How to Stop The Mobile App Uninstalls?

9 May 2018
app udvikling

The dreadful dream which comes out true for any app owner, states ‘your app is uninstalled’ and it is not going to be used by any user since they simply DON’T LIKE YOUR APP…

How cruel these words are, but do you know it can be a fact too, and believe me it is the most painful thing you could see and experience happening with your mobile app.

So what can be done about this????

Just simply get your app installed on the users’ phone…

As if it is that easier to be done???


Then hey what has to be done???

You are raising my temperature, and yet giving no subtle answer…what is that???

RELAX HUMAN…take a deep breath and close your eyes…


NEXT…simply open your eyes and, and and and…

Read my post…that’s it…. J

Believe me, this will solve your problems to the larger extent, so don’t skip any point from those points and here we start…

Notification Exploitation

Yes, it is a very common problem you make a part of your mobile app, and your users don’t enjoy it at all, believe me. Till some extent when you give the notification dose to your users, then it is fine, but crossing the boundaries where your user's mobile beeps due to your app’s notifications only, then it creates the real-time problem and you get yourself into the real issue.

Keep the dose of your notifications limited with an option to switch on/off your notification system.

SO the number problem is solved…

Now let's go to the next level

Registration Soap Opera

Have you ever seen or been told about any long soap operas which usually Asian countries run on our idiot box, or it might be in other continents too (no offence)…well the crux of my point is that these soap operas sound interesting initially, but sooner they turn into a pain and then into a migraine, and users generally jump off from the torture of daily soaps and as a consequence many things happen and which in total lead to the flunk of the serial.

OUCH…it hurts !!!!

It may hurt you more when something like this happens to your mobile app…

Yes, it can happen with your app as well, when you put a soap opera length registration process within the app.

You need to ensure that app registration process is succinct, require a limited number of steps and make users access the app instantly …almost in the jiffy of a second.

Also, allow your users to access the mobile app with the social media logins as well, again this step will help the accessing more convenient and with least efforts.

Creepy App UI/UX

You are designing an app, not a piece of cloth, which can anyhow be worn by the users, if no other option available, but with a mobile app, if your app UI/UX is confusing, ambiguous and even give the difficulties for the users to understand your app’s functionalities then it means clearly you fail yourself as an app developer.

You need to craft the mobile app UI/UX considering the users’ taste and requirements, it should not be something designed keeping the users in mind from 18th century or 2078, you need to understand it is all about this century and this year only, so users need to get attached to the current app idea.

These are some of the issues which couple up with few others, and create a havoc for your app and make it a sure-shot and super easy target to be uninstalled.

Thus my advice is to get a mobile app developed but from a leading app development company, which understand your app concept and your users and is ready to deliver a result which falls perfectly for your app needs.

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