, using this option, students can share the ideas with other students. The feature is helpful in sharing ideas and students can discuss the content with classmates.

5. 24/7 Availability
With this feature, schools ensure 24-hour availability and students can watch the previous lectures at any time of the day. Children only need to choose the lecture when they feel like learning. Mobile app development companies ensure the user-friendly features so that users can easily operate them.

6. Faster updates
It is obvious for students to miss out the important notices and announcements. Institutions can publish the notice on the app to avoid these circumstances. Even institutes can inform students about fee dues or library books they are supposed to return or more.

7. Parents Can Check Their Children’s Progress
With the help of mobile apps, parents can track their children’s progress. Schools can upload the test results of students on the app and parents can check.

8. Enhances Craving for Learning
Systematic and innovative ways of learning renders craving for learning in the students. App developers design apps in such a way that, it promotes craving for learning. Students with the apps study in a flow and comprehend the subject more easily with demographic representations.

What makes these mobile apps useful?

Today, many types of education apps are available in the app store. The most popular are teaching apps such as maths, physics, chemistry learning apps. Over these apps, students can search for any topic and gather information. But what makes these apps useful.

Powerful Database

It is true, that a powerful and loyal database drives the educational app. The information related to study material saves on the database, and it requires to be updated on a regular interval. Every day teachers update information such as video, facts, figures, content, and statistics. It is important that app should have consolidated database to smoothen the process of learning as students access information on the tip of a finger.

Valuable content

The content is the key in the educational mobile app. Only content can increase the downloading of your app. Content on the app should be comprehensive and useful. Your content should be relevant for the targeted audience. You must consider that all learners don’t have the great grasping power, so it should be simple and easily understandable. If your app has the best content it can boom in minimal time.

User-friendly Interface

App developers pay huge attention on user interface. Each mobile app struggles in a competitive market that’s why, your app should have a superb interface with enticing outlook, superlative functionality and user friendliness.

The market for mobile education is highly competitive, exciting and attractive. Today, children are more motivated to use mobile for studies. This smart device has brought the world at the fingertips of students and they can access the information from anywhere. Students, parents and educational institutions can use the mobile app for various purposes. Every mobile app gets a unique feature and offers different services. We all know that learning is a continuous process, with the help of mobile app students can learn at their own pace.

Education is getting digitalized and people are more inclined toward this new way of learning. If students want to compete successfully, these apps can be proven handy. We at Fifium ensure to integrate exceptional features in each app so that users can enjoy them. If you want an educational app for your institution we can help you get one. We believe that a creative team can develop exceptional mobile apps with smart work and determination. Our team of best app developers comprehends the current market scenario and tries to provide the best mobile apps to our clients. Get in touch with us for mobile app creation and design.