Integration Of Chatbot Into The Mobile Applications

Integration of chatbot
The mobile app technology is gearing up for the future, you can see some emerging trends for app development that can be utilized to increase the overall user experience and engagement. The idea behind adopting those trends is to increase the profit of the business.

Recently, another technology making its way into the mobile applications is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Businesses are utilizing this technology to build the insights that can help in taking the necessary action. When AI combines with Chatbots, they give an excellent mobile app solution.

Now, many people have questions like what is the chatbot? How chatbot is beneficial for the app industry? So, let's start with the basic introduction.

What is Chatbot?

The chatbot is the computer software or an application of Artificial Intelligence which conducts the conversation through auditory or textual methods.

What are the uses of Chatbot?

Chatbot can be used in different ways, that's why it is difficult to define exactly what they are. In fact, every single business or industry can use the chatbot technology. Let's take a look at the possibilities chatbot uses:

  • Takeaway restaurants allow their customers to order from chatbot, either in the store or at home.
  • Sit down restaurants allow customers to order food from their table using a chatbot.
  • Marketing campaigns that ask questions from customers utilize the chatbot.
  • Chatbot helps customers to make e-commerce purchases.
  • Chatbot can be used as customer care support.

These are just few examples of chatbots utilization, the possibilities are infinite.

To understand the nature of chatbot conversations, you have to understand the types of chatbots. Mainly there are three types:

  • Scripted chatbots only follow the predefined paths
  • Intelligent chatbots are built with AI technology, they allow users to input the query in the form of voice or text and then they provide the answer accordingly.
  • Application chatbots interact through a graphical user interface.

Now, let's discuss how to integrate chatbots into the mobile applications.

There are three ways companies can integrate chatbots into mobile apps:

  • Chatbot as an app
  • Chatbot in a tab
  • Chatbot as UI

Chatbot as an app

You just simply integrate the chatbot within a mobile app and distribute it to the app stores. Your main objective with this approach is to provide an always-on channel for your users to perform customer self-service.

Benefits of this approach

  • No data is shared with social networks and third-party companies.
  • Low cost to develop compared to a mobile app with similar features.
  • Removes the complexity of building and supporting the complex UI screens.

Chatbots in a tab

Incorporate the chatbot in already existing apps that have a good user base is the more effective way.

Benefits of this approach

  • You can introduce a chatbot to existing customers.
  • Users have both traditional UI and conversational UI.
  • You can use the authentication mechanism and security options that are already present in the application.

Chatbot as a conversational UI

With this approach you are not dependent on different apps or different channels, you just need to replace the traditional UI with conversational UI.

Benefits of this approach

  • Better engagement of low engagement areas of your mobile app.
  • All the benefits of chatbot as an app and chatbot in a tab.

Chatbots are definitely adding quality to your mobile app, especially with the support of Artificial Intelligence. So, if you want to boost user engagement with your mobile app, you have to consider the chatbot integration.

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