What Are The Important Updates In iOS 12?

iOS 12
Everyone in this world knows about Apple or iPhone and Apple App Store but allow me to give the brief description about the Apple App Store.

So, it is the digital distribution platform, developed and maintained by Apple Inc. The App Store allows users to browse and download the apps developed with Apple’s iOS Software Development Kit (SDK).

The App Store was launched on July 10, 2008, with 500 applications and on July 11, 2008, iPhone 3G was launched with pre-loaded App Store.

You know it is very important to update software regularly to provide the better user experience. So, let’s discuss the iOS 12 update.

Let’s discuss the changes in iOS 12 App Store

Today Page
  • In iOS 12, the previously published content is found under the new section called “You May Have Missed.”
  • Today Page is now more personalized to increase the user experience. Therefore, the content displayed in Today Page is different for different users.

Games and Apps Pages  

The Game Page is now more personalized and shows the recommended games higher up on the list. The App Page is not personalized yet.

Product Page

    • Apps publisher is no longer able to write generic updates about the bug fixes or performance improvements. Now publishers have to write about the actual details of the new update.

  • Apple rejects if the app description contains emojis. After iOS 12, Apple allows using emojis in the app description.


One thing Apple won’t be updating is its privacy policy. All the information generated for the customization of the App Store takes place on the device only, it won’t be shared or sent to the Apple’s server.

FreeTrial and Subscription  

Before iOS 12 only subscription apps were allowed to give the free-trial option but now you can give the free-trial option without subscription.

These are the basic updates in iOS 12. Now let’s see the updates in iOS 12 from the developer’s perspective.

ARKit 2

  • Now, you can use world mapping to bring your app users together and share their AR experiences.

  • You can use ARKit 2 to scan the real-world objects and provide the information about its positioning and movement into your augmented reality apps.

Siri Shortcuts

    • Siri can predict the actions of the user and suggest the shortcuts to the user in place of Spotlights search, Lock Screen, and Siri watch face.
    • You can determine which actions in your app is used by the user more frequently. Your app tells Siri about these actions by specifying them as important shortcuts.
Health Records

Health Kit in iOS 12 allow users to share their medical history with your app and with their permission you can customize your details according to the health records like conditions, labs, medications, vitals, and more.


Stickers from your sticker’s packs and images from iMessage apps appear as effects.

Interactive Control in Notification

Now iOS displays the notification in two stages. Initially, it displays the abbreviate banner with the title, subtitle, and two or four lines of the text body. If the user presses the abbreviated banner iOS displays the full notifications interface.

Authentication Services

The new Authentication Service framework allows integrating with password manager apps with Password AutoFill. You can use the new ASWebAuthenticationSession class to share the login information with your website in Safari and make apps logins simpler.

CarPlay for navigation Apps

CarPlay framework provides the system generated and hosted user interface that allows you to customize the navigation display of your system. It maintains the control over UI elements like touch target size, font size, color, and so on.

Network Framework
  • The new network framework provides a secure connection to send and receive data by using security protocols.
  • Use this network framework if you need direct access to protocols like TLS, TCP, and UDP for your application protocols.

Natural Language

You can utilize the new natural language framework to analyze natural language text. You can also use this framework with ML to train and deploy custom NLP models.


Apple adds depreciation macros to APIs to indicate that this API should not use in a live deployment and if the depreciation occurs then it is not an immediate end of life for the specified API. The depreciated APIs remain present and usable in the system for a reasonable period of time. Deprecated APIs may be removed entirely from the future version of the OS.

As a developer, avoid using depreciated APIs in your code as soon as possible. If your code uses depreciated APIs, then update your code as soon as possible.

Depreciation of OpenGL ES

Apps built using OpenGL ES will run on iOS 12 but OpenGL ES is depreciated in iOS 12. Games and graphics-intensive apps that previously used OpenGL ES should adopt Metal.

Metal is designed to provide the best access to the memory GPUs on iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. Metal allows you to explore the latest graphics processing unit and your apps efficiently utilize the latest rendering techniques.

Many high-level Apple frameworks are built on Metal to take an advantage of its performance, including Core Image, SpriteKit, and SceneKit. Using one of these frameworks provide you the details of GPU programming, but writing custom Metal code allows you to achieve the highest level of performance.

I think the iOS 12 has changed lots of things for the users as well as developers but for developers, it is very important to adapt those changes as soon as possible. It is necessary for developers to get updated with the latest technologies and tools. It is also important for the app development companies to get updated about the changes in the frameworks and platforms to stay in this competitive era.

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