Why choose Fifium?

13 Jul 2017
fifium blog

When you look for a business partner in any area, you normally look for someone with great experience and high quality to a competitive price.

A really important factor in deciding the best supplier, is the service and the way things are handled. We personally believe that every customer should be hand carried in each step of the process whether it’s shopping for shoes or an IT solution for your company. There’s nothing worse than signing a business agreement, and from there on not knowing what is going on behind the curtains. Every client should always feel unique and get good value for their money.

At Fifium we provide that. Every time.

  • What we do.

Fifium is an IT company that specializes in app development. Any project is interesting to us, as our clients keep coming up with brilliant new ideas for us to plant in the world. With our many years experience developing IT solutions, we provide any kind of coding that you’ve heard of. We take great pride in supplying our customers with high quality apps up to date with the newest trends. We have done apps in a various range of branches. All from social networking, finances, travel, sports and much more. At Fifium we always make sure that our customers feel safe. It’s very important for us that everything is transparent and there are no loose ends.

We have headhunted some of the best developers with different qualities, to make sure that we can live up to every client's needs and provide the highest quality of apps.

  • How we do it.

When you got a great idea for a new innovative app, but don’t know where to start - contact Fifium, we’ll listen to all your ideas and dreams and transform that into an amazing app. You’ll get front seats to everything concerning building your new app, and we’ll do all the hard work it takes to complete a successful app.

By following our very simple yet very effective developing process we make sure that every corner and stone gets turned. Our team is extremely detailed and tests everything before it goes to the customer.  The most important area for us is the user feedback and client testimonials. That’s how we continue getting better at what we do. Take a look at our development process below:

  1. The first step is to cook up a detailed requirement specification. This will allow us to give you a complete quotation for your project.
  2. After you’ve approved the price and time frame we’ll begin planning. We’ll look at technical requirements, wire frames of the entire app, database design, graphic examples and a complete overview of the project and time plan.
  3. The plan is chopped into 4 to 5 milestones, as is your payment. This way, your last payment will be at the finish line, when we deliver the complete app.
  4. Afterwards Fifium will always stand ready to help further with launching, maintenance, further development and much more.
  5. How was the process experience for the customer? Here is where we get our grade, and it allows us to keep doing great work, and even improve upon our process.
  • Who we are.

Fifium is a Danish owned IT company specializing in app development located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. The founders of Fifium are all former military men, so delivering on time is not a question, it’s a fact. We keep our deadlines and at the same time we deliver the best apps for our clients.

We take great pride in handpicking the best candidates for selling and developing apps and other IT solutions. Our main goal is to give our clients exactly the app they imagined. We simply want to make your ideas come true. We always make sure to keep our developers up to date in terms of the latest technologies, coding and trends. We want to be the best in every aspect of app developing and IT solutions.

All we ask for is for you to give us a chance; we guarantee that you will not regret it.

You can find us at : Frederiksgade 7, 1265 Copenhagen K.

Or contact us at contact@fifium.com / +4550898989

We hope to hear from you.