Reason Why Businesses Must Adopt Voice-Enabled Mobile Apps

voice enabled mobile apps
Mobile apps have become a need for both users and businesses. At one point, businesses want to create the mobile app to reach their targeted audience, on the other people want apps to ease out various time taking tasks, such as buying, money transferring and more.

With the abundance of mobile apps in the respective stores, voice-enabled mobile apps are grasping the attention of both users and businesses. Experts asserted that the voice-enabled mobile apps are about to transform the overall app development scenarios. Mobile app development companies are engaged in embedding the voice recognition technology in apps on the demands of users. Let’s know more about the voice-enabled mobile app.

Voice-enabled mobile apps

The mobile apps integrated with voice recognition and speech technology are known as voice-enabled mobile apps. These types of mobile apps get controlled by the commands of human voice. These apps work in the following steps.

  • Users invoke the mobile app by speaking
  • Voice recognition technology process the spoken words and converts them into text or commands
  • Converted text or command works as the input for the app and generates output accordingly.

This mechanism makes voice-enabled mobile apps popular among people, and current market scenarios show that users are inclined toward voice-enabled mobile apps.

If you want a mobile app for your business, then voice-enabled mobile app can set your app apart from the other apps, in the respective store. In this post, we are discussing some reasons for adopting voice-enabled mobile apps for your business.

  • The trend of voice command is increasing

In 2018, lots of technological advancements took place. However, the use of voice recognition technology in mobile apps earned greater attention.  Researchers have predicted the constant growth of voice recognition technology in the future.  The customers are becoming more dependent on speech command to manage search queries, and it will increase the trend of voice-enabled mobile apps in the future.

We are on the verge of complete search revolution.  As the trend is growing, use of voice-enabled mobile apps to search product will also grow.

  • Allow Users To Interact With App Hands Free

With the voice-enabled apps, users can interact with the app without using their hands. With voice-enabled technology, users can use the app while working, traveling and so on. It reduces the use of hands and gives users ease and efficiency. Suppose, if your mobile app is a shopping platform, users can easily search and order the products.  This functionality is carving out a new niche for mobile apps.

  • Lower App Development Cost

Nowadays, the cost of developing voice-enabled mobile apps is feasible. In past, it used to take years to develop a speech algorithm. However, now there are several technologies available to make a voice-enabled mobile app. With the speech SDK, app developers can embed Automatic Speech Recognition in the app. Besides, Text of Speech (TTS) can also be deployed in apps or remote cloud using the SDK. Moreover, with the speech-to-text recognition APIs, there is no need to develop the technology from ground level. Hence the app development cost doesn’t rise at a greater extent. To include voice-enabled feature into the mobile app, business should hire mobile app development company.

  • Save Time

The voice command helps in multitasking and takes less cognitive load in comparison of entering text or navigation. Hence it saves time. Suppose, you want to select more than one item from a long item list, and you don’t want to read and select one by one. A voice enabled app can utter all the items and you can select the items, verbally. It saves your time and spares you from unnecessary actions.

  • More User-friendly App

Speech recognition technology makes user-interaction easier with the mobile app and helps in avoiding errors in modality. Users can easily operate the mobile app with voice commands.

  • Users can Work precisely

Using voice enabled mobile apps users can work precisely, as typing errors can be avoided. It provides higher productivity by streamlining operations.

  • Delightful User Experience

Real life communication is better than any other type of communication. People like to hear a pleasant voice more than reading a whole journal, similarly, everyone doesn’t enjoy writing. Adding voice enabled features, you can make your app delightful and entertaining, with the help of variants of voices with different languages.

A voice enabled app can surge the convenience and user-friendliness for your customers. People speak nearly three time faster rather than typing on phone, and here the significance of voice technology emerges. Users don’t have to make several taps and clicks for single action with the voice-enabled mobile app, they can directly interact with the app through voice. The quality of apps constantly improves with voice recognition. Even in noisy room, host voice recognition function can help users. This ability makes voice-enabled mobile apps reliable.

The voice recognition technology has various abilities including personalized responses, voice push notification, pay by voice and more. Owing to these abilities, it is growing as the next big thing in the field of mobile app development. Several businesses are devising unique ways to integrate the technology in to their mobile apps. It gives natural-language user interaction and offers convenience and hassle-free operations. Integrating voice assistance in your app can help your businesses grow in a different manner.

Voice recognition technology has immense potential. In the future, wearable devices will prompt the adoption of speech in mobile apps.Securing a voice-enabled mobile app will be worthy for your business as they have the potential to retain users.

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