Must Have Features For The News App Development

15 Nov 2017
news app development

Few years ago, people relied on the newspapers for the latest headlines. After that when radio and television entered the market, people had another option to catch the latest happenings. But in today’s hectic world, people are so occupied with their work that they hardly manage some time to take rest, and in such case, catching the latest news updates may be difficult for them. To make it easier for the users to get access to the news over their smartphones, most of the newspapers and news channels have joined, and some are still joining the mobile app trend, by introducing themselves to the news app development.

Without any doubt, media has gone digital. News lovers are moving towards the news apps, to stay updated; the mobile apps have become their primary method of keeping up with the latest headlines, investigative reports, and other important happenings. The content which the users mainly access through the mobile phones is the news apps, which enables the users to be on top of what is happening not just within their locality, but also with the current world events. Thus, the urge of people to go through high-quality content including news, has led to the upsurge of the news app.

With dozens of news apps penetrating in the market, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get into the readers’ hands. But, with this blog, we will help you to know how your news app can stand out, in this highly competitive market. A well-designed app has some unique features to engage the audience at all levels, and also it permits the app managers to manage the app’s content in an effective manner. Without wasting much time, let us discuss some of the must-have features.

  • Attractive UI

All of us are aware of the saying, “first impression is the last impression”. It is true in the case of the mobile apps also. In order to impress the readers at the very first sight, an attractive UI is highly beneficial. Thus, it is important that the app leaves a mark on the users. Also, during the app development process, developers need to make sure that the content of the app is distributed in such a way, that the screen does not appear crowded with the content. Thus, distraction can be just one icon away; any weakness in the UI design can be lethal.

Content filtering

The option of filtering the content based on different categories should be incorporated into the app, to cater the audience of diverse taste and sensibilities. Hence, the users can view the news that matters to them the most, and discard the useless one.

• Easy offline access

It is not important that the users have access to the internet 24/7. Thus, offline access is a must-have feature in the news app. When a user is not online due to some reasons, he/she can easily access to the news, with the help of this feature. As the news is downloaded in the cache of the app, whenever the app connects to the web, this allows the users to get easy access, even without the internet connection.

• Option to resize the font

This feature enables to zoom in the content, which is displayed on the app screen; this feature facilitates the viewers to read the news easily, without putting any strain on the eyes. This feature is highly beneficial for the readers with weak eyesight, for whom it is difficult to read the small fonts. Thus, with this option, the readers can resize and adjust the font as per their requirements.

• Content sharing

The content sharing feature enables the users to share what they read on the app. They can share this content, on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others, which increases the views of the app. This also gives the users an amazing experience.

• Premium content

As per owner’s wish, a separate section of premium content can be added to the app that can be available for your privileged customers.

• Effective CMS

Within the news app, you also get a content management system that simplifies the process of updating the content on the news app.

The mobile app market is ripe for cultivation, and with the amazing features that are mentioned-above, news apps can provide a lot of benefits, to the owners, as well as to the end users. A few of the benefits are:

  • Simplified revenue model
  • Interest generator
  •  Promotional tool
  • Engagement portal
  • 24/7 access
  • High ROI
  • Increases personalization
  • Access to national as well as international news

Unlike the other apps, the news apps are pretty straightforward. A news app has simple goals; it captures and retains readers’ attention, and repeats this process, several times a day. If these features are kept in mind, you will definitely cater an amazing news app, which will help the users get the real-time updates. In today’s generation, the newspapers and the media are rapidly turning its way of presenting towards the internet, so, what are you waiting for. The mobile app tsunami has just begun to unfurl, don’t be sacred and get into it. At this stage, whenever anyone wants to know what’s happening around the world, he/she turns to the best news app only. So, in order to be successful, you need to be on top of the users’ list.

There are endless opportunities to explore for the news industry, by making it mobile-driven. Thus, you need to assign a group of outstanding app developers, for building your app right and promote it wisely.

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