How would you know when your Mobile app needs a major update

12 Sep 2017
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In today’s era, the mobile phones are almost everything for a business. Just like we upgrade and brush-up our knowledge from time to time, the mobile app also requires the functional touch ups to meet the market demands. Most of the mobile apps are updated regularly, but those updates are just the minor ones. The minor update is mainly related to small tweaks, minor additions, introducing small features or bug fixing. A major update cannot be as frequent as a minor update, but with a lapse of time, your app actually needs to have it. It is crystal clear that the mobile app needs a major update, but how would you know that when your app actually needs a major update or what are the instances and events, which indicates the need for a major update. Below listed are a few instances indicating, the requirement for a major update.

  • New app design

Designing of an app is a crucial factor for any product development. Any update relating to UI and UX of the app, is considered to be vital, as the UX and UI make the app user friendly, which is appreciated by the users. A good UX and UI design create quality and satisfactory interaction between a consumer and a company’s product/services. As technology changes, the way people interact with it and the expectations they have about how it should work also changes. Updating the UX and UI allows you to fulfill the changing consumer expectations as well as the changing market trends, which the aging Codebase lacks in. The UX and UI update help in making your application more cohesive yet more powerful. Therefore, getting a new design for your app, calls for a major update.

  • New app feature

One of the most suitable ways to know that whether your app actually requires a major update is, by closely observing your app features. The users opt only for the app which contains the latest features, according to them, the app with the latest features, is the best. In order to be in the list of the apps which the users prefer, your app needs to have the latest features in it. While analyzing your app features, you might come across the various features that are missing, which you think would bring an essential impact on the user experience and updating these features in your app can actually benefit you.

  • Outdated Codebase

Just take a look at your mobile phone configuration and the apps which you use. Are they the same as they were the last year? No, of course they have changed. Codebase is the complete source code required to maintain application functionality or implementation of that source code, which needs to be updated time to time. A Codebase created a few years back stands obsolete, which affects the user experience. Updating a Codebase lowers the complexity, enhances the speed, allows automated tests and provides many other benefits. To avail to these benefits, a major update is required.

  • Extending to various devices and platforms

In order to reach a large number of users, it is important to be flexible and extend to various devices and platforms. The reason why you need the app extension is, it helps you to extend custom functionality and content beyond your app and makes it available to the users while they are interacting with the other apps. Extending to other devices or platforms means, you have to rework on the app code entirely. As a result of that, a significant amount of modifications is required, which actually means a major update for your app.

  • Performance

The performance of an app can be another major concern. Timely monitoring and managing the performance of an app is necessary. It is important to detect and diagnose complex application performance programs to maintain an expected quality service, which the users demand. In order to maintain the quality service and bring in the changes or improvements, which the users demand, you need to have a major update for your app.

  • User feedback

Another way to evaluate an app is by looking at in-app reviews. The feedback obtained from in-app reviews can be crucial, as it helps in detecting the major flaws that needs improvement. Although we need not to be fully dependent on user review, comparing the reviews we can get to the right picture. Through the analysis, we can decide whether we need a major update or not.

So in a nutshell, there is a need of time to time updates and improvements, regardless of the type of app that you have. Trends are changing faster than what we actually think, and to keep up with the trends it is important to introduce a major update of your app in the market. There is always a room for improvement, which can be a step forward to achieve success. Taking into account the above discussed points, it would be easier for you to know when actually your app needs a major update. To get the major update for your app, you can consult to FIFIUM- a mobile app development company in Denmark. FIFIUM provides quality service to the clients; it works in best possible ways, keeping in mind the requirements of the clients and their business.

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