What Are The Essential Features For The Mobile e-Wallet App?

e-wallet apps
E-wallet is one of the best features to be added to the smartphone via an app, it allows users to go without cash. With e-wallet or digital wallet, you can pay your bills both online or offline methods.

When companies put an interactive, clever, and convenient wallet app into the customer's hand, then that app meets with the variety of commercial benefits. The mobile e-wallet apps are becoming smarter with the integration of NFC, Bluetooth, Beacon, QR codes, and Blockchain technology.

Let's comprehend these technologies in brief:

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a software that allows two electronic devices (generally, portable devices like smartphones) to establish communication by bringing them within the 4 cm of each other. The e-wallet apps are utilizing the NFC technique to make contact less transactions

Bluetooth is the wireless technology standard for exchanging the data over short distances by using radio waves. E-wallet apps are utilizing the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technique to make transactions.

Beacons are the small devices that provide the exact location within a narrow range. When the shopper enters a store a Beacon connects with e-wallet and helps to make the payment for the products or services.

QR (Quick Responsive) codes are the 2D bar that provides the information through the smartphone. Users only need to scan the unique QR code through the camera of the smartphone to make the transactions.

Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of financial transactions that can be programmed to record the financial transactions. Blockchain provides the most secure payment methods.

Now, let's discuss key features of the e-wallet mobile applications.

User registration

This is the major section of an app, the users have to use the mobile number or email id to register. Utilizing the KYC (Know Your Customer) technique for secure transactions makes your app authentic and trustworthy.

Authorize bank accounts

The users can fill the bank account details from which they want to make the transactions. This information is highly confidential so secure this information with the best security protocols.

Add balance

Users have to provide a certain amount of balance in their account according to the number of transactions to be made.

Check balance status

Once all the transactions are done, the user can view account balance and can check all incoming and outgoing cash flows.

Transfer money

The users can transfer the amount of money to another user by entering the account details or by scanning the QR codes.

Pay bills

Users can pay the bills through their registered bank accounts because it is easy to track all the cash flows in a convenient way.

See offers

Under this section, users can check the offers while making the transactions.

Transaction history

All the transactions made by users must be recorded so that users can check the transactions history anytime.


This is the great features of the e-wallet mobile app. Adding this feature will raise the cost of your app, but it also raises the visibility and popularity of an app. With the help of GPS, users can locate the nearby user and make the transaction just by tapping on the username.

Data synchronization

The data synchronization plays an important role in the mobile e-wallet security by synchronizing the mobile number with the registered bank.

Push notification

Push notification helps in keeping the users attentive and engaged. Users get the information about the different rewards, deals, and alerts whenever the transaction happens.

Mobile e-wallets are no longer just trends, they have become the need of the time. To get the benefits of this rapidly evolving market, you have to ensure the flawless implementation of features.

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