Top 5 Web Design Trends

23 Oct 2017
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The websites are an essential part of the business, in this highly competitive world, and if you take a close look, you will be able to perceive the evolution of web design. Web design is basically the process of creating websites with different aspects, and with the advancement of technology, users are demanding more and more from their online user experience. It is the fact that the users judge the website from its design. Every year, the web design industry undergoes various changes, to stay relevant and catch user’s attention. Various changes and updated features are added to the list, in order to serve the best to the users.

In the recent few years, it has been noticeable that the designers are working hard to create unique websites, which conveys the required message in a grand and effective way to the customers. In order to get the desired results, the designers are experimenting with various elements. With the flying time and technology, the expectations of the users are also increasing at a fast pace. This is the chief reason why the designers are focusing on the renewed trends and techniques to find something fresh, which can excite the users. With the immense pressure to meet the requirements, it might be confusing to determine which additions will work best for your pages. But there is nothing to worry, as the Web app development company in Denmark, is here to clear the dense clouds of confusion. In this blog, we will help you to identify the top 5 web design trends that can give your web design a current and up-to-date feeling. Without further delay, let’s examine what are the trends prevailing in the market.

  • Open composition

The Open composition is one of the most common and popularly used web design trends. Till now the design world was dominated by closed, symmetric and static composition. But with the evolving technology, it is now time for open composition. Basically, the open composition is loosely suspended items that are fleeing somewhere off-screen, and hence it will gain popularity on that basis only. One of the examples of such work can be Romain PSD. The distribution of the elements in this website gives the impression that it still exists somewhere beyond the edge of the monitor. By removing restraints and frames, the visitor engages with the site and its images in a more imaginative way. The great web designers choose the open composition, which is more appropriate for a successful web design project.

  • GIFs and animation

The use of animations and GIFs is the latest trend of web designing. If high definition photos are the standard, then integrating the GIFs, animations and videos are completely the next levels. These animations enrich your layout as well as they help the visitors to giggle during the long workday. The interesting, creative and constructive GIFs and animations work well to draw the user’s attention. Animations are not just for cartoons anymore but popping everywhere. These animations and GIFs add life to your website and engage the users in an impressive way. The animation in web design is something that we are starting to see more of every day, as it can be a great supportive element. The Users are now no more interested in default effects, they expect something new and innovative, and the animations and GIFs can be a perfect solution.

  • Navigation

Navigation is one of the most significant design trends to follow, simple navigation coupled with a fast load time, means a happy user and ultimately a happy you. Navigation is made to help the users to move from one point to another on the website and by keeping the navigation menu at a fixed place, allows the users to navigate the website from any location on the page. This is actually becoming easier with various plugins available on the web. This will not only help your users to stay on task when finding what they were looking for but compress your navigation will also help with your load time.

  • Bold color

A bold color choice seems to be one of the vital web design trends these days. Bright backgrounds, bold buttons, and accent colors seem to jump off the screen, helps to provide a place for the eyes to land. The bright colors make great accents. There are many ways to use bold color and attract more visitors. If you can’t find a way to use a bold color, then just include the hues in imagery and photos. You can also mix and match bold colors with black and white for maximum impact.

  • Geometric design

The Geometric design is making a grand entrance, while the flat design is making its dramatic exit. Flat design was so prevalent across the web that the website’s ended up looking a little too similar. The flat design looked more like a template instead of a valid creative choice. Whereas, geometric designs, patterns, shapes, texts, and lines are making their way to the top of the list. Integrating geometric design in your websites will work best for your brand.

While a lot of trends tend to come and go, the above discussed, are the trends that will definitely bring success, if implemented. Pick any of the trends and implement it, and then see the wonders that it brings. While implementing, you need to be selective, careful, and most importantly, creative. To help you out, FIFIUM is a Web app Development Company in Denmark is here, which provides best web design solutions as per the needs and the requirements of the business.

At FIFIUM, we implement the latest trends and apply best possible techniques to satisfy our clients. We like happy users and we work with zeal to obtain the best possible outcomes. If you wish to discuss that how we can develop your brand or provide the best graphic design for your product or business, get in touch with us, and we are always there to welcome you.

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