Mobile App Development Trends In 2019

Mobile App Development
It is not easy to predict the upcoming trends of 2019, but from the current trends of technology and interest of mobile users, mobile app developers are planning to integrate amazing user experience in mobile apps.

Experts are trying to find different ways to enhance the efficiency of industries with the help of mobile apps. Now, the year is about to end and the top mobile app development agencies are embracing themselves for the coming year. Let’s take a look at the mobile app development trends in 2019

Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

We all know that the cash becoming extinct, people are preferring to pay through the digital wallets. So, it is important for businesses to provide secure payment gateways as well as mobile wallets.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will influence the mobile strategies

AR uses the current situation and covers new data on the top of it and VR generates a completely artificial solution.

AR has a huge impact not only on games but also on social media, Snapchat is the most successful social media platform of AR technology. There are several applications we can find running on the same technology.

VR technology is growing and definitely will boom in 2019, with the rise of associated mobile applications.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the very important part of mobile applications, we can’t neglect its importance in the mobile technology.

AI and ML are accepted by companies to reduce the operational cost and increase productivity. Not only the customer service sector but many industries are revolutionized by AI and ML.

With the help of AI and ML users get the benefits from smarter apps in ways they couldn’t before.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has already got its presence in various industries but we know that there are no limitations or end of opportunities in technology.

IoT is used by retail industry to increase the customer experience and real estate is using IoT to build smart buildings, parking lots, and smart cities. If we talk about the school and colleges the IoT is playing an important role by allowing teachers, students, and parents to stay connected.

IoT help developers to build the more secure applications in the future, it also helps to reduce the development time. Developers and the creator of IoT are working very hard to provide automation in the business processes. IoT will spread faster in the coming year 2019.

Wearables will be the new fashion

The success of the wearable shows the users interest towards the latest technology trends. People using wearables to track their heartbeats, eating habits, and exercise routines.

Both iPhone and Android smartphones are building wearable devices to help users make ease of their lives with the connectivity of mobile apps with the wearable.

Cloud-based mobile applications and Cloud Storage

The way mobile app development and technology is turning, the time is not that far when cloud-based apps will be the necessity. We all know that mobile devices have limited storage and we are not allowed to store more applications if we don’t have sufficient space.

It will not be a problem in the coming years because the issue will be solved by cloud technology. The user will be allowed to save all the data in a specific cloud. So, the limitation of storage in your mobile device will not be the issue.

According to the experts, the cloud-based apps are more secure than the apps save on a hard drive. It is very important for corporations to use cloud-based apps because the security of data is very essential.

Beacons technology

Beacons and location-based applications are booming these days. Beacon apps are not just limited to one or more categories, they are spread across every category. It can be used as a source of information, virtual guide, and etc.

Possibility with beacon and smart Bluetooth technology is really huge and endless. We can see a couple of obvious and innovative way to use this technology.

Accelerated Pages

Do you know what is the turning point of this technology?

When Google presented the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in the market. Google coined the loud statement that they are going to provide an isolated search index for the mobile networks.

Accelerated pages are definitely faster than web applications and ensure the fastest loading time. With the help of accelerated pages examination of the visitor behavior is simple and the disappointment rates are lesser.

Android Instant apps

Android Instant Applications are similar to websites and easy to access. The advantage of Android Instant apps is that they can be accessed from anyplace and doesn’t require installation.

Rising popularity for On-Demand apps

The demand for On-Demand mobile apps is high all-time because the users looking for speed, convenience, and simplicity. Users prefer to use their mobile apps to get instant and personalized service at their place rather than stepping outside and waste energy and money.

Application Security

Security is the biggest factor for any sector, developers and technology experts are always trying to advance the security of applications.

The industries are continuously developing the new technologies and there is no end of updates for new things, developers always analyze advanced technologies for enhancing the user's experience.

We cannot ignore the importance of mobile apps in our daily life. We perform many tasks by using various mobile applications. For businesses,apps are essential tool for successful branding and reputation management, they help to increase the growth rate and the profit.

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