Top Frameworks For Mobile Application Development In 2019

Mobile Application Development Frameworks
What is the right framework for mobile application development?

This is the common questions for mobile app developers because numerous mobile application development frameworks are available and every single framework has its own unique features and functionality. Various factors are responsible for selecting the specific framework for the application development.

As we know that there are numerous frameworks in the market. That's why we are going to list out the top mobile application development frameworks that developers can choose according to their specific need.


Ionic is an open source platform where projects and templates are downloaded by developers. It is one of the best frameworks for the cross-platform app development.

One thing that makes Ionic different from others that it is built to work across the iOS and Android platforms. This framework is popular among the Angular developers because with this framework it is developing native-like apps by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is free and provides the best possible environment for the app development.

React Native

React Native was developed by Facebook for writing individual code for iOS and Android applications. It helps developers to build an actual app with the great performance for both platforms.

The majority of the React Native APIs are the cross-platform that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. It is the best choice of the developers because of its rich UI


Flutter allows developers to build the cross-platform application development for iOS and Android that can be run on any devices. This is the open source mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter frameworks ease developers work by reducing the amount of code required to sync and update the app's view.

Flutter has a huge advantages because it is developed by Google and the status of Google products has its own place in the industry. It came on the market without any prior information and soon held the majority of the market.

Flutter helps developers by allowing them easy testing without restarting the project if any errors occur during development.


Xamarin is the cross-platform application development framework owned by Microsoft. It is one of the best frameworks for developers to develop the application with help of C# codebase.

One of the best parts of this framework is that apps can be tested on hundreds of devices through the company's cloud service. Xamarin also offers its own interface development tool that developers can utilize in Objective-C, Swift, and Java.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is an open source platform that allows developers to use "fastclick.js" and "overthrow.js" for a smooth mobile experience. If developers are aware of Angular JS, then it is easy to convert a web application into the mobile application. By adding the CSS file in this framework makes you app responsive and touch-enabled.

Mobile Angular UI contains particular mobile components such as sidebars and navigation bars with absolute positioning, overlays, switches, and scrollable areas. It is also the combination of Bootstrap and Angular framework that build using HTML5.

After going through the various mobile application development frameworks, we conclude Ionic, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and Mobile Angular UI. These frameworks are capable of giving more native-like experience among other frameworks.

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