What Are The Tips For Testing Apps

13 Oct 2017
testing apps

In spite of the confirmation received from the app developers, their apps crash, regardless of the platform. People complain that their devices crash apps more than the others, but the devices are not merely responsible for crashing applications, rather some of the apps crash because of issues within themselves. The mobile apps do crash and the reason why they crash is the poor testing of the apps. There are numerous reasons behind this, and to tackle this problem the app is required to be tested again and again. Let us take a look at the tips for testing apps, which are mentioned below.

  • Cultivate a testing culture
  • Maximize the test coverage
  • Conduct code revisions
  • Refine and optimize
  • Use a cloud service to test on more devices
  • Testing on the deviceTest on multiple real devices
  • Test on rooted devics
  • Don’t forget performance testing
  • Build frequency
  • Build scalability into writing and test for it
  • Consider the merits of closed versus open beta tests
  • Source your beta testers through multiple channels
  • Detailed bug reports
  • Leveraging test results
  • Define your support policy

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