How To Utilize The App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization
Over 2 million apps in the major app stores,getting your app discovered is the biggest issues mobile app publishers facing. It is important for the mobile app companies to know how to optimize the app store.

So, what is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing the mobile app to rank higher in the app stores search result. The higher your app ranks in the store search results means it is more visible to potential customers. The increased visibility means more traffic to your app in the app store.

Why App Store optimization is important?

There are thousands of apps in each app category struggling to rank above one another. If you are not using App Store Optimization then you are lagging behind on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

Spend your time to improve your App Store Optimization, it will impact your app ranking and overall success.

What are the mechanisms of App Store Optimization?

Let’s break down the various components that affect your App Store Optimization.

Title – Place keywords in the title to gain a higher rank in the app store search results. Adding the keywords in title will increase the discover ability of your app by 10.3%, according to the research.

Keywords – Utilizing the right keyword improve your search rankings, it helps you to know which keywords are relevant and most used by your audience.

The total number of downloads – The number of downloads is very important for App Store Optimization.

Ratings and Reviews – You don’t have complete control over ratings and reviews but there are ways to encourage happy users to rate and review.

What are the organic downloads?

Organic downloads are the ones you get without paying for them, those downloads happen when the user searches for your brand or some word related to your app name, that is the organic way.

Nowadays apps are available for almost everything, people always looking for the apps to solve their problems or have fun, whether it is to communicate or to solve health problems.

Users constantly search for generic words like meal delivery, taxi, flashlight app, and many more. Search is the most powerful sources of downloads whether for large apps with millions of downloads or for the new apps looking for their first downloads. The strategies of the app store optimization process that add lots of values and it is one of the best approaches with the best return on investment.

Types of App Store Optimization tools

App Keyword Optimization Tools

It helps you to optimize your app keywords to increase your app search traffic. It also tracks the performance of the keyword in the page views and in app downloads.

App product page optimization Tools

The main goal is to optimize the product page, which in turns improve download conversion rate. It provides you the suggestion to improve your app name, screenshots, localization, pricing, and so on.

Review and Sentiment Analysis Tools

It helps to optimize the reviews and ratings of your app and with the help of sentimental analysis, you can refine your product development structure to earn better ratings.

A/B Testing Tools

It helps you to test two or more apps and determine which one gives you the better download conversion rate.

Search Ads optimization tools

It helps you to optimize your advertising campaign. It provides you the competitors data that helps you to run your ad campaign more effectively.

App Store Optimization takes time

Keep in mind that app store optimization takes time. It is the process that needs to be monitored and constantly modified over a period of time. Your best set of keywords are not the set that you use at the time of deployment. Generally, developers pick the keywords and write the description at the last second during an app’s submission process and in most of the cases, there is little or no research on the keyword searches before the app submission.

Now, app developers need to constantly track their own rankings and the rankings of their competitors over time. Lots of apps are published every day, and constantly streaming new ratings, reviews and downloads can influence your search rankings.

The App Store Optimization is important for the app ranking but the development of the customer-centric app is very important. Customer-centric is not just offering the great customer service, it means offering the great customer experience. It is the strategy that is based on putting your customer first. Do you know that on an average almost 2 new apps are released every minute but the user only ends up using around 10-15 apps per month?

Some additional tips for App Store Optimization

• The way you present your app page on the app store have an impact on the conversation rate value. So, present your app in the best possible for generating downloads.

• Thumbnails, images, and screenshots are used to promote your app in the app store and they directly impact the click-through rates.

• A/B test each of your app store fields for continually improving the key metrics associated with the fields.

You know the top performing apps in the app store are those that are constantly updated. Apps that get updated more frequently tend to drives more positive and frequent reviews.

Updating your app at regular intervals bring the positive side of your product to your audience and help you to improve the customer experience. Both Google and Apple consider the regularity of app updates as a part of their ranking algorithms.

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