Social Media Don’ts for App Marketing

20 Sep 2017
Social Media

In today’s era, the importance of social media has grown by leaps and bounds. In context with online marketing, social media can be a reliable asset. Most of the businesses are switching to the social media for app marketing. Social media is the best option, especially for the ones who have a tight budget. Social media can be helpful in most of the things, be it product advertising, announcements or service promotion, it provides quick and efficient results. With limited efforts and investments, social media allows the advertisers to reach a huge potential audience with rejuvenating impact.

With the help of social media, you can reach to a much wider audience and can target those people who are interested in your brand. Alas, there are certain social media Don’ts for app marketing. The Don’ts if considered while app marketing, can certainly help you. A few of them are mentioned below.


  • Exaggerating

Boasting about your product on social media is not at all a constructive thought. Just for the sake of attracting the customers, making false impressive statements, may end in a very ridiculous way. Deceiving people can injure the image of your app, misrepresenting your apps functionality, may attract many new customers, but what about the time when they will not get what they are promised. It will end in losing the other customers as well. You should speak only what your app can actually offer, making false statements can hamper the loyalty factor and the outcome of it will be that the customers will dispose the app.

  • Negative comments

It is not important that your app will always get positive reviews or comments. Hence, you need to tackle with the negative comments as well. These negative comments, add a touch of reality to your user reviews. It is oblivious, no one feels good seeing the negative comments, but instead making those comments the weakness for your app try to work and transform them as the strengths for your app. The most important thing is, DO NOT DELETE (DND) those negative comments.

Deleting the negative comments makes it even worse for you, as it may hurt the ego of the app haters. Working on the negative feedback is the best solution, analyzing the negative feedbacks and work on them in the best possible way. It is to be remembered always that never to delete the comments and always reply them. It is important to derive constant feedback in order to recognize the stumbling block.

  • Marketer or a friend

The social media platform requires a friendlier approach rather than being a marketer. At the time of advertising your app on the social media, it is important to act as a friend rather than being a marketer, who pushes the product. In order to convince the people, it is important to build a healthy conversation, which is only possible by being a friend to the people, as it connects you more effectively with the customers.

  • Neglect your audience

Neglecting your audience is one of the worst social media sins. The Audience is the main focus of using social media for app marketing. Leaving any genuine question unanswered can leave a negative impact over your audience. Understanding your audience is a really important aspect of using social media for app marketing. Get engaged with the audience as much as you can.

  • Remain silent

Being silent on the social media sites is not considered to be a good thing. How you respond to potential criticism can make as well as break your brand reputation. Keep monitoring the activities across your social media platforms. You need to keep a check over the on-going activities as well as you need to react on every activity as per the requirement of the moment.Taking active part in the day to day social media activities, portrays your interest towards the audience. Therefore, becoming a silent viewer will not work.

  • Irrelevant information

It is understood that you need to talk about your app, in order to spread the word. It is required that the information you are providing to the audience is relevant. The audience is least interested in reading about you and your achievements, so you need to make sure that the information, which you are providing to the audience, makes sense. The content you post need to be interesting at the same time helpful to the audience.

  • Using Same strategy

Never use the same strategies for different social media platforms. Promoting strategy of an app depends upon the social media platform on which you are promoting your app. Always remember that every social media platform has different dynamics and needs to be utilized accordingly. Every social media platform has different kind of users. Therefore, you need to think and customize your planning individually for every social media platform.

Social media can be vital for making your app popular. The primary reason of using social media for app marketing is that you can connect with the users in an effective way as well as can find more potential users for your app.

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