Must Have Features in Enterprise Apps to Enhance the Engagement

15 Mar 2018
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The success of Global organizations is now because of the enterprise apps. Enterprise Apps play an important role in the businesses which are globally spread. Employees can contribute to your business from anywhere in the world. Small scale or large scale businesses, enterprise apps are useful for all types of firms. This increases your employee engagement, communication and efficiency, thus leading to another level of success.

If you are an entrepreneur, you must know how important is to create a comfortable environment for your employees. Development of Apps like this must have some important features to enhance the engagement of employees. Let’s discuss some of these points:

Easy Communication

Enterprise apps have different types of messaging features such as instant messages, chat boxes or emails. They can share all kinds of documents, files, videos or images. Your employees will be able to communicate with each other instantly, regardless of the day or time. They can keep a track of their tasks or duties. This app will help the employees to talk about their issue or update the work status to you. This will also help you to know more about your employees’ work and their efficiency.


One of the most important factors of the enterprise app is the security. The employees tend to share confidential and important data through their own devices without realizing the risk of security lapse. If there will be any loopholes regarding the app security, it will be a major loss for you. The employees should feel free to share information within this app.

Record Book

The employees meet up with many clients, it’s not feasible for employees or professionals to remember all the details of the clients (email ids, contact numbers or addresses). Enterprise app allows you to add any number of contacts. In this app, you can acquire all the information with just one tap.

The marketing head can also contact the potential customers or vendor more easily and you can also keep a check with the managers of different departments to analyze the work flow.

Chats or Messages

Enabling chats and messages help the interaction to be done smoothly and comfortably between the employees or employee to the manager or between different departments. They can chat at any time and from anywhere. During the execution of a project, the team members can face many issues, they can easily contact the project manager or discuss in the group, for clarification. They can share the details of the chat and share it with the other departments instantly.

I recommend you to integrate the in-built chat feature for the security purposes. Here you can share the in-built rights to the trusted administrators, and they will further give the rights to the employees who will create the group or can see the content.

Business Updates

It’s very important for your employees or the management department, to get updated with the information related to the business.

The technology keeps on changing and new policies or rules are made by the government; all these changes can be shared among your organization members through this app by writing articles or blogs. This will help the employees to get the right information at the right time and get updated with the latest market trends. It will help the business to cope up with the latest technology more quickly.

Robust Cloud Networking

Cloud Networking System allows the employees to work remotely. It enables them to store files and application on the cloud servers, at one place itself which will be easy for the members to find any information. The data is safely secured on the cloud servers, and the cloud storage has the feature of storage back-up too.

This feature will enhance the productivity and the efficiency of the employees.

Engagement of Employees

By increasing the engagement of employees in various phases of business, makes them work together and come to a unanimous decision. This will encourage them to communicate and help each other and work as one unit. You can involve them in taking important decisions, this will make them feel their importance to the company and they will show more dedication towards their work.

The smoother the workflow, the better will be the outcome. Employee Engagement is thus very important for the business as well as the employee’s well-being.

In-Built Calendar Facility and Push Notifications

The organization is expected to follow strict deadlines regarding the completion of tasks or projects. So here an inbuilt calendar will help you to meet the deadlines or other important schedules.

Apart from that, this feature can be used for daily tasks that organization has to perform on regular basis. Every employee can use this feature to get reminded of their day to day work. This feature has also an advantage of performing through push notifications. It will give you or the employees a reminder regarding meetings or an urgent work if any in the process. Important notifications are sent through messages too. This feature helps in organizing the work and meeting properly.

Development of App in the organization sector like the enterprise app has become the most important app for the successful operation of an organization. For employees, this app is very beneficial as it offers them various facilities to work efficiently and effectively. However, for an enterprise app to be productive, you have to add the above features according to your employees’ needs and also considering all other factors in the organization.

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