6 Facts You Should Know About App Development

12 Jul 2017

Mobile apps come in many flavors, fitting the requirement Bill of different businesses’ revenue goals. The mobile app usage is ubiquitous and can never be avoided, and the demand for app technology has led many new app development companies to let their expertise handle the various app development requirements for different industry verticals. Unknowingly the growing chaos of mobile app development companies in the app industry sometimes makes the clients go berserk with confusion since they are not much aware of what actually is the app development process and its nitty-gritty. Mobile app development is not a hard nut to crack if it is accomplished with a right mobile app development company, and to achieve this you, certainly not required to be a tech-nerd, but you must have the awareness about the development related facts, which can turn your app development process an experience to be cherished forever. So today I have brought some of the most crucial facts you must know as a client before proceeding with an app development solution for your business needs….just read ahead…

App Development Cost

I know this is the factor, which bugs you most when it comes to adorning the idea of app development. The app cost varies depending on the number of functionalities and the features integrated within, a basic app with the basic functionalities and features can cost you around $5000 least, and it can even go up to $40,000-$80,000 or more depending on the app functionalities. But here I would love to give you a tip, never pick an app development company on the basis of the cost factor, since an app development company charging you less amount for an app project, may not have the required technical expertise to handle the obvious tech-challenges, which generally occur during the app development process, it may sour the condition further, when you would have to hire another app development company to handle your app project, this would only make your app budget go out of the expected range. So the first thing you must learn that which app features you want in your app and pick the app development company on the basis of their technical expertise and exposure only.

Legal Formalities

Yes, this is one other major significant aspect, you should consider religiously. Once everything is said and done, you need to seal the deal with the legal papers, since it helps you to manage any problem, if it may occur with your app development company and would ensure the app developer can never leave you in between the project and it will have all the related app development clauses on which both the parties had agreed upon. Just ensure these papers are duly signed from your app developers by an authorized person before initiating the app development process.

Remain In Touch

App development is a process, not an event, which can happen overnight, so you need to be in constant touch with your app development company and keep yourself abreast with the latest development in the app project. Pay attention to app design, app description, app interface and get them reviewed by your in-house marketing team, so the app can be improved if need be.

App Testing

It’s a request, Do NOT take app testing lightly, this breaks or makes your business revenue goals through your mobile app. Remember, an app is a face of your business, through which your clients interact with your business and pick your services, so if your mobile app, is going to be full of bugs and spontaneous crashes, then no matter how unique your mobile app concept is, it would only bring further harm to your business than any benefits. So get your app well tested before making it live on the app stores, so your users would have a clean and fabulous app to use.

App Marketing

Many clients live with a misconception, that their business and their mobile app are well-planned and unique in their own ways, so they don’t need any marketing. But you are absolutely wrong, because no matter how unique your mobile app is, but unless you market it, it can never be discovered by your potential users. Do you think why? Then let me explain further, app stores are filled with myriad of mobile apps, so in order to get your mobile app acknowledged, you need to promote it through every possible marketing channel, you can give SHOUT about your mobile app on all the Social Media channels, Content Marketing, Keyword based description, App teasers and many more other ways can be picked to promote your mobile app efficiently.

App Features

I know when it comes to your mobile app for your business, you want to offer the best to your users, but that does not mean you would give every feature in the first go only. Your users always need some time to get accustomed with your mobile app, so feeding them with excessive numbers of features, would only confuse them further…Play safe and slow with the first app version and only include the required mobile app features in the first- version and later these features can be added upon according to the user’s requirements.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, there are several more like; build a mobile app not the replica of your website, you should be well aware that what purpose your mobile app is going to serve and the most importantly identify What Your Users Want. I really hope the mentioned facts would help you to hire a perfect mobile app development company for your app project. But if you are looking for a mobile app development Denmark, then Fifium is the answer to your app requirements, Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with the Fifium team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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