How to Increase Your App Downloads

11 Apr 2018

I am well-versed with the process of how to make an app, but I don’t know what are the ways through which I can help my app succeed….my app is going to get LIVE and I seriously have no idea how to increase the number of downloads for my app…

These are some of the most common statements, you get to hear from the first-timers, who have recently taken the app development as their picked marketing tool, or it can even be heard from the people who have their mobile apps developed but they don’t find the accurate way to get more number of app downloads.

In either case, the situation is grave and can lead to some of the most unfavorable circumstances for the health of your app and your business respectively…I don’t mean to scare you, but sooner you wake up and address the situation the better it would be…

But the most scintillating question comes, that how to overcome this issue and how to pick the right number of strategies to help you in increasing the app download rate…????

To find out an answer to this question, I have scribbled my thoughts on this paper, so you can benefit from the number of tips to help your app to secure a successful future with the considerable app downloads…let’s take a look and read ahead…

Targeting The Right Keywords

In order to make your app come in the terms of success, the very first step you need to take care of is the integration of successful ASO techniques, and worth to mention one of the most successful ASO techniques is the keyword strategy.

A right set of keywords integrated into your mobile app are the sign of user engagement and more chances of keeping your targeted audience to visit you and download your app.

Screenshots Are The Best Marketing Tools

When you make every possible effort of including the best features and functionalities in your mobile app, then you must realize that these functionalities can stay lost and your users would never be able to find out more about them, since there is huge competition and this situation would lead to app failure, so in order to save your app from this horrific situation, take the help of your app screenshots.

Pick those screenshots, which define the functionality and the features of your app more clearly and can draw the attention of your targeted audience so they can check and feel attracted to download your app.

Regular ASO Audit

Many app marketers love to indulge in the ASO technique but fail to keep a pace with this technique. You need to understand and accept the fact that ASO isn’t the set and forgotten strategy, rather it needs to be watched again in again to beat the competition bullet.

This largely happens because app technology trends are never constant and keep on changing at a rapid speed, thus if you want your app to rank higher, please keep a check and conduct the audit on your app’s ASO techniques.

App Tutorials Are The PERIOD

It is a common perception, where you want to indulge into an app tutorial for your app, but if you want to increase the number of app downloads then this practice needs to be modified to fit the demand.

For the first time app users, the app tutorials actually work, but when you introduce a new feature or make an app have an update then an app tutorial is something clumsy and unwanted, and it must be replaced with the ‘Tooltips’ which simply pop out and highlight the new features effortlessly.

App’s Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is indeed a must for your mobile app, but you need to integrate them with a personalized touch to escape the dislikes form your users.

Just visualize when you send a personalized message to the users to complete a task, it generates more interests and triggers the app engagement process.

No prize for guessing, but these essentials become successful when you decide to pick a leading mobile app development company to develop your mobile app efficiently, so it can complement the users’ demands.

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