Video App Marketing is A Must For Your App’s Success

18 Apr 2018
App udvikling

Once the process of app development gets over, the very next thing in your mind clouds your intelligence chords for a while, that how to make the app go successful and demanded by the targeted audience base?

Hmmm, this is indeed a concern, and considering the number of challenges, it must not be taken for granted, since there is enough competition to create the hindrance to your app’s success road, and the ever-growing number of mobile apps, increase the chances of app failure.

To overcome this hurdle, the app marketing comes into existence, which lets the mobile app to get recognized and receive the ample of attention I know not many of you find it surprising, since app marketing is not a new venture for your mobile app’s success and this is what every app development company follows, but there are few secret ingredients which not every app development company follows….

What are they???? How to access them??? Can I integrate them into my app marketing as well??? Do you really know what exactly they are???

HOLD….Take a breath and relax…yes, I know that secret ingredient and and and and….BOOOMM!!!!

Don’t worry, I am gonna share that secret ingredient with you today through this post, so stay tuned and explore the magic further…

Why Your App Needs App Marketing

Well, many app owners, live with a misconception that since their app is offering a number of different functionalities and the features, which are unique enough, so their app does not require a mode of marketing, since the features and the functionalities present in the app, would do the job of creating stir in the market, so an app marketing is a BIIIIG NO.

This is where you need to wake up and you need to understand that even if your app offers the out of the box features and the functionalities, but if it does not gain the attention from the targeted audience then it is nothing but a waste, and do you know to gain that attention you need to struggle a lot, since there are already successful mobile apps available in the app market.

With the app marketing, you create a strategy which allows your users to notice your mobile app, through the different reasons of marketing tactics, and one of the most valuable tactics of all is the Video app marketing.

Yes, Video app marketing is that secret ingredient, which not every app marketer follows, but this is the strategy which holds the maximum weightage and helps your app to gain the attention.

Indeed there are many benefits involved with this strategy, such as:

  • It Helps To Gain Users’ Attention

Your users love to see something in action, and a video on your promotional website serves this purpose very well. It allows a number of users to gain attention and stay tuned to your mobile app, because it clearly reflects the live features in the form of a video, and give them a better understanding of your app.

  • It Builds Trust

Your users want some reasons to choose you over your competitors, and this can only happen, when you allow your users to take a look at your mobile app, so they can see and trust the app usability. This task is not achievable with a simple app promotion, but an app which gives the right video within the app, really speaks volume about your app and gives more reasons to the users to trust your app and its functionalities.

  • It Helps In Ranking

For your surprise, your chance of getting ranked first on Google increases with 50 times more approximately, if you have a video on your promotional website of your mobile app. Actually, the video helps your users to stay longer on the website, and this long exposure lets the search engines to build trust and increase the stats report.

These are indeed not the complete list of the benefits coming out from the video app marketing, yet these benefits would help you to integrate this strategy into your app marketing plan.

Yes one more fact you should not skip at any cost, that your marketing plan must compliment with the app’s functionalities and the features, so make sure you have selected a right mobile app development company just like Fifium for your app concept, which has the required exposure and the technical expertise to handle your app requirements.

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