Most Common Myths About Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing
When it comes to mobile app testing, there are so many myths and you know what is the most shocking thing, many companies believe in those myths. Testing helps to find bugs and provides reliable feedback, beta testers and professional testers help to find the bugs and they also provide the necessary information to improve the app performance before launch.

Let's understand some myths in detail and find out more.

Looks are more important than features

The first impression is the last impression, that's why visual testing and user acceptance testing are important but you should not just focus your test on the visual and design aspects of your application. Features need to be completely tested as well, especially the workflow that is important for overall user experience. The look of the UI doesn't matter if you don't deliver the important features with the smooth user experience.

It's ok to run your tests on the single device

There are lots of reasons to run your tests on a variety of devices. If you only test your app on the single device then you probably miss the major bugs that only be surfaced on the other devices. To ensure the success of the app you have to test your application on the multiple devices on the real-time scenarios. It is also important to test on both Android and iOS platforms and on the different OS versions to ensure the greatest coverage.

Having an in-house testing infrastructure and managing devices are easy

Maintaining an in-house infrastructure is complicated and managing a fleet of the device is not easy. You may end up spending so much time and money to create something that does not fulfill your requirements. Device management takes a lot of time and money because it needs to be constantly updated with the latest versions of OS and applications. If you are thinking about Android or iOS emulators or simulators, they also need to be maintained and upgraded. The cloud solution is the best option for both iOS and Android because cloud vendor is responsible for updating the devices to the latest OS and providing the highly secure solution.

Exploratory testing is all you need

Exploratory testing is an important component of the overall testing strategy because it identifies the important bugs quickly. To implement the exploratory testing effectively, testers need to be familiar with the application, behavior of the target user, and the variety of test methods. Sometimes, relying completely on the exploratory testing exposes you to the risk that a key feature may not be tested. That's why exploratory testing should always be matched with the set of pre-defined documented tests that ensure the most important application feature sets and workflows are functioning as expected.

Code coverage is the ultimate measures of quality

Code coverage is important to track and ensure that the key features of your applications and the most common workflows have tests associated with them. The combination of automated tests, exploratory testing, and beta testing provide better and faster results than just focusing on code coverage. The percentage of code coverage will not matter if a key feature is missed.

Performance and functionality tests are the same

This is the most ridiculous myth about mobile app testing. According to this myth, you don’t need to test performance if you have checked your functionality. You have to understand that getting the app run and getting the app run successfully are two different things. If your app fails to perform and the user has to wait more than 5 seconds, then your app is history. Test both performance and functionality completely to ensure the success of your app.

Post-production mobile application testing

Many developers believe in testing their mobile app post-production. According to them, it gives real insight. However, in the real world, there are problems like poor network conditions, measure the root cause of the problem, and reproduce the same scenario. If the testing is performed in the peak hours, then usability might be affected and if it is not performed in peak hours, you may not get the real problem.

Testing is time-consuming and gives low ROI

Many people believe that testing can be time-consuming and may give the low ROI but mobile app testing is surely less costly than the cost of having a failed application. If you maintain regular testing system during the application development, you can reduce the time taken for mobile application testing but also the cost associated with it.

Testing always comes after development

Forget about the old way where development goes first and then testing. Nowadays, companies incorporate testing during the development, QA team quickly finds out and informs the development team and get these bugs fixed. Even if 10% of the code changes in the app, the whole development, and the testing cycle will be extended.

Mobile traffic is nothing to do with the back-end system

You cannot do much about mobile networks but you have to test your app's performance during high traffic and even moderate traffic. If your app is not tested against traffic then it can bring down your system.

The mobile app testing is important, if you want a successful mobile app, don’t fall prey to the myths of mobile application testing. Get your app tested since early development. It is very important for you to ensure that your app functions smoothly, performs quickly, and works under all conditions.

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