How Much Does It Cost To Make An App

12 Oct 2017

In this tech-savvy world, the smartphones and the mobile apps have become a part of people’s daily routine. Everyone wants to know how to make an app. Today, from booking tickets to ordering food, the mobile apps are available for every petty thing, and with the evolution of the mobile app industry, the businesses are getting involved in the app development process.

A mobile app is a great and unique way to help your business gain new customers and better brand recognition. It has become a successful marketing tool to showcase your product and services effectively and also it enables you to introduce and promote new products. If you take a look, there is a never-ending list of benefits that the businesses can obtain from the mobile apps, and these benefits are tempting enough for the businesses to switch to the mobile app marketing. Therefore, it is no more controversial that your business needs a mobile app to stand out in the cut-throat competition.

Many businesses drop the thought of getting an app developed, by simply thinking that getting an app might be very expensive. I don’t say that getting an app developed is cheap, but simply dropping the idea and losing the opportunity to enhance and benefit your business from the mobile app can be a stupidity. Before concluding to a decision, you should at least try to know how much does it cost to make an app.

A good way to investigate how much an app might cost is too start analyzing the basic things like:

  • The idea of the type of app you want for your business, as analyzing it will speed up the process and also will lower the risks of making mistakes and redesigns, and it will contribute a lot to give you a more precise estimate in terms of mobile app development.
  • Deciding the platform for your app is also a basic factor influencing the app development cost. As the cost of development varies for Android and iOS, therefore, you need to decide the platform as per the requirements of your business.

Now, you have got a good hold on your idea and also you know the correct platform for your app, so it is now time to pair up with an experienced team of the app developers. The final cost of an app includes the cost of planning, designing, engineering features, app infrastructure, mobile app administration, testing and Q/A costs, and launching your app to the app stores.

The time consumed in developing an app is also a deciding factor for the development cost of the app. The app development cost depends upon the complexity of the app, or you can say that the cost is directly proportional to the complexity of the app. To make it easier for you to understand, we have listed the average time range right here.

The simple apps usually take up to 10 weeks to build, with approximately 90 hours of design and around 350 hours of backend development. On the other hand, more complex apps usually take up to 28 weeks to build, with approximately 220 hours of the designing of the app and 900 hours for the backend development. It is not very difficult to understand, that more hours means more cost of development.

The estimated costs for the Android apps and for iOS apps vary, as mentioned before. Let us take a look at the approximate costs of the Android and iOS apps.

Estimated development costs for the Android apps

  • Elementary apps- 300.000-380.000 DKK
  • Standard apps- 385.000 - 460.000 DKK
  • Complex apps- 460.000 - 800.000 DKK
  • High-tech apps- 600.000 - 1.200.000 DKK

Estimated development costs for iOS apps

  • Simple, table-based apps- 15.000- 60.000 DKK
  • Database apps- 120.000 - 500.000 DKK
  • Games- 150.000 - 2.000.000 DKK

This can be the approximated cost of mobile app development, but the thing that you need to remember is that every project is unique and will present its own specific sets of requirements, and the cost may differ accordingly.

Another factor that determines the cost of the mobile app development is the mobile app development company you choose for your business. There are a lot of mobile app development companies out there, and all of them will give you different prices and time frames. Hiring the best and affordable mobile app development company for your business is not an easy task, therefore, you need to compare the prices, time frames, and quality of the work, and hire the best one. Hence, we hope to see you in the app arena soon.

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