The Important Features for Developing Health and Fitness app

27 Jun 2018
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In today’s generation everyone wants to remain healthy and fit and in order to do so they make resolution and make pledge to maintain a healthy diet and to do workout regularly to cut overweight. But most of the people don’t find proper time to visit gym due to their busy schedule. Even these problems have been solved by the mobile industry as they make your phone a gym center. They have developed various apps which take care of your diet, calories burn, steps walked today so you keep motivated and keep doing exercises regularlyand the app will maintain your record in the app. Thus, to make an app you should keep the following things in mind.

There are 4 types of health and fitness apps:

  • Activity training app: These apps basically help in tracking our physical moments and record them, so afterward users can set their goals and remain healthy. These apps make records of your calories burned in a day, steps taken while cycling, walking, jogging. These all things are recorded due to the help of sensors build in your smartphones they provide accurate data about your physical movements.
  • Apps for exercise and workout: These apps are basically made to play the role of your gym trainer. These apps are very useful for those who don’t have time to go to gym due to busy schedule. They help you by giving all information about different exercises for different purpose and you can select one or more which suits you, it also changes your exercise on daily basis or after some time so that your muscles get more flexible.One can also customize their exercise routine in order to cut the overweight and remain healthy.
  • Diet and nutrition app: These apps play a role of dietician in your life. Taking proper diet regularly is as important as doing exercise regularly so that it gives us energy to do the exercise. Most of the people complain about their improper diet. So, these apps will perform all such activities for you and will help you in following a strict diet plan.
  • Yoga and meditation app: These apps help in demonstrating different types of asana and pranayama, which we can copy and do so in order make yourself healthier. Beside of demonstrating they also contain the benefit of that asana and pranayama.


Now let’s discuss some feature that must be used to make an app of health and fitness:

  • Registration process: User needs to create an account by giving his name, sex, email id, phone number so that the health records can be sent to their mail or phone regularly and keep the users motivated towards their workout and diet.
  • Building a user profile: This requires the users to enter their personal data like weight, height, age, body type, allergic to something or not.
  • Connecting app with wearable devices: Developer should make an app which can be connected to other devices also, so the user can keep a record of daily workout easily and efficiently.
  • Keeping a track record of workout and diet: Developer should make an app which can keep the record of the calories burnt in a day, steps walked, how much weight reduced and how much height is increased. Not only this, the user can also modify their schedule according to their convenience and needs.
  • Facility of Geo location: Geo location is the most useful feature of the smartphone as it keeps track on your direction and in the similar way it keeps track during your exercise. It monitors the routes and direction you are following during jogging, walking.
  • Push notification option: There should be reminder or notification feature in the app so you never miss your workout and training session. It also not let you skip your daily diet but also makes you aware of the new features updated in-app.


Now discuss features that are pivotal for admin panel

  • Creating Dashboard: Dashboard contains the data of all users and admin can also check that data for the welfare of users.
  • Loyalty programs and rewards: You should give rewards to the users who are loyal to their daily routine diet and workout schedule. It also helps in marketing.
  • Records of the payments: Admin records the payments made by users towards the gym trainers for doing live sessions.

So these health and fitness apps are very useful for those who can’t go to the gym. So, you have to be very careful during developing an app and adding features to it and this is also a very daunting and tedious task for the programmer to make such an app so that all the features are effective when users use the app and it should be attractive so, customers don’t get bored from it.

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