Top Reasons Why Apps Fail and How to Avoid Them

25 Sep 2017

The mobile app market is dynamic and develops fast. With the flying time, the mobile applications are flooding in the market. There are millions of apps in the market, but if we are asked to name, we hardly are able to name a few of them only. Now this is the matter to be thought about that why we are not able to name. For developing the mobile app for your business, not only you have to put your heart and soul but also a lot of hard cash. After putting so many efforts, facing the failure is almost heart breaking or disappointing.Many apps fail just after the launch itself. Often the apps are launched with great fanfare, and then fizzle out.

But what is the reason behind the failure of the mobile apps? Why your app disappears without enjoying any success? How to avoid the failure? You might be longing for the answers to the above mentioned questions. So, let us explore the valid answers to all the questions from the below mentioned points.

  • Poor research leads to app failure

Having a great idea for the app is not enough to prosper. It is important that your app development idea should be the outcome of research, analysis and hard facts. Market research takes a lot of time and the efforts as well, but with the help of market research a strong foundation is laid for the app.

What kind of app you want to develop? Whom do you want, to use your app? Which platform do you want for your app? What is the specific problem for which your app can be a perfect solution? Do you know the correct answers to these questions? If No, then market research can be really helpful to you. There are many similar questions, which can be answered through the market research. So before developing an app for your business, remember to do a thorough market research.

  • App design

There are various mobile apps that are rejected by the users just because of their appearance. If the design of your mobile app is not interesting, pleasing or attractive enough, then no unique feature can save your app from the failure. Investing your time and money in the right direction is the most important factor. The users prefer the apps, which they find interesting, attractive, lively, pleasant and amusing. The users repudiate the app, which they find to be dull and boring. Therefore, invest your time, money as well as efforts in offering a user-friendly, attractive and lively app design to the users.

  • Performance of your app

All of us download apps, but uninstall them as well. I just remember an incident, once I downloaded and installed a fitness app. As I was using the app, it stopped working and there was a pop-up notification that the app is not responding. As soon as I saw that pop-up, my reaction was to uninstall it and switch to another. It is true that every user will react in the same manner as I did. If the users get something unpleasant, they have other options available in the app store. The users switch to another app rather waiting for the app with flaws, to respond.

It is oblivious, if you want your app to be the users first as well as the last choice; you need to launch a bug free app in the market. Test the performance of your app before launching it in the market and make sure what you serve to the users is flawless.

  • Weak marketing strategy

Failing to implement a strong marketing strategy can be another reason behind the app failure. In this technical era, every single thing needs marketing. We never notice, but everything that surrounds us has gone through the marketing phase. Same is in the case of apps. You need to agree to the fact that if you want your app to be successful, you need to opt for significant marketing strategy. For an app with weak marketing strategies, the introduction stage becomes the declining stage.

If you want your app to be a component of a long run, then you to adopt the best possible marketing strategies and reach as many users as you can. Ensure that you have, a well designed and well executed marketing plan to support your mobile app.

  • Avoiding customer feedback

The customer is everything for any business. The business revolves around the customers. Can you seriously afford to avoid them? Of course you cannot. You need to pay attention to what they say. DO NOT AVOID them. If you will avoid your customers, your customers will avoid you. Customer feedback is vital to every business. Even if there is criticism from the users, just accept it, analyze it and then just rectify. Avoiding the user feedback is just testing the user’s patience and their loyalty. User feedback adds a touch of reality to your app. The users are a mirror to your app, they speak about your app, and it may be good as well as bad. The app developers think that it hardly makes any difference, but it actually makes a huge difference. From now onwards, make users your priority and accept and work on the criticism as well, and see the difference it brings.

The customers are the assets for any business and it is the responsibility of the business to provide better user experience to them.

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