How to Develop an App like Uber

10 Oct 2017

In today’s era, cabs are on-demand, especially for the people who live in the metropolitan cities. There is nothing better than getting easy access to the best possible taxi services, enhancing the experience of the ride. Just imagine, by improving the quality of an existing service and offer it on demand, you can serve a large group of audience. Developing an app like Uber is not an easy task. Taking a large piece of the ridesharing market requires that you offer frictionless access, amazing experiences for drivers and the riders, and a strong brand. The taxi apps like Uber are in a great demand, in this tech-savvy world, where the riders can book taxis from their smartphones and pay either by cash or make online payments as per their convenience.

The Uber is a top-notch taxi service app that has created a fervor among the users of taxi service, and to develop an app like Uber, there are various factors that are required to be focused, like the regions, taxi app development companies that are available, and the exact list of the features that are to be implemented in it. The primary thing that you need to understand is that such service will require the creation of two interfaces, one for the passengers and another for the taxi drivers.

The Essential Features Needed For The Apps Like the Uber.

  • Maps and locations

The GPS tracking technology is used to spot the present location, find the cars and track the ways. Besides, the perfect journey tracking gives the genuine approximation.

  • In-app payments

The in-app payment feature is quite important and beneficial, as the current technology enables transferring money between drivers on mobile. Having an app without payment gateway solution fully compliant and working fine, is like a car without the battery.

  • Built-in module to collect fees from drivers

Paying the driver in cashless installments using the driver’s credit cards is a must-have feature. This allows you to set up how, when, and how much fees you want to get from your drivers. This feature enables smooth and paperless working. This system handle payments automatically; also with this, the drivers have the access to the current balance, subscription details, top-up features and a list of the transactions.

  • Smart analytics system

Doing your business with no analytical data is like driving a car without knowing anything about the final destination. The analytics system enables to improve the business. Having information about the on-going activities of the business in well- presented reports will surely help you to perceive the weak points of the business and work on them accordingly.

  • Profiles

The profiles are the basic requirement, especially for online payment. The details like the driver name, contact number, profile pic, and license details can be added to it, as it makes the choice of ratings and reviews more personalized. It can also help smooth communication between the driver and the rider at the time of pickup.

  • Communication

In order to communicate and stay connected to the users, push notifications and in-app messages are a must. It is required to inform the passengers and the drivers about the new campaigns that you may have for them, therefore, this feature helps to keep the users updated on the booking progress and deliver the necessary information on their rides such as the car model, the number on the plate, and the estimated time of arrival.

  • Dispatch and tracking panel

With the auto dispatch framework, the taxis get dispatched naturally to the closest driver with no postponement, as well as the Google map in the dispatch framework serves to find the travelers and the cabbies accurate area. This feature spares taxi organization’s 90% labor and time over the dispatch process.

  • Fare calculator

In this, the fare to reach the certain place is determined by calculating the distance between the pickup and the destination point. This feature lets the users get the estimated cost of the ride prior to placing an order or booking the cab for a ride.

  • Driver’s rating and reviews

As we are open to the passenger’s feedback, hence they can rate the driver and write a review about their experience; also the would-be riders can check the feedback left by the other customers on the driver, the trip and also the vehicle.

  • Ride history

This displays the important details regarding the previous trips and receipts, as well as allows re-booking the same ride in one click. Through this feature, the driver has complete access to track the booking history and check the status of each that includes canceled booking also.

There are many other features to be taken care of such as:

  • Split Payments
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Interactive Map And Tracking the Taxi
  • Coupons And Vouchers
  • Navigation
  • Reports

The above mentioned are the must-have features, and to excel you also need to add the latest features to your app. Getting a taxi app like Uber is not that easy, rather it is a complex procedure, but not an impossible one. The best way to build a successful on-demand taxi application is to gain support from the qualified specialists in the turf of mobile app development, and FIFIUM an app development company in Denmark is here to support you.

At FIFIUM, we offer Uber-like app development services within your budget, satisfying the business requirements. We design the app after analyzing the client’s business and its requirements. If you are planning to hire an experienced agency that will deliver a working and bug-free product for you, then just get in touch with our team, and discuss your taxi app concept to bring it into reality. Feel free to contact and discuss with us, as the discussion will surely help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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