How to Stop the Loathe Oozing From Login Experience

25 Jul 2018
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When was the last time, when you did enter your every required login detail to access the app???

I am sure it never happened, and even if it happened once by mistake, but then it never happened again.

The reason is simple there is a pool of mobile apps in the app market which only leave the users with ample of choices to pick another if one app really tries your patience during the login process.

We all loathe from the core of our hearts when we are asked to enter a saga of our life just to access an app, since it not just irks us but goes opposite of the basic platform of the app, it is based on and that is CONVENIENCE.

And I don’t have to mention, but this inconvenience largely lands the app into rejection basket in the fraction of minutes from the moment it is downloaded.

Is your app also facing the rejection bullet due to BAD login experience???

If yes, then I recommend you to read ahead this post today to understand the ways to transform your app into an appealing piece.

Keep The Least Possible Number Of Steps

Yes, the excessive number of login details really irks your users and believe me even if it is from the security perspective, but it does not really matter to them and instead of feeling happy about it, it only sparks the anger in their mind.

Do not ask for too many personal details; age, marital status or even the address. As long as your app does not have the genre which demands these details, avoid asking.

Link It With Social Media

Allow the users to log in through the social media as well, so it would bring out the accessibility of the app with the convenient mode of social media channels.

Auto Save Option

Once the user has uploaded the details like name and only the other relevant information, then your app must have the auto-save or auto-fill option, which would help the users to save their time of filling the details again and again.

With these small but beneficial tips you can save your app to face the wrath of users’ frustration, but make sure your mobile app design  in UK and developed by a leading top mobile app development company in UK, just like Fifium, so it can cross the level of excellence and reach the pinnacle in no time.

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