Tips To Get Perfect UI For Your Mobile App

2 Nov 2017

All of us agree to the fact that we first buy something from our eyes, and this is actually true. This statement is completely justified, from our daily experiences, and it is applicable in the case of mobile apps also. When a user looks at the app, the first thing that catches the user’s attention is the mobile app design, or the way app actually looks. The UI design is the basic deciding factor behind the success or the failure of the app. Your app UI permits the users to judge your app at the very first sight, and it depends on your UI, whether they download it or switch to another.

Expecting the users to welcome your app can only be possible if your UI design has the WOW factor in it. Mobile UI design is an important factor when you consider how users perceive, utilize, and enjoy your mobile app. A proper UI design can lead to an improved UX and boost your retention rates. Thus, for an app success, UI is a thing that you cannot afford to miss. It is not impossible to get an eye catchy UI, but for that, you have to simply keep in mind some of the tips. In this blog, you will be able to solve the mystery of a successful UI/UX design.

  • Keep it simple

The key for a great UI design is to keep it simple. While designing the app, the thing that needs your consideration is, you are making an app for the users, and not for yourself. Not every user is a technical person, they often get annoyed when their phones are full of complicated visual stimulations; therefore, you need to keep in mind that your app should be simple enough to operate. People like simplicity and they do not like to spend an hour trying to figure out how an app works. Therefore, you need to keep your UI/UX design clean. It would be tempting to clutter your UI with features and make it flashy, but prioritize what your users really need.

  • Make performance of the app fast

The users prefer a fast app performance. If the app’s UI is not doing well, the speed of the app may be responsible. Thus, speeding up the app performance is one good way to optimize the UI. You need to keep in mind that your app should load quickly and have an amazing splash page. It is obvious, that the users will not use the app again if the experience was slow the first time. None of us can wait much for an app to respond. Hence, regardless of the size of your app, the app should be instantaneous.

  • Pick words and fonts carefully

The UI designers need to be very careful while picking up the font style and the words for your app. By replacing the easy words with the complicated ones, in order to be impressive, can end-up in negative results. The users can easily understand the common words like home, back, and exit, but if you will replace them with some complicated words, it will be difficult for the users to understand, and they will end-up in removing the app. The font style also needs your consideration. The font style that you pick for your app, matters a lot, as it should be appropriate, easy to read and it should also complement the style of your UI design.

  • Navigation

It is important to note that the app has been created for the users, and if they are not able to find what they are looking for, then the app is of no use. So, to make it more convenient for the users to operate the app, easy and fast navigation is required. There should be complete guiding buttons so that the users can find what they are actually looking for with an ease and in no time.

  • Color scheme

Colors are the very first thing that works to attract the users. Pick colors for your mobile app design wisely, as a great color scheme is the very basis of a well-designed mobile app. Every color conveys a different meaning and evokes different emotions. Therefore, you need to pick those colors for your mobile app that complements your brand. To give the users a quality and interactive experience, make sure that the color contrasts you use are engaging and relevant.

  • Keep an eye on trends

All of us are aware of the thing that the design industry refuses to stand still and continues to surprise with new designs based on the latest technology. Thus, it is important for the developers to keep pace with the market trends; in order to make a successful UI design for the app. Embracing the innovative trends can result in a better and eye-catchy UI design.

Designing a mobile app is easy, but designing a great mobile app that improves your bottom line can be challenging. Don’t design from a designer’s perspective, rather design from the end user’s perspective. This will surely help you to make an effective UI design, which actually the users demand. These are some of the essential points that are to be kept in mind, to make your app UI a perfect combination to get along with the app success. For a successful UI design, you surely need the help of a professional UI designer, and to help you, FIFIUM app development Demark is here.

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