Simplest Ways to Name Your App

2 May 2018
udvikling af app

The process of development of the app is the second stage, but before that, every app has to deal with is finding a right name to go along with it.

An app name might sound the easiest step for some of you since it is just a name…right????

No absolutely wrong, an app name clearly dictates the app’s identity and its genre and within those little but meaningful characters you include the complete essence of the app genre, functionality and the features and the targeted audience as well…

This much in a mobile app name???

Yes, this much and much beyond this as well…

You would be surprised to know that most of the mobile app’s gain attention from their targeted audience, just due to the unique mobile app name… and at the same time, many mobile apps fail to secure valid attention despite having recognition-worth features just because of the mobile app name.

So it concludes that a few letters word, describing your mobile app, needs to be different and cannot be picked as the random choice from your end.

Now the question comes, how to name an app? actually, it sounds more nerve-attacking after reading the worth of the mobile app…but actually it is not as that horrific process, as it might have sounded to you, rather it can be done with the integration of few and the cautious steps you consider while naming your app…

Hmmmm sounds great, but still, it is confusing….

So what to do next???

I think it would be best if you would read my post and unleash the secrets yourself….

It indeed sounds great now….let’s read ahead…

The Name Must Convey Relation With The App

Your app name is something which cannot be near or far from your app’s genre, it must speak the direct relation it shares with your mobile app and describes the app’s functionalities more clearly. For instance, when you notice the most used app by each of us WhatsApp has a simple but very descriptive name, which clearly shows its major functionalities without a fail.

So sit and analyze what describes your app better, an industry, a feature or the functionality…and pick a name accordingly.

App Name Should Not Be A Tongue Twister

A mobile app would have a variety of users, and your ultimate aim is to make your app a household name, but this can only be possible when a common user not just the specific set of users, are able to pronounce without twisting and twirling their tongues inside out.

Your app name needs to be simple without any specific pronunciation guidelines, which would help the users to feel connected to your app.

Check The Name Availability

I suggest not to pick just one name, rather pick few more options…


The reason is very simple when you have picked an app name, there are chances the same name app already exists in the app store or maybe something similar is already present there. You need to be prudent enough not to pick something similar or existing name with a spelling change, since it would only confuse the users, and they would never be able to distinguish your app from the other.

So if you will have few options ready with you, then you can pick the right choice for your app effortlessly…

These are some of the ways which help you to pick a right app name for your mobile app, but there are some other factors involved with your app as well, which you need to consider and should not be missed…

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