Things You Should Know About Social Media App Development

21 Nov 2017
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Hey, do you know she is not on Facebook? What is it? Not on Facebook, that’s weird. These are things discussed in social gatherings, these days. Today everyone is using social media apps to get socialize and build a network. We all are aware of the power and the reach of social media. The various social media platforms have become an integral or indispensable part of our lives.

From a business’s perspective, the niche of social media is one of the most promising markets. Although, this segment is densely occupied with dominant players, the rapid evolution of technology is constantly opening up new opportunities for the businesses. Most of the businesses depend on these social media platforms heavily, as these apps can help them to reach out to a large group of audience. Keeping aside the monetary aspect, these apps can be instrumental in bringing social change and act as a platform for a revolution.

Why are social media apps so popular?

Think of life a few years ago, a handful of people were aware of social media apps. The popularity of social networking sites has rapidly increased over the past few years. When social media apps were released, the marketers were giddy with excitement. One reason why social media apps are becoming more and more popular is that they give people a voice. Earlier, only celebrities, politicians, and other famous people got exposure in the media, but today, anyone can present themselves, their ideas, beliefs, and opinions using these online social media tools. Social media apps provide many services and benefits to its users, such as helping them to connect with new people across the world, share opinions with like minded people, and stay in touch with friends, and much more. One of the most important as well as the best part is that these apps are free of cost for their users.

Social media networks won’t stop being popular, and even if some get forgotten or lose their popularity other forms of social networking tools will definitely come to replace them. We are social beings, we need social interaction, and we have found an efficient way to get it through technology.

Must-Have Features In A Social Media App

Social media is taking over, and the only way for a business to remain relevant is to adapt to the climate. A strategic social media app developed for your business can give you an edge over the competition. For aspiring app developers, social media mobile app development company is only in its beginning stage and has a lot of room for improvements.

For a successful social media app, you need to know what features your users are looking for. In this blog, we will help you to get a better insight of what features will help your app to be successful. Here is a list of must-have features in a social media app

  • Registration and login process
  • Members listing
  • User profile
  • Messages
  • Privacy settings
  • Search option
  • Push notifications
  • Group join and create
  • Event join and create
  • Add and remove friends
  • Share updates, videos and photos
  • Get notified when friends like or comment on your post
  • Tagging
  • Upload from gallery or camera
  • Post anything, from anywhere
  • Edit, share, comment and like photos
  •  User-friendly

These are the features for the users. There are some necessary features for the admin as well.

  •  Able to manage the groups, events etc.
  • Able to get the feedback of the users
  • Able to see the listing of members and can manage
  • Able to remove any photo or post and even make it as spam

Benefits of social media apps

Some will tell you that it is just a childish whim to invest in such sphere, but believe me, social media apps have a lot in store for you. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of social media app development.

Brand Promotion and Users’ Loyalty

When we create something, we dream to make it famous as well as profitable. Social media applications are the key tool to pump up the revenue and obtain new sales channels. When you present your business a social media app, it facilitates the users to search your product easily and connect with you in real-time, without unnecessary phone calls. This increases customer loyalty and makes your brand recognizable.

Faster Services and Product Demonstration

Not only social media provides a broad range of customers, but also ensures a fast and easy way to display the products directly to the buyers along with the special offers. Such kind of marketing pitch encourages loyal customers, to participate more and spread the word about your products.

Ensures Specific and Targeted Advertising

Social media is the cheapest way to market your product, to a specific and targeted audience. With this, you can market your product to some groups of people that are sorted out by age, gender, location, hobbies or lifestyles.

Priceless Insight of Your Target Audience

When it comes to social media apps, there is a whole user profile with valuable information about the habits, preferences, opinions, and interests. Social media app offers you to track discussions that involve your brand. With all these information, you can generate pinpoint offers or improve your products in a way to meet the expectations of the users.

Social media apps offer enormous benefits to the businesses. So, don’t miss the opportunity and get your social media app developed today. Hopefully, with this blog, we are able to give a better insight of social media app development.

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